School of Social Service Administration Excellence in Field Education

you watching the growth of the students that evolution is definitely one of the most exciting elements of being a field consultant my field consultant is Gloria Cockrell and she facilitates our seminars and what we learn in seminar is basically how to process the experiences that were having in field as a group I think one of the really important things that we do is to get her perspective as a seasoned clinician about what we're going through in fields and how we can reach out to resources around us at SSA at our field placement and with her the seminar is a space really for the student to integrate the learning that they've done in the classroom as well as the learning they're doing in their field placement towards the end of my time there when I finally reflected on my experiences in the field I realized that because of field seminar and because of the synthesizing of material that we've done in the seminar from the seminar and the classroom back to the field we had really developed a firm grounding in our lessons we are working towards the building and the development of the competencies competencies that are inherent in social work practice we begin by taking a look at their organization itself where they're placed and comparing it with that of their colleagues examining those kinds of things in a safe space to discuss that with one another I see my role as a facilitator of that conversation of me making it a meaningful place where they could utilize each other and what I actually found the most helpful from build seminars was that you learn about all the organizations where everyone else is working so it's an immediate network that you can connect connect into in Chicago being in a seminar with my classmates and being able to hear their perspectives on what they're learning and what they're experiencing and also the challenges that they're overcoming I just find that really a very rich experience not only am i teaching the seminar piece but then serving as liaison and partnering with the field instructor building that bridge between the school and the placement so that they know that they're also supported so that they know if they have compliments or concerns to offer constructive feedback about the student that they have someone that they can go to and talk to openly about that I think that that's been consistent in every relationship I've had with field instructors is definitely that partnership I believe it's important to be a field instructor because you're giving back to the field of social work you're giving back to the students it helps me to continue to teach them and what I know about social work and being in the Social Work field the lives of the clients that we serve can get really complicated and murky and to learn how to work with them and to serve them best is something that you can't really do and just in the classroom so in a lot of ways I think you know the experience I get being in the field is is very singular your gift to the excellence of field education campaign will support and enhance our uniquely rigorous and integrated field and classroom learning model so that we can continue to raise the bar and preparing the best trained social workers anywhere to tackle the most difficult and human problems that we face thank you for your support you

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