Selecting a University in Germany||Fees/Eligibility/Job Opportunity/ Language||

Hi guys, in the previous video you already
saw what are the differences between how you study in India and how you are going to study
in Germany. If you haven’t checked this video yet, please
check it out. Now till the end of this video, you will already
feel a bit more secure about the decision you are going to make for Germany. What I emphasize is that when you are deciding
about the University, the location or the ranking shouldn’t be the major concern at
all because in Germany, all of the Universities are well connected to the towns and second,
here nobody cares about the ranking at all. WHY? They just care about the grades. You should have good grades, you should have
good knowledge. That’s it. If you have that, you will definitely get
a job here. Of course, you have to be fluent in German! Well let’s talk about this topic later. Today, let’s just focus ourselves towards
the Universities. Now look guys, there definitely is a difference
between the Universities of Applied Sciences and the Technical Universities.The Technical
Universities will teach you stuff more theoretically but the Universities of Applied Sciences will
touch you stuff more practically, so that when you are done with your Masters, you will
already be ready for the industries. So now, let’s talk about the first deciding
factor for sorting out a University. Something for which we Indians are known for. The Money. Germany is famous for the fact that for Masters,
you have to pay no tuition fee at all. Alright, no tuition fee but you still have
to pay a Semester Contribution of 300 Euros per Semester which gives you your Semester
ticket and allows you to freely use public transport in an approximate radius of 50 kilometers
from the University. The semester contribution can also vary from
University to University. The living cost which again range from one
neighborhood of the city to the other can go from 300 to 500 Euros per month. Now let’s see the international courses. If you are a person who can afford to do Advanced
Master’s of Urban Development or Advanced Master’s in Water Engineering, then by all
means. Hire an agent. You don’t have to put effort in going through
these videos. Most of us students generally have less budget,
so rather look for the courses with no or less tuition fees. These courses are still pretty solid. Now let’s have a look at the language. Language also plays an important role for
you to decide, if you want to do your Masters in English or in German. If you already spent time learning German
and already have a B2 level, you can apply directly to the German speaking programs after
clearing the TestDaF with 16 points. I myself got 17 points in TestDaF and hence,
could start my Master’s in a German taught course. For English, you have to take the TOEFL or
IELTS and for the German taught Master’s, you either have to have a C2 Goethe Zertifikat
or clear the TestDaF with more than 16 points. In some cases, it can even be less. But like I said in the previous video, language
is still an important investment that will definitely pay off in the end. The Eligibility Criteria are also important. There are also institutes like RWTH Aachen
or TU München, where the Indian candidates and candidates from some other countries have
to give the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering but don’t get discouraged yet because they
actually don’t know what kind of number in that test are great or bad. They rank the candidates on the basis of the
type of applications they get. If they get applications where people couldn’t
even clear the GATE, but you could, then you are in luck! My final advice would be to apply to as many
Universities as you can if your grades are not that great. A Grade Point of 8-9 is considered very good
and you will have no problem in applying to the University. But we all know the struggle of getting that
kind of grades in India. It’s really no joke. Well, if you like this video, please don’t
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get admission to University, even if you got a rejection letter in the starting. Guys, please subscribe, it really motivates
me and I will keep producing more videos to keep you informed. Tschüss!

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