Seashell Ombré Glitter Nail

hi I'm Suzy from nail care education I want to show you this beautiful shell design it's surprisingly very easy to create let's have some fun so I prepped my nails and I've saved one so we can do this together I was at the curious guy booth so I'm gonna grab one of those beautiful colors I'm sort of doing a sea motif mermaid comes to mind with some of the colors that I'm using I will say the Kira Skye gel polish goes on very very smoothly it's quite nice this is not a sponsored video by the way I'm just showing you some things I learned at the International Beauty Show I've got the milk bath nail under there but this should cover it pretty good you know when I'm doing chuckles I'd rather do two or three very thin coats than one or two thicker coats gel polish much refers a thin coat to dry better to cure apartment under the lamp so here's a funky light look at this thing again not sponsored at all I just grabbed some things that I have been given and I wanted to just use them so starts at 30 seconds well that's the interesting looking I see or something something I saw it hockey puck no well no something I saw a 51 oh my goodness it's a pretty cute I'm gonna give this a 30 second nuke and I'm done mother that turns off automatically okay so I'm just gonna give it another coat I put it the other ones ahead of time just to save us some time I like to get to the design but I still want to show you what I put on I just sort of saved one finger well that's pretty good but covered actually quite nicely and it's not a super thick cover now I'm gonna do a light coat on all of them because I need them sticky for the next step okay so I'm just gonna give a light coat on everybody and we don't doing this as I need this tacky a fresh coat I need a nice fresh coat on this for the next step now you can do this but I'm going to show you with nail polish actually so if you've got some nail polish you can do this design with that as well as this gel finish now the cure sky in particular it means 1/32 maybe this color just makes me think of mermaid when I see it here I'm gonna show to you that just screams mermaid to me doesn't it okay here we go okay so what I'm going to do is a bit of an ombre on all of them except my accent finger I'm gonna do a little bit different shape so let me just spread the other figures out so I don't get anything on there and I'm going to just take this makeup brush actually it's just an eye shadow brush what kind of it's called the eye crease so it's just a fluffy I'm gonna make up artist but I did have some nice brushes and then I'm literally just going to dab on the glitter now for these ones that pinky I'm gonna actually dip in the other ones and dip it just to get it solid chip and then I'm just gonna ombre the glitter on with the next one and then I'm gonna ombre you can drop it – you can go like that pick it up and drop it but you can do this with nail polish to just get yourself and glitter and you just just gently gonna dip this and you don't have to dip it I'm just doing it to get a stronger intense color in the tip and then I'm just softly oh that's so pretty dabbing it seems to work so I'm just gonna check it this way and make sure that it's nice graduated that makes I just hate a line across there so I'm just adding a little more glitters I just really emptied my brush ina and then just kind of waiting a little bit and just dusted it softly that's so pretty okay so that is already cured with the glitter that stuck to that so if I want to secure this design I need to topcoat it and that's what I'm gonna do now just going to top coat each and every one that'll really bring out the glitter it'll hold the glitter right in there and then I'm gonna nuke it okay then I'm gonna do the easy ever so easy shell design you could do a unicorn design with this as well but we're just gonna do particularly the shell shape it's really just the shape really okay so now you can use your top coat gel would you want a thicker gel so make sure it's just a thicker one I've got a top coat here in a potted popped and I am just getting a very skinny the brush CL skinny that brushes see how I got it in sort of a teardrop shape I'm going to take that in the bigger part because it's a bigger to your drop and I'm going to make sure that the teardrop is the bigger part and then you pull it to make it small okay and this is why you don't want a runny top coat so I'm taking a big and then pulling it little okay Baker pulling it little that really gives the shell look a shell shape that's bigger one end a bit better now try this without the sparkling it's also very very cute what about with a sparkle because every moment I've seen as glitter I'm almost done see how quick that is and then just bring it right here and give one more near the cuticle just make sure you bring that long tail and that's it that's how easy that is we just have to cure it there's no topcoat because you used a topcoat if you did a topcoat that has a sticky dispersion later you do have to wipe that but if it's in no wipe topcoat you're good to go when this is done we can check out the pictures let's check well that turned out really cute and not too hard and it's very very quick which reminds me I do have some classes coming out September 15th it's a one day workshop in Vancouver I'm holding this event in the heart of downtown Vancouver in a beautiful hotel we are gonna have a really great time you can go to nail career comm and press events and find all the workshops that I'm offering all the information that you need is on my events page and actually we have a set up you can just click the ticket and buy it when you're ready have you got a few more minutes for a couple of questions let's answer some good ones I can't get over how cute this is I want to thank Terry from Kuras sky for inspiring this design he's showing me how to do it let's answer a few questions it's got a couple of good ones here from Chrissy she says hi Susie I love your videos she needs my opinion she's been going to the same place for years and the last few months I've noticed the same two nails have been breaking not sure why this is happening should I suggest switching to gel see if that works it's frustrating of course yes well two nails will break it's probably on your dominant hand and it's probably the busiest fingers which is most likely these two sometimes the thumb so if you're getting a constant break over and over and over and your tech is trying their best to compensate and make it a little thicker in certain spots that it might need to be and you're still breaking it it's just the overuse it's not really the product it's really on what you're doing I mean our nails are busy so they do break so yeah I wouldn't switch necessarily if you got a good tech and they're doing what they're they're doing good at it and I would stay just make it a little bit thicker great question let's check out the next one this is from nails how long does it take to be a nail tech that's a really good question everybody's so individual this is art this is actually takes quite a lot of time to learn how to do it you make a lot of mistakes before you get to the point where you're really good at it you could do that in a six month time frame where you're actually taking clients if that's what you want or it could take you a couple of years if you've got another job and you're taking your time to learn depending on what you're learning how you're learning how are you learning from so it really depends on your own individual learning pattern but you could fast-track it to about you know four to six months but that would be going at it every day that's a great question here's a comment from cherry Wow I'm embarrassed to say that I didn't know how to pull off the blue film for my two-year-old LED plate until now that's adorable cherry that's so cute so yes the blue film has to come up on your stamping plates on your gel the base of the gel it just protects the finish until you pull it off and when you pull it off for the LED lights it makes it more reflective right when you pull it off for your stamps you can actually pick up the design that's adorable we've all done that so that's how I know that that can happen thanks for joining me you guys and I will catch you in the next video

30 thoughts on “Seashell Ombré Glitter Nail”

  1. Has any one seen the "magic" gel polish remover that melts off the gel polish? I'm so curious as to how it works and if its actually safe to use.

  2. suzie i love your videos and u really help me learn new things about nails ive learned so much from you from your videos but i really want to suggest you an idea of doing red nails with a classic checkered design please❤️ thank you for everything you do! congrats on 2 mill!!

  3. I love love love your videos. I have a question – can you learn nail and extensions by videos like yours or you need practical class? Specially people like me who can't attend classes it is possible.

  4. I cant wait to learn how to do nail art in class but first I have to learn how to build gel nails soon acrylics <3

  5. Beautiful! I love this color and I want to just take a bath in that glitter!! 💎💎💎💎💎

  6. I Love that and it's so easy. I've been wanting to try this and I couldn't figure out what they used. Love!!!!!

  7. These nails are absolutely beautiful 💙. Do you think you can do a review of holo taco nail polish? 😊

  8. I know you got your hand rest as a gift from a past video. I have looked for something similar for nearly 6 months and I only find soft ones made with material. Could anybody please share where to find something like this? I simply can not see it in another video and spend another hour searching. Thanks so much for the help in advance. Suzie I just love your videos. You are so incredibly creative and talented. 🙂

  9. hello I have a question should you always have a primer with acrylic or can you also do it with a base coat? or something else?

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