Senator Kamala Harris: People Want To Know Our Government Has Integrity | Katy Tur | MSNBC

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  1. Itโ€™s amazing to watch the leftists and their shills in the media with their obsession with Trump- heโ€™s one single man in the Executive Branch- we have two other branches of government , especially the Legislative Branch, which is completely inept and corrupt – on both sides and is truly where the work to advance our country needs to get done.

  2. Hm turmp gust sind huge trad deal with Japanese for American farmers amazing and the trade deal is also good for manufacturing in America good for American jobs very good job turmp this will have major impact for American economy and whot do you see democrats msn cnn doing right now well finish watching this show and you will see nothing so disgusting msn rateings are lower than Nickelodeon look it up your self so disgusting and desperate so gutless turmp 2020baby

  3. Sorry, but Harris just doesn't seem trustworthy to me. She might be saying some of the right things but I just don't trust her. She reminds me of Councilwoman Miriah Dillard (Alfre Woodard) in the Luke Cage television series.

  4. She should not be doing interviews right now, she is not going to win she doesn't ahve enough experience I like her but she makes some poor choices, like commenting as a poitical candidate agaisnt the president who I hate but I expect more from nomineees who is advising her shes making poor choices influcding commenting on Jussie smollet shes terrible. shut up girl stay low

  5. Kamala Harriss poll numbers dropped to thew point her campaign is finished after saying "Ban Trump's Twitter" (even a large majority of LOW IQ Americans believe in Free Speech)


  7. Kruella Harris is 100% right! Americans want integrity in our public servants this is why America rejected Kruella Harris, she has no integrity, move on.

  8. The reason the founders of this Nation set it up this way? The United States Constitution grants Congress oversight over both the Presidential and the Judicial branchs of our Government, is because Congress is the only one of the three branchs where every member was voted on and elected by the Citizens of the United States. At this point in history, 2 Presidents and 1 member of the United States Supreme Court have had Articles of Impeachment charges filed by the House of Representatives, it can get down to 1 vote, the Senate, it requires at least 2/3rds to convict, found them innocent every time.

  9. Harris shouldn't talk about integrity, since she took campaign donations from Steve Mnuchin, then let Mnuchin and OneWest Bank off the hook for felonies that cost families their homes, and contributed to the Great Recession, and then kept taking money from Mnuchin. In 2016, she was the only Democratic Senate candidate who did take money from Mnuchin. It's Harris' fault Mnuchin is Sec. of Treasury, and not an inmate in a CA State Prison.

  10. Basically, the human body is different models of the same vehicle with different colors of paint. We are all the same color underneath our skin.

  11. Okay Kamal Harris, we ALL want to see the UNREDACTED Transcripts of the "Whistleblowers" testimony that Adam Schiff refuses to show the people.

  12. I don't agree !! As a registered Democrat your impeachment talk is the Socialism won't work for our country long term!!

  13. Impeachment can only start when the chamber (ie the House) votes for it. Anything else is just BS.

    Tur: "Would you vote for impeachment?

    KH: "Yes"

    Just like Kavanaugh hearing: UR guilty and must prove your innocent.

  14. I just wish she would that whole "Wake You Up in the Middle of the Night" schtick. It just sounds stupid. Everytime I hear her say it, I find it so irritating.

  15. Sorry to say this but if our founding fathers designed a system where you LIBERALS can impeach our president WITHOUT evidence it means they were part of the deep state.

  16. We should be happy to support mom's spending time with new babies–all u have to do is look towards the White House to appreciate how an attachment disorder can affect a whole lot of people… not just that one family…

  17. Well since there were so many responses here goes: We have a ratified treaty with Ukraine a treaty for Mutual Legal Assistance
    not only that but Biden being a presidential candidate and also Ukraine not being a hostile nation Trump can ask them for dirt on Biden
    it's called "OPPOSITION RESEARCH"..all 100% LEGIT ..and has nothing to do with emoluments..Not to mention if there is deemed to be
    improprieties where Biden and Ukraine is concerned Trump is OBLIGATED to look into this..and with as much corruption that surrounds Ukraine
    and especially Burisma Trump wants to make sure that YOUR tax dollars are not going out to corrupt countries and that Ukraine lives up
    to their promise to end corruption and offer transparency..feel free to look up any of this ..and a bit of advice if I may..Do not expect the
    corporate owned CIA backed media to tell you the truth..because that will not happen instead DO THE will be much better off..

  18. People want to know if kamal lied on any of her job applications when she was asked if she ever committed a crime or if she is still telling a fib that she is African American her father is from Jamaica and her mother from India neither of which are in Africa what a liar

  19. If Republican law-makers and do not finally stand-up and take their oaths of office seriously, by condemning Trumps for his systematic attacks on the foundations of our democracy; Iโ€™m not sure how our country will continue to survive in any recognizable form; much less recover, from Trumps concerted efforts to undermine all of its institutions under the guise of โ€œ Make America Great โ€œ . It is not hyperbolic to consider the current political situation a pivotal moment in our countryโ€™s history. It is time for GOP house and senate members to use their reasoned judgement for the sake of all Americans and be counted among those who finally say No to Trump via the mechanism of impeachment.

  20. What a question. Journalism is dead.

    You're shaping reality, dimwits.

    You can control how people think with your words and headlines and this is the question you write?

    HOW will Congress continue to pursue impeachment … think about it. #powerofpsychology

    Also, do everyone a favor and STOP CALLING HIM "PRESIDENT" because he was illegitimately elected and you only validate him when you agree to use the title.

    amateurs … #badmood #kurdishgenocide #deadpeople #deadcats #warisdeath

  21. She prosecuted people for smoking weed when she herself done it. She tried to block evidence of a man on death row that helped exonerated him later. She kept people locked up longer than their sentences. She has no right to talk about integrity, she is part of the problem.

  22. this is the person who wants to be president but take away speech from a citizen by having his twitter account closed because he says stuff she doesn't like, this is a woman running for president that is going to take 100 billion tax payers dollars off the top and give to only one race,(not Asian American, not Latino American, not Euro-American) good thing there isn't any racism.

  23. I, (rouge cia dem plant), testify, (before Adam Shifty for further parody), from behind this curtain, that Joe Biden did Nancy Pelosi in the wood shed out back my house. Nancy came out naked first, and scared the children. So help me. OK MSNBC, run with it.

  24. Integrity? She's talking about integrity? The person from a privileged background, who stuck away innocent kids from deprived backgrounds, to advance her career as a prosecutor? Who put young black men in prison for smoking weed, whilst joking about smoking it herself?

  25. Even democrats realize sheโ€™s not too bright and if she in her 20s, wasnโ€™t boinking a 60 something year old political king maker in San Fran politics (Willy Brown), none of us would even know who she was today.

  26. the DNC went to Ukraine to double cross Manifort and start the Fake Russian Hoax investigation. He was charged with lying not for being an unregistered lobbyist. Like John Pedesta also

  27. How dare the president request any kind of investigation of any person? It is not like the person is holding a federal job.

  28. And what if we are no longer having children? Workers who don't have kids or have already raised their kids are already paying for education for everyone's kid's, we don't need to pay for both parents to take leave. One parent is enough. If the other parent wants leave then they need to plan for it. And yes, I am a liberal Democrat but this is going to far. I raised my kids mostly as a single mom, the baby doesn't need both parents not working. Edit to add, education benefits us all but two parents taking leave only benefits the parents so I am against this policy if workers have to pay for it, kids or no kids.

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  30. Within hours of the destruction of the Twin Towers on September 11th, Silverstein was on the phone to his lawyers, trying to determine if his insurance policies could โ€œconstrue the attacks as two separate, insurable incidents rather than one.โ€ Silverstein spent years in the courts attempting to win $7.1 billion from his $3.55 billion insurance policy and in 2007 walked away with $4.55 billion, the largest single insurance settlement ever. As soon as the deal was announced, Silverstein sued United and American Airlines for a further $3.5 billion for their โ€œnegligenceโ€ in the 9/11 attacks, a claim that was struck down by the courts but is still on appeal.

    Perhaps even more outrageously, in a secret deal in 2003, the Port Authority agreed to pay back 80% of their initial equity in the lease, but allowed the Silverstein group to maintain control of the site. The deal gave Silverstein, Goldman and Cayre $98 million of the $125 million they put down on the lease, and a further $130 million in insurance proceeds that were earmarked for the siteโ€™s rebuilding.

    In the end, Silverstein profited from the 9/11 attacks to the tune of $4.55 billion and counting.

    But thatโ€™s the 9/11 insurance heist you saw. There was a much deeper, more complex, and well-hidden heist that was taking place behind closed doors on September 11, 2001, deep in the heart of the World Trade Center itself.

    Marsh & McLennan is a diversified risk, insurance and professional services firm with over $13 billion in annual revenue and 57,000 employees. In September of 2001, 2,000 of those employees worked in Marshโ€™s offices in the World Trade Center. Marsh occupied floors 93 to 100 of the North Tower, the exact area of the impact and explosion.

    In the year prior to 9/11, Marsh had contracted with SilverStream software to create an electronic connection between Marsh and its clients for the purpose of creating โ€œpaperless transactions.โ€ SilverStream had already built internet-based transactional and trading platforms for Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank, Bankerโ€™s Trust, Alex Brown, Morgan Stanley and other financial services firms that were later involved in 9/11, but this new project was unlike anything that had been attempted before.

  31. Ok understand it's not that I don't like her, I 4eallyhavnt tried to look into her besides random times I se something like this. but I will stand by this belief, she is not electable, she might win the state far and few between but she is not inherently relateable enough for her to see any kind of surge from any specific demographic that will cause her to surpass the other candidates.

  32. Progressives are finding a lot of fault with Kamala Harris, but we have to be pragmatic about this election. Bernie and Biden will be in their 80s in 2024. That's a pretty tough re-election obviously. Do Democrats want a one-term president or a two-term president? We have to get off the nitpicking high horse and rally behind a strong, intelligent candidate who can win again in 2024. Wise up, Dems!

  33. I love Kamala Harris โ™ฅ๏ธthough we dont need more presidential executive rule. We need to keep checks and balances for both parties.

  34. So this is good– I really liked that Kamala. expanded her range of topics, that she came across as someone who will represent everyone, as opposed to only people of color. I've been pretty harsh with her in past posts– but there was a lot to like and I was pretty disappointed.

    I liked how genuine she sounded this time, like this is more the real deal rather than how she sounds when she is speaking to some people so she can show them how she's one of them, yo. I think everyone will appreciate genuine way more than the dis-ingenuousness of changing who you are. I found her knowledgeable and really likeable this time around.

  35. yang polling higher than harris in california
    Aug 2019 interview with the mayor of Stockton CA who implemented UBI pilot program Feb of this year. october 2019

  36. NO MATTER WHO, VOTE BLUE 2020. im 60yrs old, lived through Kennedy assassinations, both of em, Nixon, Carter, Reagan, etc….thinking possativley…are we really on the verge of a possible PROGRESSIVE gov, finally joining the rest of the world??? IN MY LIFETIME!? i really hope so. its time to take this gov "vehicle" and put it back on the high road. the progressive road. the high tide that will lift ALL boats. We are fortunate to have a good, deep and , mainly on the same page candidates on the dem side. IMO any of them would be better that what we have now or even what ever the repub side could/is offering. My current support goes toward WARREN2020. but its O,K, ……..NO MATTER WHO, VOTE BLUE 2020.

  37. Urkine hot situation is in progress. he asked china to investigate . question??? while trump imposed $800 b tarrif on chines items, while at the same time Ivanka Trump (his daughter+kushner) have 16 trade mark from china and the same time imported $ms items from china.does not make sense

  38. The more i listen to these demo-nuts & their fraud, the more i hope trumpf wins. Trumpf has failed, refused to do a lot & hard to accept the blame sessions, rosenstein, deep state etc. He flaunts claims before hard evidence which allows for conspiracy theory accusations rather than put to rest. He has claimed over, over to remove troops from syria & nothing, yet comfortable making claim repetitively. Democrats think ppl can't see through them & in long term they lies, deceptions they are planting today will forever deceive ppl later, though no one believes them today. They are looking ahead a hundred yrs. If Trumpf from day one had mind of right & justice, criminal demo-nuts would be more silent, less hubristic. Even if trumpf wins 2020, which is hope, what comes after? Trumpf has had DOJ in pocket & refused to use it. His excuses arent acceptable.

  39. @4:53 "You have probably heard, I am PRACTICALLY moving to Iowa." Wait? I thought Harris said she WAS moving to Iowa?! I voted for Harris in California. I do believe she would be a powerful asset in the Senate of Iowa. We need more people like her in the mid west where I was born and raised!

  40. America today is a heartless and selfish country. I hope they can stop hiding behind the bushes in fear and learn to adopt some socialist policies like longer paternity leave.

  41. Aside from her politics, I love Kamala Harris and she's effing gorgeous. Her smile melts me every time and on top of all that she's smart AF! Lucky hubby!

  42. You know im wondering about absolute power…and unconstitutional acts…
    We have someone in power that doesnt believe in due process or inhumane treatment of people and citizens. Look at detentions camps or tent city its getting to winter months has anything being done about treatment or care for these people we are building a wall they are dying tell me whats fair and just. Im not talking about crazy crminals that have not paid the price for their crimes. Im talking about people that want to live here work here that need direction to become potential citizens thats families were torn apart like in concentrational camps…also our defense forces are running like a chicken with their heads cut off no proper and well informed plans sometimes you cant keep callin fire like a bell well placed and respond support if needed for defense are all that you need

  43. Amen sister I agree teachers ๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐Ÿซ ๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐Ÿซ should get paid more to educate students ๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐ŸŽ“ ๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐ŸŽ“

  44. Democrat presidential candidate โ€“ one of a legion โ€“ Kamala Harris (D-Saturn) claims those snappy white lab coats worn by doctors are signs of white supremacy. โ€œItโ€™s true that doctors are racist and literally wear their racism on their white lab coat sleeve,โ€ she said in an interview. And do brown doctors wear brown coats and black doctors wear black coats?


    But Wait,

  45. Any real evidence on why he needs to be impeached? I have a better idea! Just like the past 250 years, let's let the people decide! Oh, I get it, the liberals still won't prevail either way! I feel embarassed for them by entertaining the idea that this peperpetual insanity will finally gain them a victory! Especially from someone who can't think past skin color!

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