100 thoughts on “See Bernie Sanders campaign in Sacramento”

  1. i don't agree with anything bernie stands for but i'm glad he made it through his procedure. he is a resilient old fella. God bless.

  2. Satan has sentenced BS and RBG to a eternal life here on earth, but why do the rest of us have to suffer also with these two around forever.

  3. Who is he planning to get to pay for all of this? I should run for president offering 5 hour work weeks, a free house and car, free Ivy League educations and Amazon Prime for all. Those are amazing ideas, we all deserve that as a baseline and I'll just raise the taxes on the rich and corporations to 90% to pay for it.

  4. Sac Bee and YouTube trying to give the impression that Bernie isn't in bed in Vermont by trending a six week old video.

  5. When is this old socialist scumbag going to drop dead? Hopefully it happens soon and his loser base kill themselves over disappointment.

  6. F'k Totalitarianism, F'k Socialism, F'k Communism, F'k Democrats, and F'k Bernie Sanders. Republican Straight Ticket 2020!!!

  7. Jesus, didn't he just have a heart attack and stents placed? Believe me, I work in a cardiology office with 40 doctors. This guy shouldn't be up doing this campaign crap.

  8. If you are in this poor of health you have no right running the country. We dont need a good man to start then pass away 2 months latter

  9. Go ask any socialist country ever how free shit has worked for them.does bernie not know he is rulling class?

  10. Free shit for everyone! Yay! Who’s gonna pay for it? The middle class! Yay! We’re striving to be Venezuela! Yay!!!

  11. Well, it's too bad that socialist piece of fecal matter didn't suffer another heart attack in front of all those degenerate libtards…that would've been awesome…

  12. Bernie doesn't stand a chance , he cost Hillary her throne and he will soon get a Clinton Arkancide. It's all going to be free, cmon Bernie quit lying, you know the burden of paying for all this will fall on taxpayers.

  13. Bernie, you had your chance to run for president in 2016. However, you wimped out and let the DNC treat you like trash. Please retire to one of your three houses and eat porridge and pie. Your ticker can't stand the stress of hardball politics. You are too leftist crazy to be president.

  14. There's not even audio to this speech but yet the Bots have generated a bunch of thumbs up… Wake up America. Start thinking for yourself instead of what you're fed by the internet and YouTube…

  15. Woow, was he still on drugs after his medical "incident" to say nonsense again. He is a millionaire not paying his staff 15 buck an hour, soooooo, he he re-hired them as part-time so he would not have to. Really ? would you vote for this socialist embodiment of oppression fraud – do your research, it is free, takes approximately 30 minutes….

  16. The only thing working harder than that geriatric commie to turn this country socialist is those two stints in his cold black heart.

  17. This reminds me of my early days when I was a protesting agnostic anarchist at U.C. Berkeley where I learned to read and riot !!!

  18. Bernie Sanders, I want to Thank you for changing my mind.. I will now vote for President Donald Trump in 2020.. Because you are a crazy in the head.. You are nuts.. You are a rich privileged hypocrite, who lies about everything that comes out of your mouth.. Again I want to Thank you for making my mind up..

  19. Who and how are all the freebies going to be paid? Sounds great in theory but in practice… the United States wouldn’t be what it is today without capitalism. Without free enterprise we would be decades behind where we are now. Socialism is for suckers. It doesn’t work.

  20. As a former Dumbacrat, the left is not your friend people. Learn from people who lived their high fees, fines and taxes. They can not stop spending and you're their wallets.

  21. I just find it funny that a bunch of worthless working class Toys R Us cashier workers think they are gong to beat the ruling class, the elite, the upper middle class and every other successful person in the country that isn’t as miserable as they are.🤣🤣🤣🤣

  22. It is a great economy now. Guess what your going to really talk shite when the world falls into a downturn. I think Jane Sanders is a person who would take all your money. Just like she did when Jane received a 200k golden parachute. Jane Sanders bankrupted Burlington College only 185 students. Poor students and Jane Sanders took 1100 dollars from each Parent?Student and never had a guilty thought. She slept good next to Bernie. They had discussions about her bail out pay. Her role in bankrupting Burlington College. They love the easy pay off book deals and hurting communities in Burlington. Jane Sanders enriched her daughter…….. and they gave their son a cush job for 200k. Look up trolls , Carina, at the Vermont Woodworking School, and David Driscoll at The Executive Director of the Sanders Institute. These people are Hillbilly Scam artist at their best. Also look up Bove's restaurant donation to Burlington College. Jane cheated an 84 year old woman out of money.

  23. Nice upload chumps. All distorted and lame af. I hope you go down. I can't wait until Bernie sets a fire under your ass. Any Berner on here follow sacbee on fb and show them what time it is. Sick of the sh!t sacbee. Sacramento's lead propaganda paper. I enjoy the fact this video has 10k views. I'm going to go look up other recent video's on your channel. Puke

  24. This is it America; either Bernie in 2020 or prepare for 4 more years of economic decline for the majority, a continual attack on democracy, more violence and divisiveness, continued decline of education, greater unemployment, more fake news and propaganda. Only Bernie can end the nightmare.

  25. I love Bernie, but he should really consider dropping out of the race and then immediately endorse Andrew Yang.

  26. Bernie the only 1 I'm voting for at this point. Everyone else is half measures and full of shit, yes that includes Warren and her bs talk on money influencing. Screw her and everyone else.

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