Ser la Oveja Negra | Spanish Word of the Day #224 [Spanish Lessons]

sell la vieja negra hi everyone and the Spanish word of the day is a phrase the Spanish phrase of the day is seven love a honey gonna say love a hot nigga or just love a Hanukkah when you say ser la vieja negra means to be the black sheep Lopez and negra means black sheep or the black sheep this expression is similar to the English expression to go off the rails or just to beat the black sheep but this expression can also be used in a plural way so it could be ser la SOPA has negress se las abejas Negras although it is very commonly used in a similar way now let's see a few examples using this race soy la vieja negra de la familia soy la vega negra de la familia no quiero ser la vega negra no quiero ser la vieja negra todos piensan que soy la oveja negra todos piensan que soy la oveja negra esta familia tiene muchas abejas Negras esta familia tiene muchas Ovejas niggas yo no soy la Mahanagar your no soy la vega nigra okay that was the Spanish phrase of the day let me know in the comment section down below if you are la vega negra also leave me more examples down below using this phrase okay that's all for today I hope you liked this video don't forget to subscribe and also click on the bell I can see you can get notified every time I bring a video support this channel by sharing this video with your friends and by giving the thumbs up also visit SME lessons that come for more free Spanish lessons thank you so much for watching for all your support in I'll see you next time bye

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