Sedalia Green Ribbon Celebration

(walking) Today is our yearly celebration for sustainability. Woo! Our theme this year is a small change makes a big difference. All right. Challenge is on. It’s just a daily way of life for us. Definitely part of the culture, yep. (kids walking) Three years ago our school was recognized by the U.S. Department of Education for the Green Ribbon award We have just been honoring it by doing these community cleanups every year. Come on guys. This is our third year. (Laughing) You can’t find this kind of a learning opportunity in a textbook. It’s hard to replicate this any other way than just getting out and doing the work. (trash bag crumpling) It’s a Reeces peanut butter cup. Burger King something. Stuff that animals can get into. It’s not helping the environment, and that’s why we came out here to pick it up. Helping cleanup you know. Teaching some personal responsibility for where you live and work. Liam, look at … Even the kids were saying “there is not as much trash as we found last year.” Ha, ha, ha. No, no, no, no. The good news might be that the town of Sedalia and the folks here are kind of keeping that picked up on a more regular basis. So that’s a good thing. Maybe we’re making a little bit of an impact somewhere.

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