Search for Psychology Articles for GENED 130

hi. this quick video is for students and Gen ed 130 who are looking for Psychology articles for their group project. You should start at the library homepage which is and you should then go to the article / databases tab. From there the database you should use is psych articles so click on the P and scroll down to cite articles this database just contains articles published by the American Psychological Association so it is already doing the work for you for finding articles from psychology perspective once you are in this database um then you can click on advanced search if you’re not already at the advanced search and then you should go and put in your search terms in the search boxes i’m going to use the example of health disparities but i’m going to put it in like this going to do health in one line and despairit* in another line now the reason why I did the dispairit* is because i want to do disparities or disparity singular you can use the asterisk for truncation for ending that you would like if you have a word like child children you can do CHILD asterisk I want to check off peer-reviewed that’s very important and then i’m going to click search the search results here i can scroll down through and look at some of the article titles here’s one addressing disparities and mental health agency strategies to implement the National clas standards and mental health that one looks like it could be useful for my topic health psychology and public policy that could also be useful help equity promotion model great so if i want to look at one of these articles i click the article title wait for a second While it loads and then i can read the abstract here to see if I actually want to use the article if i do i can click on download PDF and then here is the total article so again if you are doing psychology perspectives in your gen ed 130 class go to the library homepage click on article / databases in the P’s and choose the database psych articles thank you

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