42 thoughts on “Seniors Reveal Their Most Difficult Life Lessons”

  1. Hope you're enjoying this new series as much as we are! What was your favorite piece of wisdom from this episode?

  2. These are not 'great' people. Most of these are unsuccessful and small people. You can live a million years, and with the wrong mindset you can remain young in wisdom.

  3. We've all heard most of these things before. The one that touched my heart was the guy that congratulated youth for standing up. It is easy to assume that the older generations don't care what the youth are doing or think they are all wasting their time.

  4. Somtimes i wonder about this channel.

    All of the white and Asian criminals on this country and for this type of epissode you could only find Black and Latinos???


  5. Education? So you want to be $130k in debt for student loans for a worthless degree? Don't even waste your time with that! 😉

  6. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ something I shall take heed to for the rest of my life😇😇😇😇😇

  7. This is so deep, “heart and head” is key and living a life of happiness and balance. We’re all still learning and I love this piece! Amazing

  8. Don't use labels.
    Without "purpose" one loses "value" and "self".
    Life is a struggle. See what "is" and accept it.
    Join communities that welcome "unity". Get involved.
    It is better to give than receive; and you'll reap what you sow. [Law of Attraction]
    Education, education, education.
    Listen and learn.

  9. I love you guys! I can’t say it enough. I just watched your live stream. It was good to see and learn about you all. This video is such a good one. It should have more views. I really want to know more about some of these people. Maybe you could do a “walk in their shoes” type video. A really raw video. Maybe it’s too much intrusion. Anyhow, thanks for the great content. I’m in love! ☺️

  10. Each of us is a structure being constantly built. The people we associate with are the materials , the better the materials the more solid the structure. If you seek out shoddy material you will become a shoddy structure.

  11. This series is a service to our humanity! In our culture ageism is prevalent, sadly our elders are tossed aside as if they don't matter anymore with the mentality of "I wish they would just die already." In other cultures elders are respected and honored. The next time you cross an elder look them in the eye, acknowledge them with kindness and carry that with you as long as you live. <3 <3 <3

  12. TL;DR

    Get an education.
    Don't do drugs.
    Work hard when you're young so that when you're old, you won't have to.
    Don't be afraid to ask for help.
    Find a good friend, not a fake one.
    Speak, but also listen.
    Take risks within reason.

    I could be horribly wrong.

  13. The title: "Seniors Reveal Their Most Difficult Life Lessons" Caught my attention and brought me here to watch (I am a senior). Also I do believe that there is much to be learned from anyone who has survived some of life's difficult challenges … and wisdom can be truly revealed from those who are older …. BUT that is not what is Here. What these seniors are saying is good stuff … none of it is bad … but they do not reveal their most difficult life lessons. They quote some good quotes … The title should have been: Seniors Quoting Some Good Quotes. Now … if you do get a video with seniors revealing their most difficult life lessons … I'd really like to see that … AND if they are given a lot more time … they could share a key aspect of how they turned something bad into a lesson. Thanks for the effort and Thanks to those who speak here. Love & Peace to All

  14. It's not even just what they are saying it, but how they are saying it. You can sense the wisdom and insight right there. Powerful work guys.

  15. Ahhhh!! I love you Jubilee! I love the things you stand for. I love the passion and light that are within each of you that so abundantly shines through your work. Thank you.

  16. Fuck school they raped my twice over. I had to live with my parents after I had to drop out because of $. It’s 6 years later and I’m still in debt. Fuck college get into a trade or work you way up in the labor industry..

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