SCSD Meet a Teacher – Rick DeCarr

There are many different jobs that you
might have as a coder. My name is Rick DeCarr. I teach sixth grade English
Language Arts and social studies. I like that teaching is different every day.
I like coming in to see the kids. The kids really want to learn every day
and that’s exciting for me. When I know I’m coming here,
I know I have to be like ready. I think that I’m pretty laid back. But I also think that
I want students to know, you know, and I want to know, where we
stand with each other. And I think that that mutual understanding, that mutual respect,
is what allows people to become the best version of themselves. He’s just like one of the most important teachers that I have ever had. He’s just like a great role model. (cheering) Today we were actually working on
how to create a game. We were working on codes.
I love it because it engages them in a way that maybe other things can’t. It gives
them an experience that they wouldn’t have otherwise had. I think it was kind of
eye-opening for kids see that this is how a video game is made or this is how they
program the different animatronics in movies. You know, I’ve already had kids say
that that’s what they want to do. You know, all of a sudden it was ‘I want
to be a veterinarian, but I also want to be a coder.’ I’m a big Red Sox fan. I love to play
basketball. I like to run. I’ve run the Boston Marathon three times. I’ve run, you know,
five other marathons, so I’m busy outside. I’m busy outside of school,
but I love being here. And I love trying to share the things
that I experienced outside, and things I learned outside of school, with these guys.
And I want to hear from their experiences too.

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