SCSD Trauma Sensitive Schools

Schenectady is working to become a more
trauma sensitive school. May you be happy. May you be happy. We are striving to become a place of
safety, support and resilience for students, families and staff. Thankful and
grateful that it exists because if it did exist, I really wouldn’t be here right now, being so happy. A place for anyone who’s been repeatedly exposed to traumatic events. Welcome to the Place of Peace room. This is our favorite room at Washington Irving. At Schenectady High School we have a mantra called Circle Up! It just gives me a
place to clear my head. It is more than an initiative. It’s a paradigm shift in
how we approach our work. Rhythm is really good to be able to relax the body.
So, we were looking for things that we could use that would help communicate to
the brain and also help communicate to the body. We see true engagement. In the
circle everyone is is created equal. We try to create opportunities for students
to be able to speak their truth. District-wide we are reconditioning our
mindset to focus on what’s happened to a person rather than what is wrong with
them. So the idea is for them to write and tell part of their own story. To be
able to write music which is connected to emotions it’s a much safer way to emote. Sometimes calms me down and sometimes it pumps me up. I concentrate a lot. This is my destiny. OH!! You got it timed. Trauma sensitive strategies are
being implemented across the district to help students reconnect with academic
learning and develop positive relationships with adults and peers. And we build relationships and connections which you know really help facilitate change. Our projects that we do are based more around experiences, emotions,
feelings and how to express those. It helps them and helps me as well kind of really
understand each other. A greater emphasis on restorative practices and repairing
harm is replacing punitive recourse we We also call it a mindful break or a brain
break. They have the power within themselves to stop take a brain break,
take a little mindful moment and I tell them you owe it to yourself to do this. Students are developing coping skills to address daily stress and staff are
learning to empathize with students leading to improved connections
relationships and a sense of security. TSS is ultimately leading to better
academic and social outcomes. Schenectady….a Trauma-Sensitive school district.

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