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what you're going to learn today is how to survive those critical two seconds somebody puts a knife here throw a gun in your chest or somebody tries on punching the first thing you need to do is remember to always get off the X get out of the way of the gun the knife whatever it is so I'm pulling while the blade is pressing causes them to release it bring your hand up bring that elbow out I'm yanking down hard and I'm snapping it's elbow right there boom sack even front of each other you're not going to become a victim and you end up saving your life for the life of a loved one all right we're gonna show you how to get out of many safety sort of excuse me dangerous situations gotcha um that includes what happens if you're duct-taped to a chair during a home invasion but just in case that goes horribly wrong and you beat me up too bad I'm gonna show you other stuff first okay let's start so we'll head over to this table where you see we've got flashlights and coconuts well who doesn't have flat right exactly coconut common area on the liver I'm sure you could show us what to do with these food wise because I have absolutely no idea but in the martial arts world the coconut is often used to simulate a skull because it's incredibly hard Wow so flashlights a lot of people carry em obviously see in the dark right but they make an awesome self-defence tool so I trained a lot of nurses they're leaving the hospitals late at night on the parking lot sure criminals can grab from behind they can do all kinds of stuff very high-risk yeah absolutely and criminals know this they know nurses are leaving at 3 a.m. so they wait there well besides just having a flashlight to see in the dark I want to show you what a whack to the skull could do with a flashlight awesome which can do a lot of damage so this is why the coconuts are here this is what is called the coconut test okay to resemble the human skull so here if you want to take a whack and then I'll take a whack and what you want to do just so we don't kill anybody in the audience I use this one well you can use this one too a little but we can both use this one and you got to hit it real hard so whack it this way that way we're sending the coke enough hopefully flying in that direction and not towards anybody there oh you want me to no I'm it like a like it's a memory T bomb guys are just gonna say you've all thrown up a whack like that oh we got this ah now I will turn this car around I want a higher tea there oh that's a good head all right let me see if we can crack this open Wow this guy did this is the damage that a flashlight can do so don't get hit by Rachel but if it criminals trying to kidnap you this is why you'd want to whack I am so taking this home so I'm gonna stand over here now that we've got coconut juice all over us she's like drop the mic Rachael drop the – yeah okay that was fun good thank you you're welcome okay now what all right choking so you're gonna love this even more gonna choke me and some – a coconut okay so let's go back to walking out of the parking lot late at night criminals love to choke women they pass out they drag him into the van they drag him to the woods right so most people when they're choked and I'm not gonna choke you hard when they're choked you know their tendencies to back up or they freeze they don't know how to get out I'm gonna show you a very simple moose go ahead and show up me you me so you could do our yard oh no all I've got to do is push down oh but let me say it when I'm not choking to death oh hold on Pink's down right all you do is pinch down and spin the opposite way for more than yeah it's all due to you lightly that way you can actually talk and you're not dying meat there you go that's all it is it's just you can hit and a quick step how do you open it very very simple can we talk to you now yes we can as I do so we'll go over to the chair um home invasions there are many Hollywood cliches which are not true but being duct-taped to a chair is one of them and you have clue I've done this before so yeah exactly what his day at my house go around the chair make sure make sure I'm on a chair too oh yeah there we go I want to be duct tape to the chair so what criminals will do goodness gracious and is that all right that's that's enough that's it I've never get now I'm totally all right so most people are gonna try and scoot forward right freeze cuz criminals when they duct-tape you to the chair what they do is they go upstairs to go through your sock drawer steal all our jewelry right shake the house so you want to be able to get out run out your front door while they're upstairs are you calm I'm leaning out the room yes so what you do when you've duct-taped me clearly very good so jason said this could take a while guys so hopefully not snack over the break put your feet up we're good so the way you do it is you want to do a very quick bolt or quick jolt putting your head between your legs okay the way I like to think about it if you've ever been on an airplane and thought you're gonna throw up you put your head between your legs and puke in that bag that adds a nice nut that's it that's the easiest way to remember it okay so because sometimes it takes two times three times we shall see here I'm gonna hold the back of this TV a little crazy ten don't matter you don't need to okay so here we go so I lean back just like this quick jolt I'm Kentucky that was magic

34 thoughts on “Self-Defense Lessons with a Former CIA Agent | Rachael Ray Show”

  1. that chair one is actually pretty smart, i thought he was gonna try get onto his feet so he can run away hunched over.

  2. Oh great, duct tape the CIA Agent… How many Americans would like that awesome job!! (:(:

  3. I have a question; how do you escape someone who choke you while you lie on the ground/straight service?

  4. Rachael ray was so damn fine when she was a little more thin. Now she's just cute. But I still have a crush on this woman.

  5. Or you will end up in a dangerous situation, and you try to do one of these moves and then fuck up and you get killed because you watched one YouTube video of self defense. It is possible, but you have to practice. More often than not if you're up to date on your training you would be a lot more safe.

  6. Love to come on and show you some other very effective, cell phone defense as well

  7. Stupid twit tryin to steal the spot lite from the guy just shut the hell up maybe learn something nawww she can't do that its her show dam it

  8. This guy has never, ever been in a real situation….only through training. I guarantee it. Knife altercations are damn near impossible to get out of safely. The old saying is "you have to give something up to the knife"…you will get cut, hurt, or dead.
    And real people aren't coconuts. They don't just sit there while getting hit. They hit back and are the attackers. Self defense is a very high stress situation where you kind of panic internally and have no time to think of how you're going to react.

  9. Damn she's cringe. Trying too heard to make it about her. "me me me me". Let the man explain holy sh!t

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