Sex education at school in Bolivia and Ethiopia – VPRO Metropolis

I don’t know. We don’t have these lessons yet. I… don’t have the guts
to ask people such questions. I rather lookup the answers
on YouTube or other online media. First I ask my mother
and then I ask my father. My mom explains it to me
from a female point of view. And my dad informs me
from the male perspective. That gives me the complete picture. My grandmother. I don’t know anyone with whom I can be
so open as with my grandmother. I ask myself. Not my friends or anyone,
I just question myself. There is information about it in school,
but outside there mostly isn’t. My mom agrees that teachers are
discussing this topic with us. But my dad didn’t in the beginning.
He became nerveus when I told him. Not really. If we talk about it, it is more about
physical changes such as menstruation. We don’t talk about
such topics in our family. I usually discuss it with my mother,
but she doesn’t like to talk about it. In my village we don’t discuss it. We don’t think it’s decent. Anyone who talks about sex is rude. When having your period, you cannot shower,
the blood will solidify in your body. I think my mom said this because
she does not want me to have a boyfriend… but she said you can get pregnant
if a boy touches your wrist. And when I had my first period,
a little boy took me by the hand. He wanted to play,
but I got scared and told my mother. And she told me I was pregnant
and then I had to cry. I was told the same thing: do not
get close to boys or you get pregnant. That you get hairy hands
when you masturbate. And? Do you have hairy hands?
– No. There was a crippled person
in our village called Abasteko. Our parents always told us
that he was limping … because he raped a girl
and got cursed for it. So they were warning us
not to rape girls. If you come near a baby during
your period, he stops breathing. Every time a boy masturbates his penis
becomes smaller. Until it is like that. I have not learned anything. Nothing … it’s just personal. I don’t want to answer this question I’ll let this question pass… I have not learned anything. I have never had sex. My focus is on work alone.

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