Service Learning in Tainan City, Taiwan

I get to see them become more confident
in using English as they engage in authentic tasks where they have to use
the English that they have to persuade, to learn to teach. I also see them become
better team players One thing that I learned from this trip
is that education is not only what we learn in classrooms, but also the whole
experience of learning whether it’s inside the classroom or outdoors as well. It’s very valuable for the children
because like, they really want to learn English and they’re very involved in the
class and when we have games they really want to … they are active and they really
want to answer your questions. I’m Michelle, and I’m taking Applied Biology and Biotechnology at PolyU. This is my second time coming to Tainan to
teach English. I first joined this Service Learning course because I think English
is an international language so I think it will be a nice experience for them to
meet people other than Taiwanese. Hi, I’m Raymond and I’m from Indonesia and I’m studying in PolyU in the School of Accounting and Finance. Currently I’m in
Taiwan doing my Service Learning trip teaching English to children. My hope for the children here is that they can dream big, not only limited
to the resources they have, not only limited to the places they live. One of the highlights of my academic year has to be when we embark on this journey
with our ELC2S02 students and hopefully one day they’ll know how they
can actually respond or how they can inspire other people to respond to needs
and issues in the society and also in the global community.

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