Sesame Street: The Hungry Games- Catching Fur (Hunger Games: Catching Fire Parody)

ANNOUNCER: The following
preview has been rated G for Games. COOKIE MONSTER: [CHEWING SOUNDS] EFFIE: The time has come to
choose who will play in the Hungry Games. And may the cookies be
ever in your flavor. COOKIE MONSTER: Cookies? ANNOUNCER: First, she
risked it all. COOKIE MONSTER: Me volunteer! Whoa. Me volunteer to play. ANNOUNCER: But it was not
as easy as she thought. EFFIE: And the winner
of the Hungry Games is Cookiness Evereat. COOKIE MONSTER: Oh, thank
goodness, that over, and me never have to play that again. ANNOUNCER: Now she’s
back to play again. COOKIE MONSTER: Wait, what. ANNOUNCER: In The Hungry
Games, Catching Fur. COOKIE MONSTER: OK, we all
know what we got to do. Eat food to win Hungry Games. FINNICK: The question is
which foods are we supposed to eat to win? COOKIE MONSTER: Me don’t know. What you think, Peeta? PEETA: How should I know? I’m just a piece of bread. WIRESS: Tick tock. Tick tock. COOKIE MONSTER: Yeah,
yeah, yeah. You right, Tick Tock lady. Let’s get started. What this? FINNICK: Monkeys! They’re blocking our path. COOKIE MONSTER: Well, how we
going to get past them. FINNICK: Cookiness, look! COOKIE MONSTER: Ohhh, snacks. Nom, nom, nom. Oh, me got to eat, so nom nom. MONKEYS: [SQUAWKING] COOKIE MONSTER: Oh, why these
monkeys poking me? FINNICK: Ow. I don’t think that’s what
we’re supposed to eat. Put it back. COOKIE MONSTER: Ah. Well, if we not supposed to eat
this food in Hungry Games, what we supposed to eat? PEETA: Look! There’s an empty plate. Maybe you’re supposed to
eat what goes there. COOKIE MONSTER: Yeah, but how
we know what that is? FINNICK: We better
stop and think. Oh, maybe it’s a pattern. Let’s see. Banana, apple, banana, apple,
banana, what comes next? COOKIE MONSTER: Oh let’s see. Banana, apple, banana,
apple, banana. If it pattern, what comes
next is apple! Yeah, oh, your apple. MONKEYS: [SQUAWKING] COOKIE MONSTER: Oh yes,
you want to eat it? FINNICK: Eww, no. COOKIE MONSTER: Ugh. Why you so finicky, Finnicky? Me eat it. [GNAWING] MONKEYS: [SQUAWKING] FINNICK: Cookiness, we got
rid of the monkeys. WIRESS: Tick tock. COOKIE MONSTER: You right. Time running out. Let’s go. FINNICK: Oh! COOKIE MONSTER: Thick
fog in our way. How we get through it? FINNICK: Look! COOKIE MONSTER: Oh
what we got here? [GASPS] Cookie! ALL: [LAUGHING] COOKIE MONSTER: Nom, nom, nom. Ha, ha, ha. Ha, ha, ha. Oh, this tickle fog. PEETA: Cookiness, if you want
to win the Hungry Games, you got to control yourself and
not eat that cookie. ALL: Whew. COOKIE MONSTER: Oh, boy. Being strong heroine of entire
franchise hard work. OK, what we do again. FINNICK: We better
stop and think. Maybe it’s another pattern. Let’s see, we have
cheese, cookie, sandwich, pizza, cracker. PEETA: Guys, I don’t
see a pattern here. FINNICK: Oh no! We’re not going to
win this game. COOKIE MONSTER: Oh, me better
stop and think. OK. Where that pattern. Wait. Maybe rule changed. Maybe it not just about food,
it about food shape. Yeah, look. Square, circle, square,
circle, square. FINNICK: You’re right. So next must be– COOKIE MONSTER: Circle. Yeah, we got to find something
to eat shaped like a circle. FINNICK: Yeah! COOKIE MONSTER: OK but
shaped likes circle. PEETA: But I’m your friend! ANNOUNCER: Oh, yeah, sorry. You right, Peeta. What we thinking. Me got to find something else
round to eat, but what? WIRESS: Tick tock, tick tock. COOKIE MONSTER: Hey, that
clock is round. Excuse me. No chance you want
to eat that? FINNICK: No. COOKIE MONSTER: Yeah. Me thought so. Nom, nom, nom. PEETA: We did it! We won the Hungry Games again! COOKIE MONSTER: Oh,
boy oh boy. And thankfully, me no have to
ever, ever play that again. FINNICK: You know they’re making
a third one, right? COOKIE MONSTER: Nooooo! ANNOUNCER: The Hungry Games. Catching Fur. Eat it up soon at a
theater near you.

100 thoughts on “Sesame Street: The Hungry Games- Catching Fur (Hunger Games: Catching Fire Parody)”

  1. They did this to teach little kids and appeal to older audiences and I am LOVING SHOWS DOING THIS

  2. Ummmm doesn't catching fur mean looking to get some pussy? Jesus Sesame Street getting more and more…. sexual with their hidden adult jokes

  3. Crumby Pictures could literally overtake things like DreamWorks and/or Disney. I mean, just look at their intro! It's less than 3 seconds long!

  4. When Wiress did the tick-tock, I wanted to scream. And with the fog, and monkeys, and Peeta being a literal Pita, this has to be the best parody ever.

  5. When you realize your 24 and have work tomorrow but are watching SS Parody’s on YouTube…… I can’t help but think this is a sign in some way to do something with mylife.

  6. This is definitely not made for 5 year olds cause how are they supposed to know what The Hunger Games are? 😂😂😂

  7. I honestly thought the last puzzle would be the cheese, because every foodstuff in the row requires cheese / can be eaten with cheese…

  8. Omg that was hilarious! Lmao! The thing that got me the most was peta saying "What can I do I'm just a piece of bread" 😂😂😂

  9. You copied annoying orange. In fact, he did a parody called the hungry games.

  10. Dont mind me im just a eleven year old watching a parody to my faveorite series
    edit 1: where they are carrying Pita thats definitly how it went cuz peeta did really nothing in the first movie and only killed one dude in the second
    Edit 2: Jennifer Lawrence would love this someone DM this

  11. 4:12 looks at peeta

    Peeta: But I'm you're friend!

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  13. I remember seeing this before I knew Hunger Games, and it was just weird then, now it's hilarious and I love it so much😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  14. why do I feel like this isn't targeted towards sesame streets usual age group but a much older one. Some of the jokes are dark y'all

  15. I saw this on Sesame Street when I was like seven and I had heard of the bye games and I was like “wut?” Now after reading the hunger games and watching the movies I’m laughing and screaming

  16. I don’t even know who this is for! Like, it’s obviously for kids but I don’t think they’ll appreciate the level of Witt and detail that goes into these parody’s!

  17. That sums the second (brilliant) movie up though! 😛

    "Thank goodness that over and me never have to play that again!"

    Announcer: "She's back to play again!"

    "Wait, what?"

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