School with no walls: Teaching in open learning environments in Denmark (Learning World: S5E41, 3/3)

design and architecture are in many ways a unique part of Danish cultural heritage alone from the outside it may look like an ordinary modern upper high school inside it's a different story first our gymnasium opened in 2007 has no walls no classrooms and spaces that are only loosely defined by permeable borders what makes us tectum meum unique is our building with the open learning environments and our use of ICT in teaching you have to organize teaching where the students are active and one way of forcing teachers to do that is by having a building where you can't have traditional teaching all the time you have to do something different in this building at least a third of the lessons take place in the open spaces these students are on the so called group areas there are psychology teacher has them working on different types of stress then threw a ball throwing game they share what they've learned I have to make my teaching much more differentiate differentiated and activated and I have to structure it before I go into the class you see there will always be people going passing by there'll be no noise some somewhere so you have to be sure that they are doing what you want them to do the staircase is the focal point of the building and the symbol of the school here students can chat meet their friends and get some exercise with the frequent up and down trips three circular areas are dedicated to breaks and free time in between lessons while those students also use them as work areas I chose it because first of all the study line psychology I'm I think that's really interesting but when I came to visit the school I also think that architecture and the way the school is builds very interesting and and you know the open groups and how we work is yeah very interesting the students use only electronic teaching materials and while are working in groups the teacher monitors each pupils progress from the computer sometimes they they go over the edge and some make a bit too much noise but that's why we do a lot of it over the internet and communicate over the internet so we don't have to to talk too much and talk over distances and so we keep the noise at a minimum and it's usually not a problem

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  1. Hi
    I am refugee from Syria, and I am learning Danish in sprogskole
    Dansk uddannelse 3 modul 2
    What i can do to complete my education in this high school? ?
    I am only 19 years old.
    Please answer me soon (:

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