39 thoughts on “Sex Education: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)”

  1. “That is why when you’re all watching a movie and there is a sex scene everyone becomes motionless and silently begs for the merciful release of death.”

    I broke at that part omg 😂

  2. STD's make you an enemy of the state aka a dangerous person as your fluids are toxic. You can't leave or inter USA or other countries.

  3. Abstinence vs. 75% of your income otherwise known as child support. You can't make enough to live.

  4. Love how my freshman health teacher was like "the state told me to tell you abstinence is key but lets be honest you are all gonna get laid at some point"

  5. My education wasn’t America bad, and I already knew the stuff said here, but I didn’t learn it in school. Education on this important part of life should not be in the hands of disgusting and confused teens. This video is so well done and actually should be (along with actual educational things) shown in schools

  6. ELIZABETH SMART is one of the most courageous, strongest, and amazing woman ive ever heard from. she s gone through hell and back and yet wants to help others.

  7. The clip of the Yale group chanting always makes me feel so helpless and scared. If I am not scared for my own life when I’m walking on the street, news like that makes me fear for the lives of other women. Consent shouldn’t be a joke

  8. Why do the governments want people to be ignorant. Knowledge is power. Saves lives teach sex Ed. If you discuss this topic in scientific terms
    It can be educational.
    Since the bible women get the blame and become damaged goods.

  9. If I was a teacher I'd just show that video at the end to my class regardless of what the laws are and if I get in trouble for it I'd just say "what, clearly it was just comedy"

  10. I was a kid in the 90s and was taught abstinence only. Myself, all my close friends, and about a quarter of the girls I went to school with all got pregnant as teenagers or before age 21. All unmarried of course. That shit dont work 😑

  11. As a junior(11th grade) in high school from Virginia I can say we learn everything gradually except for masterbation and homosexuality. We just learn the probability of contraceptives and how to properly engaged in sex. We also learn the basics of childcare and sexual relationships.

  12. Spinach is like anal sex. If it’s forced upon you as a child you’re not gonna like it as an adult.

  13. For me as a german america is really embarassing some times. Why the hell has the church so much power and influence on education? It is just disgusting that women are still treated like objects with no own will and like the property of the husband who have the right to command the sexual behavior of the woman.
    Men and women should have as many sexual contacs as they want without getting insulted or called a slut.

  14. I got no sex ed at all. I didn’t know what a diafram was until I was about 24! I only knew about birth control pills and condoms. But even with all of that, at least no one in my class was made to feel worthless or like a piece of chewed up gum!

  15. How much do you wanna bet the kind of people who claim that sex ed should only be taught by parents never plan on teaching their kids about sex?

  16. My folks where awesome who answered pretty much all my questions with absolute honesty ,even telling me the urge for it was strong and that it was the most pleasurable thing two people who loved each other could do ..
    My mother was a catholic n all.
    I used to inform my primary schoo; friends who just could not believe it .
    All delivered by storks or found under gooseberry bushes nonsense for them.

  17. From where I live in Canada we get fairly good sex Ed, but the worst part wasn't what they taught us, it was that when we first started learning about it our teacher was pregnant. Like heavily pregnant and needed to pee every 20 mins. It was really weird sitting next to people during those classes.

  18. @14:00 Yes, you are that chewed up price of gum. It's not fair because it wasn't your choice, but it's objectively true.

    The only reason you think it's false is that it hurts your feelings?

  19. I just can't get over America's attitude towards sex and sex education. Sex ed in my country was part of what they'd probably call home economics class in 7th grade and it was just our regular teacher of that course with her homemade fake penis (no produce substitutes!) showing us how to put on a condom, all other kinds of contraceptives and explain why safe sex was important. Of course, we also had biology so we already knew about anatomy, bodily functions, menstrual cycles, pregnancies and STDs and this was just an expansion on that. Most importantly though, it was taught like any other subject and aside from a few giggling teens, it wasn't a big deal. Oh and abstinance wasn't mentioned as an "option" because it wasn't about choosing, responsibilities and making important decisions, it was just taught as facts of life.

    While the video shown at the end of this clip is much more informative and far less judgmental than the actual sex ed used in some states of the USA, it still sucks in my opinion. Using silly drawings and saying things like "an IUD goes inside a woman's body" is not informative or realistic. Just use actual photographs of people's bodies or at the very least accurate drawings/images and explain how an IUD goes "inside a woman's body" and how it works.

    PS. My country has one of the lowest rates of teen pregnancy (as well as abortion, at any stage in life, between puberty and menopause, before any pro-lifers get started).

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