Seven Tips For Your First Time Flying in an Airplane (2018)

hey there thanks for visiting my LauriePOP
ideas that pop channel. here are seven tips if this is your first time flying
if you’ve never flown before you will feel much more at ease after watching
these seven tips I’m going to walk you through the airport I’m going to show
you how to go through the airport security line so that you know what to
expect if this is your first time flying I am a travel expert
I consider myself because I’m married to an airline employee so we have flown
almost 100 flights since I’ve been married I have learned from my mistakes
going through an airport and making some mistakes that I should know better about
while going through security that I’m going to pass on to you that will help
you have a smooth experience going through security going through the
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the number one most helpful tip for a first time traveler in an airplane would
be to be prepared you are going to research and know all these tips and all
the rules for going on an airplane and going through security in 2018 go to like I did it lists in the top left corner what can I bring it lists
for you all these objects and liquids that you would be surprised that people
have tried to bring on an airplane and through security I stopped on page 28
and I was only in the letter N section of their alphabetized list or what you
can bring through security so part of that is going to help you I also can
recommend an app now that is called my TSA in it you can ask an agent on
Facebook Messenger or on Twitter my question for the TSA was can I bring
lipgloss in my bag or do I need to put it in
liquids container and they got back to me 36 hours later and said yes it is
considered a liquid now one of the rules is the 3-1-1 rule that means that each
container that’s in your liquid bag needs to be 3.4 ounces or less that
means every container so this container needs to be less than 3.4 ounces the
only way you can transport these in your through the security line is in a zipped
quartz sized bag I love this one that you can use the stand and fill ziplock
bag any kind of ziplock bag that has a zip top that is a quart size amount and
it does say on their website that you can only bring one of these bags I took
two to Europe and they had to squish everything into one bag but I’ve gotten
away with it I don’t know if I think it depends on each TSA agent and the
busyness and the stress in that Airport at that time or how high the security
alert is that day they change daily but I don’t care whatever keeps me safe I
will not argue I am prepared and if there are any kind of safety measures
that they want to take I will not argue with them because I want to be safe it’s
not their fault that we have to now think about that when you are traveling
you’re gonna have a carryon bag that goes under your airplane seat with
you and you are going to have a suitcase now for your carry-on bag you can use a
backpack hand bag duffel bag anything that is going to fit under the airplane
seat or if it’s too big you’ll fit it over head okay but you are only allowed
to bags onto the airplane so I always travel because we’re airline employees I
always travel with a carry-on suitcase and that can fit in the big airplanes
overhead bin or it can get checked last minute and I always travel with only a
backpack I sometimes will put a inside here that I can use in my final
destination that keeps my wallet and little bitty things that I need my
essentials really and I always carry all medications essentials in my carry-on
bag that will be on my person in the airplane because they can get lost and
you need that medication my number two tip is to have your documents out for
the ticketing agent you show up at the airport with your two bags and then you
are going to go to the ticketing agent if you have to go to a ticketing agent
to get your boarding pass when I give you these helpful hints or helpful tips
please don’t think that I’m patronizing you or talking down to you
I’m helping you be prepared so that you’re a resourceful respectful citizen
who is caring about the people who are behind you in line you don’t want to
waste their time by not being prepared so you would show up at an airport to
check your large luggage that’s gonna go in the belly of the airplane you already
have your ID or your travel documents out for the agent you don’t walk up to
the desk counter and then say okay let me look through my suitcase or backpack
and find the right documents while you are in line you are finding those
documents and will have them ready for the ticketing agent now you put take
your time put everything away and you’re gonna go to the security line the third
most important tip for traveling for the first time is to keep those documents
out and have them easily accessible I always keep my driver’s license ID in my
backpack that I’m gonna have on the airplane in my little bitty wallet that
I’m gonna just keep in there and I’ve never taken out until I want to buy a
snack or a magazine when I go through security
I’m gonna use my passport as my ID because when I’m done with it I can just
throw it in here this outside pocket of my suitcase and then get organized and
I’ll show you that in just a bit I’m going to do a recreation of what it’s
like a positive experience for going the airline security when you were
walking towards the security line you cannot even get into the security line
unless you show them your ticket so I just keep out my ticket that I got at
the ticketing counter and you have to do that or I’ve printed it out or it’s on
my phone and if you’re scared about your phone having wireless connection at the
airport what I do is when I have my phone and get my boarding pass I take a
picture of it or a screen shot with my phone so I thumb when it goes on the
little circle part and then my finger would click the one single button raised
button that’s on the side of your phone and I would click those at the same time
that that takes a screenshot of my boarding pass or my ticket while you’re
walking through the security line then you pull out your passport or your ID
that is in this pocket on the outside the easiest place you can find it
because you don’t want to take forever looking for your ID and you can use the
driver’s license or passport now when it’s your turn to go to the nice or bad
mood TSA agent checking IDs and your ticket you will already have those
documents out then you walk past him and you have to kind of stand in line before
it’s time for you to put your backpack up on the bag but you put your ID down
in there where you have your liquids also and now I’ll show you how to put
everything on the conveyor belt welcome to my airport i videoed this in a
different room on my dining room table / ping pong table and it did not turn out
right it was very fuzzy so I’m doing it later in the day here on my hope chest
that my dad made for me you have gone through the security line showing your
ID and boarding pass or your ticket now you are up to the conveyor belt and it’s
your turn you unzipped your boots you’re ready to take those off or you’ve loosened
your shoe strings and while you are in line the boarding documents are in here
right now you’re ready for the conveyor belt so you just
reach in here easily take out your liquids the Atlanta Airport makes you
put even your suitcase in a bin and it’s not really convenient but you might have
to do that you might not I always put my the handle first
so that when I get through security and come over here I will just grab the
handle on the front I don’t have to go to the back of my suitcase to grab my
handle that’s just an extra tip don’t let it overwhelm you and then I put my
backpack down okay all right I did not have to get wanded because I took off my
shoes I’m not wearing any major jewelry I pull up because I’m I don’t want to
stand here forever and repack everything with everyone else waiting for this
little bitty conveyor belt and the not-so-nice TSA agent sometimes saying
go go so I’m immediately putting my liquids in my unzipped pocket on my
suitcase and then I just grab my backpack and remember about Passport and
the liquids are in here my number four tip for flying for the first time is to
go through the security line grab your bags and put everything together at a
bench that’s right past security there are
several benches outside of security in every airport that I’ve ever been to and
it’s for you to rearrange then when I get to the bench I can sit down
put on my shoes because those are in the bin with my liquids if I didn’t say that
so shoes and liquids both go and they’re saying then just so it’s easier and you
can just carry that bin because you’re hands-free and you can carry your
suitcase your backpack is on your back so we’re at the bench putting on my
shoes I am taking out my liquids and I’m putting it into my backpack because they
will leak some of these liquids will leak if they are in the bottom of the
airplane the belly of the airplane it’s different pressure now they’re a little
bit so I just will quickly throw those my backpack and my passport if you don’t
keep your passport in your suitcase I put my passport in my suitcase but I zip
it in the inside pocket and then I zip the outer pocket and so I am all
organized now I’m ready to go to my airplane I have another tip for you if
it’s your first time flying but I’ve video that in another room the ping-pong
table room I do want to say one thing about when you are choosing a suitcase
if you don’t have one make sure you have a handle on the top and on the left side
if you are right-handed because when you pick up your suitcase and you’re gonna
put it in above the seat of your airplane seat you want that and what
mom’s suitcase has a handle up here and on the right side of her suitcase if
you’re right-handed you don’t want that because your left hand is gonna be doing
most of the lifting of the suitcase and your right hand is just balancing it to
help get it over into the overhead bins above your airplane seat now I have a
video about what’s under my airplane seat that you can click on you can click
on these icons anytime during the video and they will take you to that specific
video for me going through the airport I have a what not to wear video and today
I just chose a long loose flowy dress almost it’s a tunic it goes way low
like two inches below my fingertips and I’m wearing leggings and little tenny
shoes I can highly recommend all of these I can give you links to these on
Amazon but I love traveling like this because I can dress up a tank like this
I can throw on a little short sleeve cardigan I can throw on a long sleeve
cardigan a sweatshirt over this and be totally relaxed it’s a great item that I
can recommend to you number five tip for going through an airport is take your
time you will not see those TSA agents again even though they might get really
mad at you that you’re doing something the wrong way or not fast enough you
will never see those passengers who are behind you or around you again but you
are being respectful a respectful citizen
cares about their time as well as your tum so you are being prepared by
watching a fabulous YouTube video and researching and doing your part but if
something happens by accident it’s okay don’t get flustered because that being
in a rush and getting flustered makes you forget things and do things in the
wrong way or put your ID somewhere you won’t remember putting it I must tell
you that I have flown for many years and almost 100 flights or more and I still
will forget to take off my belt sometimes or either one time I was
transferring I had half a water bottle full and or empty
I had a half empty water bottle in my backpack and had to go through security
and didn’t remember so it happens to the best of us the most avid travelers and
it’s okay the number six to four going through the
airport and flying for the first time is to know that that plane boarding door is
going to shut and you will not be able to have them open it 20 minutes before
your departure time so your plane is leaving at 1:30 you need to be in the
boarding area already lined up in your Corral or line numbers where your
seating section is 20 minutes before it’s supposed to even board like they
start lining up really soon and I don’t know if I said this but the number 7 tip
of flying is to make sure that you know that your carry-on suitcase or carry-on
big bag if they don’t have enough overhead space it will get checked into
the belly of the airplane don’t put anything in there that could get lost or
cannot have pressure now you have done your research you are a respectful
resourceful citizen an airplane flier you are not a beginner anymore you know
what to expect you know what to do now you can just relax and have fun on your
vacation before it even starts thank you for popping over and don’t forget to
like this video or subscribe I have lots of other videos to help you and
leave me a comment and introduce yourself thanks for popping over

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