Session #25 – The Person First Approach to Education – Prof. Mick Grimley and Emma Donaldson

– In this session of the
Autism Explained Online Summit, we’re looking at the Person
First Approach to Education. And we are joined by
Professor Mick Grimley, Pro-Vice-Chancellor of
Research and Dean of Education at Torrens University, and also Emma Donaldson, who
has 18 years of experience in the field of autism and mental health and is currently a lecturer in post-graduate and teacher education. So, Mick and Emma, what
are we talking about in today’s session? – So we know that there
is a huge diversity in our classrooms at the moment. Teachers don’t get enough
support around this diversity, and they really aren’t trained when they do their
initial teacher education. We have an approach which helps with it. – That approach, Paul, is called
the Person First Approach, and the Person First Approach
is not about identity. It’s about a framework we
use to provide teachers so that then they can step into the shoes of the person with autism, and then they can help to
manage day-to-day experiences. – Awesome, so that’s gonna
be an amazing session. Make sure you check it out.

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