Secretary Betsy DeVos – Dick Conner Correctional Center Second Chance Pell Graduation

We all need second chances. You have
benefited from what in government speak we call Second Chance Pell. This
ceremony – this celebration – is about all of you and all that you have accomplished.
It’s also a moment to acknowledge what you’ve overcome. You are all examples of
what happens when students can use aid in expanded ways. You are why we propose
that the Second Chance Pell experiment – or pilot – become a permanent program. You
know, pell grants have historically been only for students attending traditional
four-year colleges or universities. But, this administration recognizes that
every student is anything but traditional. No matter what you decide to
do with the talents you’ve developed here, I hope you all remember there is no
ordinary task – no ordinary job. None of you are ordinary. And, there’s nothing out
of the ordinary about a second chance.

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