46 thoughts on “Scott Hanselman’s best demo! IoT, Azure, Machine Learning & more”

  1. Can any one tell me what JavaScript library did Scott use to access Excel. Post the link of the JavaScript library too…

  2. Wow now that's interesting .. nightscout is a great have configured it to use the miaomiao freestyle libre, for my godson yes now it allerts on the phone you have given me ideas for the the mobile .. as the data is on the cloud. amazing how i was directed to your interesting video when viewing a xenapp presentation

  3. Solution using Technologies Microsoft Visual Studio, Cloud Platforms, for capture the Discover in Application the anúncios and music on evolution the business, Machine and Office 365 business, in vídeo.

  4. Once you learn how to use one Lego piece, then you can plug them to other staff!!!
    This statement was amazing

  5. This man really knows how to make an awesome presentation , these 14 mins were really interesting , every single minute!

  6. As today 2018, MS IOT still last runner, nice presentation but not worktable platform, just stick with $$$ enterprise, waste ppl resource

  7. 8:00 when a method returns Task<T> and there's an only and last invocation of an async method, one can omit making the method async and instead of writing 'return await Smth()' write 'return Smth()', because it's already of type Task<T>

  8. Scott my man! I am also Type 1 diabetic and a software engineer. Super nice talk, got me excited as well. Maybe some day I will also have a cgm and start making awesome cloud solutions!

  9. REally liked the lines "Teach the kids how to be a developer" these days its hard to find good Developers .. . https://youtu.be/u5oTz1e5qqE?t=798

  10. I like the flow in which presenter is talking . the way that he begins .way that it ends .. sense of humor etc .

  11. As usual, Scott is informative and entertaining at the same time. This talk was a bit special, because, now I know Scott more personally. Kudos to Scott for de-sensitizing diabetes.

  12. you can cure diabetes by working out and eating good…I'm skeptical if this was staged or not… either way , respect your hustle

  13. IoT is great. Good presentation but
    Can I do the same thing without Azure(cloud) what if I have a sensitive data and I need to keep my job in private mode????!!!!

  14. By the end of this video I was saying to myself no don't be the end, there gotta be a 10 20 more mins and then the video ended. Wow, mind frekin' blow.

  15. Great video, great presenter, was extremely helpful to see the tech applied to monitoring sugar levels, thanks!

  16. 35 years being a developper! I am really excited with the opportunities at my fingertips! It's incredible what you can build just in your mind! All is to connect objects, pieces of software and API's. Software as a Service do the rest! I can use machine learning, visual and text recognition, complicated statistic calculus… just calling api's!

  17. Great Video. BTW, I'm seeking .NET/Azure App Developers across the US, preferably Denver, Houston, Dallas areas. Feel free to connect with me here https://goo.gl/ktwCpV

  18. This is why Apple overkill Microsoft. Microsoft alway bring the geeky stuff to present customer why apple in the other do it all for them. So they could see the result more effeciency

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