Service and Community Impact at SLU School of Medicine

You can kind of tell the second you walk
through the front doors what a school’s priority is and the second I walk
through the doors here I was like this school cares about the community. Any
smart student is gonna be successful academically but the student that’s most
fulfilled are those who come here with an eye towards service, an eye towards
getting more out of this experience in medical school than just pathophysiology
of disease. Being involved in service-learning is really an
opportunity for students to take a really different look in the world that
they might not have otherwise had. There’s a student-run clinic that is
free and students get to support that even in their first week of medical
school and that’s fantastic, gain the skills while helping a population that
might not have access to healthcare regularly. When I do the clinics I’m like
this is why I study. Actually getting to see how the information that you’ve
learned in class is applied to healthcare this isn’t just about
learning a pathway or learning some drug it’s about like actually helping people.
Jesuit medical schools are trying to form students to probably be healers at
a much wider extent. First week of orientation at SLU med we were doing
community service together. We not only live in St. Louis for four years but
actually come here and make a difference and feel like we’re part of the
community and not just a school inside of a big city. There’s a lot of service
opportunities it’s a great way to meet the community help out a local
organization you don’t have to wait for that long before you can say I’m helping
people out. Students here at SLU they’re involved
in a vocation learning medicine is also learning about life and learning about
what it is to be human. It takes more than a textbook to walk into a room and
build rapport with the patient and the same can be said of research the same
can be said of developing a community outreach program and tackling a social
justice issue and that aspect of our education really speaks to the mission.
SLU med it spends a lot of time focusing on the whole person it just makes us
really understand why we’re here and one day we will be kind compassionate and
empathetic doctors that we want to be. People who want to pursue medicine want to help people. SLU does a really good job of giving us the tools to do so but
the opportunity SLU is giving us working on our skills and service
opportunities it is shaping the type of person that I want to be.

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