Sex Education: Season 2 | Announcement [HD] | Netflix

34 thoughts on “Sex Education: Season 2 | Announcement [HD] | Netflix”

  1. My favorite moment from season 1 Maeve and otis make out in the swimming pool and then he jack off

  2. Honestly, just Asa Butterfield’s voice is my favorite part of this show. I could listen to him read the phone book and not get bored.

  3. Am I the only one who thinks Otis and Maeve should be together ? Plz Netflix make it happen 🙏🙏. Request from the fans ♥️

  4. Maybe I'm alone but I really don't love Maeve like everyone does and I don't think she is a good pair for Otis. I love Ola and I prefer her with Otis but I know it won't last. Another unpopular opinion: I don't want to Eric and Adam end up together; Eric deserves someone that treat him well and is as sure as him about his sexuallity; also I'm not fan of hate/love relationship, they aren't super healthy.

  5. Maeve is a terrible person and Otis deserves better.

    1) she aborted Jacksons kid without even speaking to him. People would argue over weather he should have a say, but at the very least he should have been told what happened
    2) she tried to cheat on Jackson with Otis on multiple occasions. If she's cheating with him, what's to stop her from cheating on him.

  6. netflix this is a kidnapping, I'm with the site of you and I'll transform it into orkut if this season n is delivered up to 1 month

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