Seeing the world in a different light: Community partnerships at Glenala State High School

Glenala State High School is a very multicultural place. We really celebrate that diversity and that’s where we really get our strength as a school community. We work really hard to make sure not just
our teaching and our learning is fantastic but that we’ve got partnerships that will
give our students opportunities to see the world in a different light to what they might see at home. And we link intrinsically the success of our school with the success of our community. It was actually a really good opportunity
after the review to say, okay, well this year we’re going to have a look at all the partnerships we’ve got. Are they still relevant to us? Are they still getting the outcomes that we want for our students? Learning, engagement and also development? Minter Ellison is probably a long-term one. And it’s a real learning focus at the moment with our reading and also the leadership opportunities. Some of them are amazed that they actually go up to the twenty-second floor of a high-rise building. The social skills, I don’t think we can
underestimate, because a lot of our kids haven’t been to the city. Meeting other people and mixing with other adults and getting some mentorship from them to sort of open their eyes up to a world that’s out there. The students who go through our programs, and particularly those who get the scholarships and do the work experience, have been the first in their family to go to university for example. Oxley police, that’s emerged again as a
really powerful partnership. I’m here every day to help build relationships between police and young people and break down any barriers. And I enjoyed the lessons he taught me to
become leaders and be an effective role model in the community and in Glenala. The longer I’ve been here, the more kids
actually take their time to actually come and see me. They might want to talk about their problems. We’ve had a relationship with the school
for many years, bringing on the next generation of employees into the industry. It started by them telling us that they will
provide opportunities as work experience, traineeships, apprenticeships. Here at school, we’ve built this trade skills
centre to be able to have a truck in here and run classrooms. The students will actually have skills relevant to our industry and then they’ll go out at the end of Year 12 as a job seeker and
have a foot in the door above most of the other applicants out there. Working together, everybody gets outcomes. We treat kids as individuals and we actually map for them and we talk with them and their parents about what the best course would be. We have a very engaged community and a very grateful community, too, for the work that we do.

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