Schools in Florida required to teach mental health instruction to students

I think they should start them in preschool as they could Travis McNulty is a licensed mental health counselor who also works with students as a behavioral specialist at a charter high school in st. Pete a heat along with every other mental health professional I talked to says Florida is doing the right thing by bringing mental health instruction into the classroom it's absolutely imperative and I think like the number one thing that we're seeing is that kids are feeling anxiety depression they don't know what it is where it's coming from and then they react and we're seeing the reactions and a lot of the fighting bullying especially but it can go all the way up to the school shootings so I think it's really really important that this stuff is out there according to statistics from the Florida Department of Health more than a quarter of Florida high school students reported feeling sad or hopeless for more than two weeks in a row in 2017 14 percent seriously considered attempting suicide and eight percent attempted suicide the National Alliance on Mental Illness says half of people living with mental illness experience onset by the time they're 14 years old and that one in five youth live with a mental health condition but less than half of them receive the mental health services they need yes this is a big problem but we can start drilling down on some very specifics that are gonna make big differences Florida's first lady kaci De Santis played a key role in implementing the new policy and points to specifics like substance abuse education as a critical component of what has been missing in the classroom we are absolutely gonna be leading the charge when it comes to getting people meaningful help as it pertains to mental health and substance abuse so Phil what do we actually know about what's gonna be in this curriculum not much at this point Katie I mean I reached out to all of our local school districts here in the Tampa Bay area today not one of them said that they would be comfortable going on camera and giving an interview about this because they don't have any of those answers I mean we they still need to figure out what's going to go in that curriculum they even need to figure out what classes that curriculum is going to be taught ana means the health last PE class or what-have-you so they have a lot that they still need to figure it out they still even know when it needs to be in place by that said there was not one person I talked to today and I reached out to a number of different mental health professionals you know school counselors representatives everybody seems to think that this is a good idea that it's a worthwhile effort now we just need to make sure it's successful yeah and those numbers that you gave so sobering just incredible yeah Phil thank you

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