Selina Soule was forced to compete against boys in HS track. Join her in taking a stand.

– [Announcer] Here’s your line up, girls 400 metre final lane one. – The first race that I competed against a transgender athlete was
during my Freshman year. (starting pistol bangs) And once the gun went off, the two transgender
athletes took off flying, and left all of us girls in the dust. I knew right then and there that some girls will be missing
out great opportunities to succeed, and that women
could be completely eradicated from their own sports. – The State of Connecticut’s
Athletic Association now allows biological males
to compete in women’s sports, and that has had the effect of
displacing girls like Selina from podium spots, and
advancing from the next level of competition. It really has created an
un-level playing field for women’s sports in Connecticut. – I’ve lost opportunities to
compete at world class tracks, I’ve lost opportunities to compete in front of college
coaches and gain attention, and I’ve lost opportunities to win titles. I know that I’m not that
only girl who has missed on opportunities, they
are countless other girls who have lost meets and titles
and their drive to compete as hard as they can because
they know that they’ll never be good enough to compete
against these athletes. (slow music) – If something doesn’t change with these types of athletic policies, I think we’re frankly facing the end of women’s sports as a category. We’re going to be seeing
boys and co-ed sports because when you allow biological males to come in and to dominate women’s sports, you create an un-level playing field and that violates federal law. And that’s the whole reason
we have women’s sports as a separate category in the first place, was to ensure that girls get
that level playing field, that opportunity to be
champions and to win. Women have fought hard for many
years to have an opportunity and have a voice in sports
and it’s highly upsetting to realize that no matter what you do, and how hard you train, you
will never be good enough. I’m just trying to bring
back fairness to my sport and trying to make sure that young girls won’t be in the same
situation that I have been in, feel the same pain that I have felt. (uplifting music)

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  1. Pause….just tell me where to sign up.
    Support Selina who is taking a stand for what’s right.

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