Seeking Refuge in Education

I come from Burundi I come from South Sudan I migrated from Congo at first when I was told that Samira Fiji I was not understanding I didn’t know what to refugee means I was like what’s the meaning of refugee I felt so angry because life has changed it was not like though it was in South Sudan so I felt even as if I should go back [Music] Cobras is a grassroot organization founded and read by refugees themselves who I used to help the other disadvantaged the kids or children in the villages the acronym Cobras means Congo Burundi Rwanda Uganda and Sudan life in Sudan was very very difficult cause was where everywhere and people we have been killed my dad had to live were only because he was a politician readers have been living power just through was through gunfire blood we’ve been bleeding for over 60 years [Music] my social project is Africans imagine oedipus we support orphans and his disabled children by providing their movies scholastic materials I have a project on the pigs I always buy them at 50,000 then one time for selling you sell them at 500,000 our vision is creating a sustainable and bright world for the younger generation in Africa I want to be a doctor when I grow up I want to be a human rights advocate I want to become a lawyer to help my community thinks of this crew nation is very high [Music] I was hopeless actually but when I joined cobras sea otter I felt stronger and hopeful that things are going to be alright and that’s what happened I wanted to get a scholarship and pursue my degree in my community many people day they are job seekers now for me I teach them how to be job creators villa refugee that is not the end being a refugee is an opportunity why because it taught me and in what a man can come from zero sum [Music]

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