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Yes mamma? Pappu, have you eaten your snack? Just eating it. Where’s Papa? In his room. And grandpa? Bathing. Come out already! Pappu?! That’s no way
to talk about your grandpa! Not grandpa, the sauce! Oh, it’s out! The sauce fell out?
Pappu, where, how!? No no mamma (sniffing) my nosy! Pappu wipe your nosy with a napkin. But there are no napkins here… Not one thing is where
it’s supposed to be… …where have my pants gone now! Okay, take it from my cupboard. Ok ok bye, I’m hanging up. Hmm! – Are you ok?
– Yes! – Thank you!
– You’re welcome. – Thank you!
– Guys, be careful. And he scores, one more. Again, again come on! And he throws aaand… Son you shouldn’t play
with the ball at home! – Hi!
– Hello! Oh my god mom, what all did you buy? – Where is your Father?
– He’s inside, praying. Pappu… use your napkin! Pappu, what’s this? Napkin. Sex Chat with Pappu and Papa.
Episode 04. Periods. This isn’t a napkin! Grandma, it had ‘sanitary
napkin’ written on it! But where did you get this from? From your cupboard…
you said to take it from there. Son, this is a ladies napkin.
Boys don’t use these. But this is so soft. I like it. But son, this isn’t
used to wipe your nosy. Then what is it used for? Son, this is used for… used for… …well, because…
I bleed every month. What happened mamma? Are you okay? No son, I’m absolutely fine. The thing is… …every woman bleeds
for a few days every month… …and that’s why we use this napkin. But if you’re okay
then why do you bleed? And from where do you bleed? How do I explain ‘vagina’ to him? He knows. What? You know what a vagina is? Yes! Vagina, penis, masturbation,
condom, pregnancy… I know everything! Pappu, none of this
is in your syllabus! Who told you about all this? Papa did. Are you out of your mind, Anand?
He’s a kid… But he asked me, so… He was asking me so I told him… Now that he’s asked… …why don’t you explain
this to him as well? Yes, Papa… you explain.
You do it so well. Hmm! Pappu! Idea! Ok… look, a woman’s internal
system is like a mailbox… Like Gmail? Er… yes like Gmail! And every month an email
arrives in a woman’s inbox… …which is called an egg. What’s does it say? It says, “*PING* Do you want
to get pregnant?” Who sends these emails? Nature sends it, from
[email protected] So if you reply ‘yes’ to this email… …then the woman gets pregnant? No, no, no. In the reply,
you also have to attach a file. Which file? The same file that is transferred
from the mobile to the laptop… …by connecting the USB chord
to the USB port, remember? Ohhh… the sperm file? Yes. And when we attach
this file and send it to nature… *PING* a baby is born in 9 months. But how is this napkin used? This napkin is used when that
monthly email is NOT answered. If there is no response
within a month… …then the email expires and
it is deleted from the inbox. Why? So that the inbox doesn’t
fill up and next month… …a new email can come in. The same email?
“Do you want to get pregnant?” Yes… …and if there’s no answer
given that month also then… …that email is removed as well. And the duration in which
that email, rather… …the egg is removed from the body… …those 5-6 days are
called ‘periods’. Or menstruation.
And during this period, women bleed. But why is there bleeding
when the egg is being removed? Because the egg isn’t the
only thing that is removed… …it is drained out with blood. And like rain, this blood can come
at any time, any where. When you’re asleep, when you’re awake,
while eating, drinking… er… Napkins are used so that this
blood doesn’t soil your clothes. Correct! Because the napkin soaks up the blood. It must be painful, na, mamma? Sometimes. But it’s not painful
for all girls. And mumma’s become used
to it after all these years. How many years? Girls start getting these emails
from their teenage years… …which is called puberty,
and till about 50 years or so… …you get an email every month. So grandma doesn’t get
these emails anymore? Yes! I’m done with these emails. That’s called ‘menopause’. But isn’t it unfair, mumma? You only wanted to reply
to the email twice… …but you get the email every month! Nature shouldn’t do that to you…
it’s called spam! I think you all should
just unsubscribe. No son… to be a woman means
that by default… …you have subscribed
to receive these emails. It would have been so nice if,
like in Man’s World… …men would have to put up with this. What more do men have to put up with? We put up with you women,
isn’t that enough? Oh, just let it be…
what do you know? No, grandma, grandpa knows
what he’s talking about. What does he know? Don’t go around being SO carefree,
sweetheart! Here you go, grandpa, put it on. Soů you’re not married yet? – No, uncle.
– Haven’t found a girl yet, huh? Son, what’s a homo? Father! What are you teaching him? ALL women have periods…
it’s not an exclusive club. Women CAN donate blood, touch
and eat pickle during periods. They can also walk, talk, run,
sleep, work, work out… …and be a regular human being
during periods. Periods are not an illness
or a disease… …women can’t get STDs
because of them. Women can behave rationally
during periods… …if that’s how they generally
behave. Periods are involuntary… …women do not have an on and
off switch to control them. If not for periods, you probably
wouldn’t be born. Period! To know if periods cause
relationship stress… #GoAskYourDad. If you liked our episode,
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