Sex Education 01 – Contraception

– Hello, I’m Hannah, and this is Bing. – Hello. – And we are going to
talk to you about sex. Sex education is pretty
crap, at least in the UK. So I wanted to make a mini-series
of sex education videos that hopefully you guys will
enjoy and learn some stuff. – Gonna bust some myths. This first episode covers
the very very basics. We’re going to be talking
about contraception. – So first of all, what are we
protecting ourselves against? – We’re protecting ourselves
against pregnancy and STIs. – Indeed, one thing we
definitely don’t want and another that we
want some control over. – So what’s our tool kit? – So first of all condoms. Now condoms are brilliant because they not only protect against
pregnancy, but also STIs. In fact, I got one question on my Tumblr where someone was slightly concerned as to whether a condom was a mood killer and all I’ve got to say is no because I think an STI or an unwanted pregnancy is an even bigger mood killer. – I think if a condom is a mood killer, then you’re not really
communicating very well with your partner. – As well as condoms, you’ve
got the contraceptive pill. I had a lot of questions
about how you take it, and how you get hold of it. The way it works in the
UK is that literally, you go to your GP and you’re like I want to go on the pill and
they take your blood pressure and then they ask you what
other medication you’re on, if you’re already pregnant,
if you’ve ever been pregnant, and whatnot, and then they
pick the right pill for you because there’s two different types. It’s really easy to take. You literally take it once a day. Some pills, you have like a week break where you have a period. Some you don’t. The thing with the pill is that it only protects you against pregnancy. So you still need to wear a condom. – Right here is what we
refer to as the double dutch. – Is it? – Yeah. – [Hannah] Is that a thing?
– [Bing] Yeah that’s a thing. – I learned something. Say you do have unprotected sex or you’re not on the
pill and you use a condom and the condom splits for whatever reason, you can take the emergency
contraceptive pill, also known as the morning after pill. – I know that it’s most effective
the earlier you take it. – I actually have the stats right here. So it’s 95% effective if you take it up to 24 hours after
you’ve had unprotected sex. Goes down to 85% between 25 and 48 hours, and goes down to 58%
between 49 and 72 hours, which is not a good statistic. The emergency contraceptive
pill in the UK, you can go into any pharmacy and buy one, and it costs like 25 pounds. It’s quite expensive, or
if you have a consultation, advice thing, which is confidential, then they give it to you for free. – Guys, you will not be able
to stockpile these pills for all the ladies that you take home because most of the time,
they will only give the pill to the person who is taking it. – It is called the
emergency contraceptive pill for a reason. It is only for emergencies. Do not use this pill as your
regular form of contraception. Either use a condom or the
usual contraceptive pill. And as usual, the emergency
contraceptive pill cannot protect you from STIs. There are lots of other
forms of contraception such as the implant,
the injection, the coil, the diaphragm, and ooh the femidom. I’m going to put loads of
links in the description to websites that tell you
about all the different forms of contraception,
but again, condoms. None of these things will
protect you from STIs. – Here’s the myth busting,
quick fire myth busting round. – Myth busting. – I’m pulling out to prevent pregnancy. – No, that doesn’t work. If a guy says to you oh no, it’s fine, I’ll just pull out before I cum, slap him. – Sex standing up to avoid pregnancy. – Nope, you can get
pregnant and catch STIs in any position that you have sex in. – Having sex in the shower
to avoid pregnancy and STIs. – Um no. – Using two condoms for extra protection. – It’s even more likely
that the condom will split if you have two because of the friction. – We’ve covered the basics today, but there is a lot more
information to know. We’ve put some links in the description and we encourage you to do some reading and your own research in your own time. – If you have any
questions about this topic of contraception, then leave your queries or thoughts of anything
we might have missed in the comments and I
will be lurking there to answer any questions
and things like that. As this is a series, there
is going to be another one. – The next episode is going to be about virginity and the logistics of sex. – Yes, so if you have any
questions concerning that topic, then go to my Tumblr. The link will be down
there, and ask me questions. On Tumblr, you can ask
anonymously, so that’s great. Bing here is doing an awesome project on his channel Bing radio,
and I’ll link on his face if you want to go check that out. It is really really cool and
complicated, but awesome. – Time travel. So get involved in the
comments and on Tumblr, and we will see you next time. I thought that went really well. – So good, yeah. (laughter)

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  1. @Tchaik1994 STI stands for Sexually Transmitted Infection, and STD stands for Sexually Transmitted Disease. They are 2 different things, and we also have STD's in the UK, she just didn't mention them. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope that helped.

  2. When you use a condom:
    Always use NEW/FRESH condoms. Don't store condoms in wallet. Condoms with spermicide may cause rash with some users. (Lubricated condoms okay.) If you use lubricant, Always use new lubricant and NEVER share with more than one partner.

  3. @hannahgirasol I just noticed the time of posting your comment and… why aren't you at school or something?! ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyway I just wanted to say that you're brilliant and just for you to know you have lots of fans in Poland and personally I think you're extrimely pretty and talented. Kepp on good work, because everytime you post a video, it just makes my day ๐Ÿ™‚ THANK YOU

  4. well you managed to cover everything sex education in america covered and then sum in about 5 minutes, which took them multiple hours

  5. Because im wondering, is Tom dating bing's sister?????? if u want this in context, are tom doing bing's sister????

  6. It's good these guys understand the audience they're reaching are mostly teenagers on the verge of being legal. Myself for instance. I'm sure these are going to teach me more than the first 6 years of primary school sex ed ever did.

  7. @SpicyHam its not using a condom and then just pulling out before the guy ejaculates. this is not effective in preventing pregnancy or stopping the spread of sti's.

  8. The emergency contraceptive pill cost's roughly $50.00 dollars US. We call it Plan B, here.
    I love people who live in the UK, if I ever had the money to travel, I would backpack across the UK, making sure to hit the "Coffee Shops" along the way. But this is a great series, you both are very informative and interesting, not bland and boring like my sex ed class was, when I was in highschool 9 years ago…

  9. And remember kids, there is a recall for Pfizer's birth control pills packets. They forgot how to put the right pills in the right slots in about a million packets.

  10. Are STI's the same as STDs? I asume so. Sorry if I sound like an idiot, but even with the condom, you're not really safe from STDs. Most of the time, people don't know how to put it on, and the pill isn't a garantee.

  11. I just wandered onto this channel and started watching Hannah's videos, and then suddenly Bing appears. I wasn't expecting to see him here…

  12. I remember seeing your blog about this awhile ago and thinking it would be a really awesome idea. Glad you went through with it ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Little extra note for the "I'll pull out" idiots, a girl can still get pregnant from the so called 'precum' before full male climax. I watch plenty of medical stuff to avoid having kids.. not throwing my life just yet lol jk

  14. Great video! Sex ed is pretty unreliable in the U.S. as well, so thanks for the information about STDs and contraception!

  15. 4:47 is about as close as PBFB fans are ever going to get to Dry Bing/ Wet Bing.
    If you haven't seen PBFB, you are so clueless right now.

  16. That is completely false. I don't know what class you're taking, but 2 days of every month is how HIGH your fertility is. In FACT, a girl can get pregnant whenever depending on your body. If I knew your teacher, I would slap him/her. And probably every other doctor out there would do the same.

  17. I'm good with regional English accents but there's nothing to identify which county, just a general English accent, though Hannah says she is from Manchester on her blog.

  18. I really love these videos. They are so educational and I learned a lot that I wasn't aware of before!

  19. @hannahgirasol at sex ed at my school all i learnt is that my year leader gets very embarraed while talking about it and you are right sex ed in britan i shit!

  20. hey!great video!I was wondering on the part about not using plan B or the morning after pill as regular contraceptive, what would happen if you did use it every time instead of using the pill or a condom or both during sex? Would it have a bad affect on your health (I'm assuming it would because it can't be good to take that many plan B pills every morning after every time you have sex)? Or do you just say that because it really is safer to wear condoms anyway? Sorry if this Q is confusing! lol

  21. Excellent video guys! I'm 42 and for the first time understand how I two children despite using the 'in the shower stood up contraception technique. Seriously though, really good video, well presented and spot on the money with you assessment of uk sex ed. Well done guys…..

  22. A lot of people tend to forget the implant too… in all honestly I learnt about it probably only 4 years ago (I am 24) and I believe there are still a lot of people unaware of it

    Great video though. Stuff like this needs to be shown in schools and stuff, not the crappy clinical blah that I got when I was 13/14…

  23. scientists are developing a male contraceptive pill. Can't wait for it but worried boys will still leave it to girls…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  24. I have a question.if a boy uses a condom and it doesn't split or anything and the girl takes a normal contraceptive pill the next morning will that damage theyre body in any way at all?or is it okay to take it just in case.

  25. Hey Hannah, thanks for the great vids, i'm 18 and have a one year old daughter, i was wondering what your views are on teen pregnancy, seeing as it ties in with the whole sex ed thing, would really like to hear your views and those of others ๐Ÿ™‚ Videos like this well defo help in preventing teen pregnancy which i think is great, not that i regret having my daughter! Id just love to have been older when i had her. I was on the pill but had been sick during the week so i had vomitted up the pill

  26. @LucozadeLover77 No it shouldn't unless she has been allergic to it. And also I think it's really sweet that you care that much about your female partner ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Hi Hannah, I'm 18 and just started taking the pill and I'm really really worried about gaining weight because of it. Do you know anything about that? thanks in advance (:

  28. i love you guys doing this, ive been watching Bing for ages and i only wached this because of Bing and now i am sooo happy i did. i learnt so much from watching this series ( its up to #4 now) and has helped me out alot

  29. sooo.. when you say condom it is the funniest thing in the world. so thanks. CONDOM. i am such a mature teenage American, good day lovies.

  30. Omg. It's Bing. So. If you know bing. You know Tom. And if you know Tom you know jack and dean. And if you know them you know the rest of them. Omfg people in the UK know EVERYONE. Don't they?! .

  31. I realize I'm a bit late out, and that this video only covers the basics, but the fact that you only go into details on the most regular contraceptive methods bothers me a bit. I think that's partly what's wrong with sex education today, only covering the already known methods. And you seem to mention quite few cons, such as the hormonal side effects of pills or risks of blood clots. I would have loved it if you gave some more information about coils and implants, for example.

  32. Because the UK doesn't exist. It's just a small town in Ohio where people are paid to vlog and pretend that they're fron England/Scotland/Wales. It's a huge conspiracy. Just ask anyone. They all know each other because they live next door, or across the street.

  33. Sex ed in the UK is "pretty crap"? You should see it in the USA – absolutely horrible and/or non-existent! In school, I was *only* taught about sperm and egg and fertilization. Literally, that's it. No description of anatomy, intercourse, orgasm, contraception, STIs. No wonder we have the highest rates of teen pregnancy in the world.

  34. Teenagers don't listen to them! Virginity is great:
    1. It earns self respect and if anybody does make fun of you for it psst 'THEY'RE JEALOUS!!!!!!'

    2. You have more trust in your relationship when you do eventually get married.
    Imagine if you do have sex and then get married andย while going to the grocery store you meet your former lover: TALK ABOUT AWKWARD!!!!!!!!!

    3. You will have a good relationship with God and he will bless you immensely

    4. You have a lower chance of having a divorce when you married as a virgin

    For any devout Catholic, Birth control is not an option. What about SELF CONTROL????

  35. THANK YOU FOR THIS!!!!!! They introduced sex ed the year after i should have had it so i have had "Girls get periods" and thats it. This is great!

  36. Can two people who are both free of STD's have sex (while she is on the pill) without a condom and not catch STD's?

  37. in America we have a product called Encare. It is an inexpensive spermicide that prevents ovulation. Though not meant to replace your regular birth control it is does have a 72 hour window after having sex that will decrease your chances of getting pregnant. Unlike the morning after pill it does decrease the risk of STD's but does not eliminate them. A condom or abstinence is always the best way but this product does exist (at least in the US) and I thought it was worth mentioning

  38. Emergency contraceptive is ineffective if the woman weighs more than 165 pounds, which a lot of places unfortunately don't mention.

  39. Sex education is crap in the UK? It's absolutely horrible in the USA. In 37 states it is ILLEGAL for teachers to tell their students ANYTHING about sex. How it happens, what to expect, STD's, contraception, etc. Believe me, you 2 know a lot and that's great! Sex education in the UK is WAY AHEAD of sex education in the USA.

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