Scientific Literacy Video

scientific literacy it's time to upgrade science education what is scientific literacy scientific illiteracy is more than just knowledge of science concepts and scientific literacy is being able to apply those scientific concepts to a problem using higher-order thinking teaching students scientific literacy involves teaching students how to apply their science knowledge to society it involves having students look at how they can impact humanity or the better good morning class please open your books to Chapter three our test is on Friday so pay attention to the lecture not again I failed last week's test I don't understand what the point of learning that stuff is science is important you can't go to college unless you learn science this is what a science classroom that focuses on teaching students scientific literacy would look like good morning class today we are going to be taking a field trip to Crystal Beach following this field trip we are going to begin a very exciting project cool what kind of project is it each group is going to come up with a solution to the pollution levels at Crystal Beach your solutions will be presented at the City Council meeting next month Wow how will we know what kind of solution to propose you will be conducting research using your textbooks the internet or newspapers you can interview a local environmentalist or do on-site experiments this sounds like a really cool project I can't wait to present it to the City Council and now we glimpse the future for the students who never learned scientific literacy hey Mary can you believe applause today I've got to get out of this miserable job I know Joe I thought that getting an education would help me find a better job but I'm still stuck at this miserable place sometimes I wonder why I was an astronaut or a doctor or a zoologist but I always thought science was so boring I didn't think I could do anything cool with it same here I hated science sitting through hours of lectures and reading text book after textbook but did you hear they just sent a space shuttle to explore another solar system too bad I was never taught science could be cool and important and now we glimpse the future for the students who did learn scientific literacy Wow can you believe we are the first humans to set foot on a planet outside our solar system I know this is so exciting I can't believe Humanity has come so far since we were kids in school I guess none of this would have been possible if we didn't have great science teachers that taught us scientific literacy you

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