Seattle skateboarder's crash teaching lessons about helmet safety

Joyce and mark we're here today live at Olympia skate court where helmets are quote strongly recommended for bikers or skateboard riders and that's the same recommendation you'll find up at Green Lake where Aiden shellings that 19 year old crashed and nearly died back in April he was not wearing a helmet luckily he is making some progress at the hospital as we told you about last night we're going to share some photos from the family that may be disturbing to some folks but the family wants people to see those to help change the culture around helmets and skateboards and it appears to be working here we go where's your elbow patch every day of summer breaking your mark get set go you'll find Marshall Reed surrounding little skaters at Seattle's all together skate let's see it buddy yeah there we go these campers are fearless but under the rules they have to wear helmets people under this illusion that once you get good you just take the helmet off that's exactly what 19 year old Aidan Schelling's did in April when he fractured his skull at the Green Lake skate park that's the skateboarding culture unlike skiers and snowboarders the vast majority the dolt skaters do not protect their heads especially the nice the crash nearly cost Aidan everything doctors in Seattle told the family he might not walk talk or even get out of bed again oh man three months later he's up and around with some help and therapists at a specialty hospital in Colorado have found his speech is improving through singing the family knows Aiden will never be the same because he chose to not wear a helmet and what they're not realizing and I don't think Aiden realized or anyone who is in this situation realizes is what an impact it has on the family and what an impact it has on the rest of their lives and his story is having an impact back home ten year old Bowden Johnson probably 2011 has friends who don't wear helmets people who don't skate with helmets they think that they're cool I mean it's not really cool if you're getting hurt Bohdan doesn't know Aiden but he heard about the crash my mom told me and she was like come watch this and I was like oh Jesus like that really sucks he says he'll never leave his helmet behind even when he gets older and his buddies giving my hard time I'd rather be coldest here a new captain not be able to walk and talk for at least a month max come here give me a favor you got to go put some elbow pads on four skate park manager Marshall Reed see it's all day job get him get him to keep their badge on safety is a priority for his young skaters we keep the people patted up until they're old enough to make that decision on their own that means everyone under 18 has to wear a helmet we had to ask know why not the adults probably go out of business so that's an example of the culture especially when it comes to adults they just don't want to wear the helmets but here we've got a young man who is wearing a helmet so obviously we're not saying that everybody is ignoring what some people are calling these strong recommendations but obviously there are some peat bogs who-who do coming up tomorrow night we are going to hear from one of the rare examples of a professional skateboarder who does wear a helmet he is 23 years old he says he gets a lot of gruff for wearing a helmet he says he likely would even make more money if you agree to skate without live in Olympia drew Mickelson

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