26 thoughts on “Secret Knowledge Hidden Underneath the Great Sphinx”

  1. Progress on any scientific subject matter will remain at it's current pace as long as political competition for grants exist. Yes? No? A very tangled web.

  2. After skool, normally you upload super good videos. But this, I am really disappointed by this upload. You uploaded a video made by scam artist talking about the egypt government hiding alian portals to another dimension.

    What the fuck.

  3. It's so sad, because the content is intriguing but Gaia is not the best company, they are known for not paying their employees, not taking care of their whistleblowers, and generally not acting in an respectable way.

  4. Hola, pueden poner subtitulos en español por favor, es de mis canales favoritos por la información, son un gran canal

  5. Bro this is my humble request.
    As we all know Tamil is one of the oldest languages. So any history(civilization)even that is before 18000 years can be decoded with this language.
    Visit Tamil chinthanaiyalar peravai for more information.
    Visit https://youtu.be/jDhZBFwewao to know about sage "Shiva" or most call his as God.

  6. We don't know everything about the Sphinx, but we have a spirit traveler that will tell us more.
    ….at this moment I totally lost it.

  7. Who knows, maybe the Ancient one return to Earth and comments : why do you keeps talking about my toilet area.??

  8. Why is After Skool promoting this anti-scientific bullshit? All these "experts" just seek popularity and money from their conspiracy theory books. All these narratives like "But what if the Sphinx was built much earlier than we think? Could it mean that our civilization is just one of the many that existed on Earth? Could it be a message from interstellar travellers?" and so on are just pure, pure bullshit.

    Can it be that the channel creator sold his ass for extra $$ from Gaia? Could it be that the secret world government promotes such videos in order to make people dumber and more controllable?


  9. We are demons today . If khazarians and this liars english men rule we will live in this demonic world for ever the English never shape the world but let it repeat and they never developed they choose all the extreme narcissist and they left with nothing they learning of us they betray the father and learning of he's children's

  10. Why are some historians triggered by this lol? Nothing is 100% truth. You knew something because someone told you or you read something by another person who came with their own conclusion. We might be believing in a lie for so many years and it's great to think and make thoughts and ideas we are humans for god's sake. Changes are good. That's why we should look at things from different perspectives to get a better image of things and question everything we have been thought because if a lie is repeated it becomes truth. When I read in my textbook that pyramids were tombs of Pharaohs everything in that book became irrelevant.

  11. If anyone hasn’t gotten a 99 cent 2 week free trial yet on Gaia… you should… #mindblown 🤯🔥

  12. It is funny @After Skool how you deleted your original (first) comment after receiving some serious arguments. Why? Are you afraid of scaring off your esoteric homies or something?

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