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I did us to a pretty cool place Hey girls, so do you like the place cause it looks so cool and I think it’s gonna be so much fun Everyone’s here. Let’s go. Have fun Well, then girls will let you have fun here with all the kids in your class and we’ll be in the parents room All right. All right. We’ll come to you if you need anything. All right Welcome to the lol styling section Wow Which one are you gonna choose on ya I don’t notice I Think I like that rainbow rock color go up there Whoo, I think I’m gonna dress that one with the blue dress and blonde hair He looks just like me we both have to rise and we both have blonde hair So I Mia’s has hair already maybe I should put hair on mine too. Come on Tiana, let’s go pick out our hair Which one are you gonna get? Hmm? maybe It’s one night Oh, no this way it doesn’t fit well, I guess we’ll just have to find a different dog So poofy Well, I guess it kind of fits now it looks like yes popcorn hair, alright, let’s choose outfits for the dogs Yes, and we can trade with daughter does Which outfit This one right here looks pretty fancy. I like the red in the black Now I just want to add some accessories It’s perfect with her outfit. Oh, wow, not just so perfect Yeah, right person everything is perfect Yeah, everything is perfect Anya and look the water bottle can either stay inside Cool, right, actually the backpack fix meets High dose do you of do like my lol? She looks just like me Brown hair accept her as a sparkle who we like you fell Choose a foot here Elsie Anya, I was here. Why did you come here? I was playing music all by myself but that Doesn’t mean you you can have it all to yourself thing. I wanted to place with him. You just came and didn’t ask That’s rude else. Yeah This play place is for everyone Tiana invited us all okay, but I was here and I want to play on it only just me you can go to the to the piano to the Ninth, it’s not fair. If if you do that, we will stay here. Right Anya. Oh, we will stay here, whatever whatever Go to the piano weird Bull rings, I can’t hear my piano because of you Let me touch shrink us, but actually we Well, I’m still gonna continue playing at the drums with Daniel This So scary scary scary and if you walk all the way here To make it more spooky we can press this mode button. All right. Try this mode Here we go again Vaughn is afraid of a piano But d-did you hear that sound listen Okay, okay, okay, I won’t scare you anymore your house look how I see Girls listen to this It’s so funny listen this sounds like flies in the air So amazing know this song The Sun was twinkle teeth the lips I used to love that song when I was smaller now enough with that noise Make way for the piano mastered who can play on one foot Oh, don’t say oh you’ll be saying wow watch this How would you like it? Good job Benjamin You may not be a piano master, but you are pretty good. Thank you. Thank you Come on girls laying on the piano. How did you like it? Was it fun here? It was fun it was awesome Glad you liked it. And actually I think I want to start a Piano lesson you do. Yeah, and I want to take drum lesson. Yes, and once you get better at it, then you can play in a band with me me Huh buh buh buh, buh the last keys kind of scary you. What do you mean? It’s Carrie – Carrie Well because it makes this sound You won’t be fit she actually got scared Let’s just stop well say goodbye to Tiana and Benjamin it’s time to go bye-bye girls u.s. School So when do we start at P and P? I don’t know. We have to go see where a drum for more videos go to our channel and subscribe

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