Secretary DeVos & Ivanka Trump: The Importance of Girls in STEM

Hi. Good morning. Nice to meet you. It was so much fun. A bunch of curious young ladies who were here
from Boys and Girls Club and YMCA. We read a fun story about Rosie Revere the
Engineer and helped them think about possibility and trying things and persevering through
things that do not work so well. And some cheddar cheese spray, which everyone
knows keeps pythons away. Look at that. All of the activities here at the museum are
amazing. The Smithsonian National Museum of American
History is a really good spot for young people to come. We all know that so many girls get subtle
or not so subtle messages early on in their school years that they might not be so good
at math or not so good at science. When you think about the future of the workforce
it is increasingly moving in the direction of STEM related occupations. It is really important when we think about
the future to ensure that girls are loving STEM, learning it early, engaging with it. We need to make sure that we are encouraging
there curiosity in that area. There are so many opportunities for them in
the future if they pursue that avenue or those fields of study. The earlier we can engage girls in fields
like math technology science and engineering the more we can create inclusion for them.

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