SCOE KNOWS – Employee Spotlight Video for Iris Avelar

Hi, my name is Iris and I’m the
Operations Coordinator for Child Family Services (music playing in the background) I administer and monitor the
cleanliness, safety, and maintenance of Head Start sites as well as manage the
Celeste office and fleet transportation department. And part of this means
coordinating in orchestrating custodial, landscaping contracts, monitoring and
evaluating and conducting playground inspections, prepare a variety of
projects including, parent handbooks, school site calendars…you name it. We’ll
help you out! some of the sites that I help support
are in various locations and not just in Modesto. We have Oakdale, Riverbank,
Patterson, and also various programs: Migrant Head Start, Regional Head Start,
Early Head Start, and home-based. My favorite part of the job is being
on-site and being at the school sites and actually going into the classrooms
and watching the interaction with the educators and children. There’s a sense
of magic that’s made and at that point it’s merely passion that really
generates from that and helps really revitalizes me and makes me feel really
excited about my job and so I think that’s that’s my reminder and it reminds
me of why I do what I do every day and I can see the impact that it makes and
that makes all the difference. So my favorite part about working for SCOE is
knowing that the sky is really your limit; you can really be who you want to
be and get where you want to go while putting in the hard work to get there
and so a little over eight years ago I started with SCOE in a part-time position
at only four hours a day. And so it really goes to show that if you put in
the hard work and you’re dedicated there’s a lot of support here at SCOE to get you where you want to go and to fill your dreams and so I’m very
grateful and thankful for that opportunity and I feel very blessed to
be part of this organization. Some things I enjoy outside of work are being in the
outdoors and really just grounding myself with Mother Nature. It really helps
me feel a sense of sense of Zen, so anything from being on the water, kayaking,
canoeing, snowboarding, hiking, surfing; you name it, I’m there! So my name is Iris and
now SCOE KNOWS! (music playing in the background)

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