Senator Cory Booker Talks About His Holistic Education Plan | September Democratic Debate

It was 65 years ago this year that the Supreme Court outlawed racial segregation in public schools. Yet for millions of students of color today, segregation remains a reality. Non white districts typically receive $2200 less per student than those in white districts. This means older books, less access to computers, and often worse outcomes. What is your plan to address segregation, and I’m not just talking about the achievement gap, but I’m talking about the opportunity gap in education. So I’m hearing a lot of conversations on the stage that and the way we talk about communities of color. Look, I live in a black and brown community below the poverty line. I’ve lived in public housing projects almost for a decade and saw the anguish of parents who are just so deeply frustrated that they don’t have a school that serves their genius. I think I’m the only person on the stage even though I had no formal authority as mayor to run a school system, I stepped up and took responsibility for our schools, and we produced results. A lot of folks here talking about raising teacher salary, we actually did it in Newark, New Jersey. And we didn’t stop there. We have we close poor performing charter schools, but dagnabbit we expanded high performing charter schools. We were a city that said we need to find local solutions that work for our community. The results speak for themselves. Were now the number one city in America for beat the odds schools from high poverty to high performance strategies like investing in our children work. And I’ll tell you this, I am tired of us thinking about these problems, isolated, disconnected from other issues. That’s why my friend Secretary Castro is 100%. Right? We are in the reality we are right now because vice president of overtly
racist policies not 400 years ago, just in my lifetime, that were redlining communities, dis investing in communities. And more than just that my kids are not only struggling with racial segregation and housing, and the challenges of underfunded schools, but they’re also struggling with environmental injustice. If you’ve talked to someone who’s a parent of a child has had permanent brain damage because of lead, you’ll know this is a national problem because there’s over 3000 jurisdictions in America, where children have more than twice the blood levels of Flint, Michigan. So if I’m present United States it is a holistic solution to education from raising teacher salary, fully funded special education, but combating the issues of poverty, combating the issues of racial segregation, combating the issues of a criminal justice system that takes parents away from their kids and dealing with environmental justice as a major pillar of any climate.

4 thoughts on “Senator Cory Booker Talks About His Holistic Education Plan | September Democratic Debate”

  1. This is clearly caused by economic segregation, not racial. If you are worried about minorities, then fix this by addressing actual racial segregation that causes minorities to be economically disenfranchised.

  2. Segregation was out lawed but Democrat Joe Biden worked with pro segregation Democrats. Joe apologized for working with the pro segregation Democrats. Democrats are the pro slavery, pro segregation, KKK founding, white nationalist, Anti Semitic, racist Party.

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