don't even thought about that just a just a breakfast he's got his jam sandwiches in his lunch box right you've seen the swing guy plays off scratch he's around 20 years old he obviously can play he complains of a push cut what should we give him to make him control that push cut some wrist angles he's quite he pulls hard on the grip end and Lee on the way down cake which then and adds a bit of cut which deepens the shot yeah what you were saying people call over-the-top yeah over-the-top of what so I would be playing around with wrist angles to see if that helps but and so what would you do to his wrist angles I start with that one I like that I would be varying more Kate will sort the face out and stop it from being open which might stop the leak to the right show me again sorry you'd be so he goes this way yeah it would be trying to feel this pull so that one changed the face face and also lost a little bit depending on if he keeps it in there or not so for me what's interesting with this swing certainly around conversations yesterday I was having on Twitter which of fun he goes back what people would call on playing this mythical plane that everyone wants to get it dicted to and then he comes down steeper than that plane has been affecting its hop he complains of push cuts so you've got two options you change the direction of the path and keep the face where it is and then he hits control cuts or you've got to keep the path where it is which is obviously inside to out if he's hit in push cuts over the top hitting into out see where I'm going with this so you need to then change the face to get it starting to the right push rather than a cut the face change get close to the path will get him draw him that you've got two options with I think a scratch handicapper I personally wouldn't get too worried about the standing up because he's obviously perfecting it he's off scratch like he's a playa why brutalised something when he's good so you've done face I like wrist angles what would you do down so I've talking about anything wasn't face if we were going to change Pat one just one thing I want to add to that though it's just be careful when he's looking at himself at the top because he may see himself with a flat roofs position at the top but then as he starts to pull he then starts to cut it yes on the shaft but it's just making sure when he looks at it in the future that he does see that that's still quite flat at the top yeah so it's a downswing for all then it's on the way back those views and yeah yeah but again a common one with a lot of young players certainly growing up and I was certainly one of those it's this feeling of almost ton of doing that getting into this position with the hips he's a thruster bit of a thruster I would like to see it a little bit more clearance in those hips get everything more so we're going left out of the way in his feeling it will be feeling like it's going this way no getting my landing there in half that's gonna move that part we're gonna start pulling it more around to the left perhaps saluting it more out to it as he comes through it so you're gonna change path work with the push cuts yeah Matt might start with wrists but I know you would do that probably as well if they're you know it's both of those options you've got two options so really again many players but certainly a good place like this it's about working with them isn't it if he says oh I do this I've tried this with my wrists but I get a bit sling e so hooky then I understand why that might scare someone which you probably agree with that yeah but then if he hasn't it would be a fun one the try and then you might also fight say that I've tried this it doesn't work for me I get X whatever shot nine times out of ten would be a better player the idea of a bit more rotation on the way down apart from that aggressive thrust because the aggressive thrust it's good for distance and power and all those things which helps you play off scratch I would just guess and you said this when you saw the video good Daisy's good yeah I imagine bad Daisy's like could be a bit anywhere which is where I think the rotation option would be where we would all kind end up in the house all right I'm not sure what I'm having for lunch Ivor maybe I'll steal your jam sandwiches death


  1. Would love to see my crazy looking swing on one of these. I play off scratch too if that help your thumbnail

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  12. For this golfer, if you bow his wrist more, wouldn't that shut the face more? Hes face is already pretty closed at the top. Bowing the wrist would just close it more correct?

  13. I definitely fall into this thruster category. What are some swing thoughts or drills that I can incorporate to clear the hips better? I've been trying to fix it recently but I find myself thinning a lot of shots now. Is this expected? Once again, great video.

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