School Board Meeting: October 15, 2019

[Music] October 15th 2019 on behalf of the members of the school board and our superintendent I welcome each of you president or watching a quorum is present to transact the business of the school division. one of our school board members Mr. Harris has an excused absence he is on travel with his job. we will begin tonight’s meeting with the invocation and pledge to the flag. here to do the honors are two students from Huntington middle school Miss Nyamorah Smith and Tavius Bly. Is that correct? okay first first Miss Nyamorah will come forward and deliver the invocation. she will be followed by Tavius, who will come after her and do the pledge, but you can accompany her where you are. so Miss Smith tell us a little bit about yourself before you get started my name is Nyamorah Smith I’m an eighth grader I like to draw and hang out with friends my favorite subject is math and one day I plan to be an entrepreneur. please join me in the invocation. we meet to serve our community to use our resources wisely and well to represent all members of our community fairly to make decisions that promote the common good we recognize our responsibilities to the past and the future and the rights and needs of both individuals and community as trusted servants we seek blessings on our deliberations and on our effects here today may we act wisely and well [Applause] some hobbies that I like to do I like to March with the Heritage High School Marching Band. I also like to game. one day I hope to be a biomedical scientist thank you again both of them have done a very good job can we give them a round of applause again supporting Nyamorah and Tavius tonight. are their family members and school family – could they stand and please be recognized? the board really appreciates the encouragement you have given these two students and we thank you for bringing them out to tonight’s meeting. so thanks again then to our future entrepreneur and our bio chemist scientist. okay all right that’s what I’m talking about. that’s to magnet schools we have here I’m looking forward to seeing both of you in the future. we’re going to move the agenda I think next we have our board recognitions. it was the superintendent good evening I have the pleasure of presenting this month’s recognitions Newport News public schools apprenticeship program is a structured professional development and state certification program that combines hands-on career training and practical classroom learning the program is designed to develop highly skilled employees during the two-year process apprentices gain a deeper understanding of their departments operations and how their work fits into the division strategic plan and supports our students the program is the visib one-of-a-kind program on in Virginia administered by a school division through the Virginia Department of Labor and industries apprenticeship office these customized courses enhance the apprentices skills and talents the school division has programs in for occupational areas child nutrition services custodial services transportation and clerical support tonight we’re recognizing our graduating classes in clerical support and transportation our graduates will receive a certificate of completion of apprenticeship from the State Council these dedicated employees successfully completed a rigorous sequence of program requirements to earn a Commonwealth of Virginia certificate of completion of apprenticeship we’ll begin by recognizing our newly designated clerical specialists please join us in congratulating Tony Barnes the administrative secretary at general Stanford elementary school who’s a clerical specialist [Applause] Katrice Banks secretary at Warwick high school clerical specialist with honors [Applause] [Music] Shameka Brown secretary at Denbigh high school clerical specialists Betsy Bolus secretary at Discovery STEM Academy clerical specialist Sarah Cole clerical specialist with honors a secretary at Charles elementary school Catherine Cook secretary at Gatewood PEEP clerical specialists with honors [Applause] Carolyn Curry Cioffi Secretary custodial services clerical specialist [Applause] Casey Francis administrative secretary gates Elementary clerical specialists with honors [Applause] Elizabeth Marshall administrative secretary at Epps elementary school clerical specialist with honors Tameka Martin secretary Woodside high school clerical specialists with honors Nima McCray office assistant at Woodside high school clerical specialist with honors we’d also like to acknowledge Nona Baycote Holmes the administrative secretary at Crittenden middle school she’s unable to join us this evening but she’s graduating with clerical specialist with honors as well. during the two-year program these clerical specialists completed 4,000 hours of coursework and orange a job training and customer service effective communications English math Spanish we say told me a little bit of a challenge workplace technology and leadership skills the clerical apprentices also sharpen their skills in crisis training public speaking office management and event planning again congratulations to all of our clerical specialists [Applause] the window [Applause] our next honorees are our transportation apprenticeship program graduates please join us in congratulating – America – excuse me Tamara Baker master bus assistant – graduating with honors [Applause] Terry Browning master bus assistant – with honors Tracey Burrell master bus assistant – with honors [Applause] Debra Cooper master bus assistant – with honors [Music] [Applause] I’m sorry these are master bus drivers, I apologize. I changed their title. Handsome Harris. Is that correct? with honors Dierdre Ivy graduating with honors. Donna Jackson a Master bus driver with honors. [Applause] Beverly Motley graduating with honors [Applause] Katina Overby graduating with honors [Applause] Carinthia Pfeiffer graduating with honors. our next transportation honoree graduating with honors Barbara Smith. [Applause] Master bus driver – Lakeisha Smith graduating with honors. also graduating with honors Lisa Smith and rounding out the team Karina Tyler Master bus driver with honors. our transportation apprentices also completed over 4,000 hours of coursework and on-the-job training in many of the same areas customer service effective communications workplace technology and leadership skills in addition they also hone their skills in bus routing dispatch training and key driver training thank you and again congratulations. [Applause] [Music] [Applause] thank you and again we wish all of our apprenticeship program graduates congratulations and I’d also like to acknowledge a Stephanie Hautz, our director of human resources and Nina Farrish, our employee relations and development supervisor who oversee the program thank you very much every day drivers in Newport News public schools transport several thousand of our students in three hundred yellow school buses these buses are driven by some of the school divisions most dedicated employees who provide safe and efficient transportation to over 20,000 students each day being a bus driver is a great responsibility and our next honoree has served students and the school division well for 41 years recently Patricia Magee was named the bus driver of the year. Ms McGee would you please come forward? [Applause] Ms McGee has shown great dedication to our special needs students and she’s watched many of them grow up she has developed long lasting relationships with families and students she’s described as dedicated and hardworking. she is passionate about her students and she’s a skilled driver the criterion for a bus driver of the year is stringent honorees must have outstanding attendance excellent annual evaluations and they must volunteer and maintain a great safety record and speaking of attendance Ms McGee has earned numerous numerous awards for outstanding attendance year after year in her 41 years of service I have to note that the leadership team says that she prefers to drive an older bus I’ll see all of you were nodding but as bus driver of the year, certainly, and with that many years of service, she can drive whatever she likes. we’d also like to acknowledge our rookie driver of the year and I think that person is unable to join us this evening.. ok and so our rookie driver of the year is Hulan Ivy and he joined the transportation team about five years ago so we’d like to congratulate Hulan Ivy as a rookie driver. now the role of our next honoree is essential to ensuring that our students arrive at school safely and securely. bus assistants are responsible for maintaining safety on the school bus by providing one-on-one attention to our special needs and younger students. the assistants are assigned to the most challenging routes: those that include young students, medically fragile students, and students with disabilities. this year Kweilyn Brown was named buss assistant of distinction did I say that properly? Ms Brown has distinguished herself over the past 16 years of dedicated service as a bus assistant. for most of this time she floated from bus to bus as a permanent sub. she’s always been the go-to person to ride on the bus with new drivers during their first days in order to assist them and make their first experiences positive ones, all while still being able to make sure her young charges arrived at school safely she recently found a route that she loved and has accepted that as a permanent assignment. the transportation leadership team noted that Ms Brown is professional and dependable and that she has successfully assisted thousands of students during her career. congratulations on being named bus assistant of distinction. our next honoree is a rookie assistant of the year. in each year the Transportation Department also recognizes a bus assistant with five or fewer years of service with the rookie assistant of the Year award the award he must have outstanding attendance and demonstrate extensive knowledge of the buses equipment and safety and emergency procedures the rookie assistant of the year is Claudia Sellars. Ms Sellers works well with her students she’s had great annual evaluations and she maintains all of her required training. she joined the transportation department and 2016 and even though her time the department has been short her pride for her job has not been short. she’s accepted all the challenges with grace and she’s recently begun teaching new bus assistants by giving them hands-on training. she has assisted some of our high needs students with care and dedication and she’s worked with numerous bus drivers and assistants throughout her career. her expertise and dedication are truly appreciated. congratulations Ms Sellers our next honoree was unable to join us and he is Steven Dill who was named the top wrench so Mr. Dill is part of a team who maintains over 300 school buses and 200 support vehicles and he’s been a part of the transportation team since 2001 his leadership team noted that he works diligently while helping co-workers and sharing his expertise so again congratulations to all of our transportation employees of the year [Applause] [Applause] again congratulations and we’d like to acknowledge the other members of the transportation team that have joined the honorees this evening as well as theirs and their families would you please stand and be recognized we thank you all for coming and supporting them training and development our top priorities for the Newport News School Board as part of its collective effort to maintain effective leadership the school board has participated in numerous development programs conferences and workshops through the Virginia School Boards Association and the National School Boards Association this evening our school board members are receiving their own awards for their dedication to advancing their expertise from the Virginia School Boards Association the vsba Academy provides training and effective leadership in governance to school board members and support personnel each year vsba recognizes board members for their dedication to improving their skills through conferences on such topics as leadership school laws strategic planning and legislative issues each of the persons being recognized this evening has certificate from the SBA at his or her seat these awards honor their participation in the academies programs for the past two years school board member Douglas Brown earned the award of distinction school board member Shelley Simons earned the award of honor Chairman Gary Hunter earned the award of excellence board members Vice Chairman Lisa excuse me Vice Chairman Lisa Surles-Law and board member Dr. Terry Best and superintendent Dr. George Parker earned the award of achievement and John Healy earned award of recognition our Award of distinction honoree Mr. Brown will be invited to attend a special luncheon during the vsba annual convention each of these dedicated public servants have received their award a certificate and a distinctive lapel pen some of them have their lapel pin someone to symbolize their commitment to effective school board governments through participation in the Academy on behalf of the students staff and citizens of Newport News we thank you for your dedication and leadership of this school division and congratulate you on your well that concludes this months of recognitions at this time we’ll take a seven minute break so that our honorees and their guests may leave if they choose to do so during this time our viewing audience will have an opportunity to view this month’s school board spotlight so we’ll stand in recess for about seven minutes thank you [Music] for the third year educators in Newport News public schools were invited to expand their teaching arsenal through innovate conference 2019 while the last two years were heavily focused on using technology in the classroom this year’s homegrown summer conference broaden its offerings to focus on even more engaging teaching practices and cutting edge learning experiences hundreds of employees attended over 130 unique sessions over two days at Hinds Middle School including how to select the best books for ESL students coding with robots helping young men succeed academically using Google classroom lesson planning with digital tools responding to failure and feedback and increasing family engagement both attendees and presenters received professional development points for participating over 120 of these presenters were nm PS employees and leaders from almost every department and grade level other presenters were global companies local businesses and community partners no matter what theme was being emphasized the goal was the same for every session at innovate conference 2019 to effectively equip our educators to empower students ignite creativity and foster critical thinking skills to prepare future ready citizens Menchville high schools award-winning show choir and pulse open their doors this summer to spread the love of music to the next generation the talented high school students hosted their first ever show choir summer camp for rising fourth through eighth grade students organized by men shrills choral director Jennifer Jarrett a team of music instructors high school students guest artists and parent volunteers provided a full week of fun through singing choreography and a variety of dances 25 elementary and middle school students attended the summer camp with some campers traveling from Poquoson Williamsburg and even Richmond for this one-of-a-kind experience these campers formed the kids show choir known as empower and buddied up with empal students who constantly encouraged and shared tidbits of wisdom with their younger friends each day empower members worked on vocals reading music and experiencing the joy of singing together but since show choirs about more than music they can’t focus on the power of movement guest dancers were invited to teach jazz hip hop and ballet while working through complex choreography for the week’s grand finale at the end of the week empower an impulse join together for an inspiring and energetic performance families and educators were amazed at the young talent and how quickly they put together a polished routine thanks largely to their high school buddies who empowered them every step of the way [Music] young ladies in Newport News public schools seize the opportunity this past summer to grow as world changers during the second annual bloom summer Leadership Institute held at Woodside high school 40 middle school students gained valuable life skills from professional role models as they learn to become more than a princess during the Wonder Woman Power Hour 20 professional women were invited to share their life academic and career experiences with the young ladies these extraordinary leaders represented a range of diverse careers in the community education government and private fields high school and college age students helped guide the discussion which allowed the middle school students to gain insights to the skills and mindset necessary for obtaining their life goals discussions continue during the networking lunch where the middle high school and college students were all able to sit down face to face with the female professionals at the same time parents were invited to a separate session where they learned how to empower their daughters to be champions through strong communication positive self identity and vision casting bloom a division wide student-led empowerment initiative for young ladies is moving into its third year and as freshmen transition into high school they will continue to flourish as global leaders every extra effort is a benefit for our students in Newport News public schools extra time for reading extra help devoted to individual students or extra supplies to enhance classroom instruction parents and community members can help supply that extra bit by financially aiding our schools through simple everyday errands when you’re out shopping keep your eyes open for boxtop for education or labels for education logos on your groceries simply cut the box tops or the labels for education UPC’s and beverage caps and have your child drop them off at school it’s that easy and a huge benefit for our schools to receive extra funding and supplies and while you’re shopping don’t forget to use your reward cards in a smart way your Food Lion MVP card Harris teeters Vick card the Kroger plus card and other reward programs can be linked directly to the school of your choice so when you buy everyday products you’re supporting your child’s school to link your reward card visit the stores customer service desk for more information parents make sure you pay attention to important dates when they’re sent home with your child and then help spread the word anyone can attend spirit nights at local restaurants and most community days carnivals or festivals are open to the community at these events raffle sales cake walks and other games can help a school raise extra money plus they’re fun events for the whole family and you can help your school form a strong parent-teacher relationship by joining your local PTA membership fees alone can help a school with budget needs and some schools even offer rewards for joining the PTA PTA s are instrumental at organizing many fundraising efforts along with seasonal options such as t-shirt sales or holiday craft fairs supporting your school is easy a little bit of extra effort goes a long way to help ensure that our children have the best education possible [Music] I hope you enjoyed our school port spotlight during our meeting we provide time for the public to address the board these are scheduled at the early part of the agenda and also toward the end of the meeting the Board considers this an opportunity to listen to your comments please understand that we can consider your comments and concerns and we’ll get back with you at a later date please comply with our 3 minute time limit as you begin a green light comes on a yellow light signals that you have 30 seconds remaining a red light in the beat says that your time is up and we were asked that you would bring your comments to a conclusion that being it as you hear your name come up please come forward and you can address the board so we do have some carts today we have one of my favorite individuals is Janie Bazemore [Laughter] good evening Chairman Hunter and members of the school board Dr. Parker didn’t have very much first I want to say congratulations to all of the recipients tonight and one of the things I would say for those bus drivers and the assistants you couldn’t get me out there five o’clock in the morning to be warming up a bus so my hats off to all of them and we really appreciate them for what they do for our school division don’t have very much tonight except to say Huntington Huntington Huntington for front we vow that nothing else is going to take priority over Huntington because we have been at this now for a while things to me are at a standstill and we are going to continue to tell our city officials that they cannot put Recreation before education and we’re going to keep telling them that and by the way I am their favorite too so I just want to say to you all tonight let’s continue let’s get these doors of Huntington reopened wasn’t those some precious babies from Huntington tonight yes they were yes they were we’ve had a number of students like that and we will continue to ask you to keep Huntington’s doors open we do not want to see the doors closed in June 2020 we know it would be a lot of work but we would like to see the sixth graders come back to Huntington at Heritage ladies and gentlemen let’s continue to work let’s get it done thank you thank you oh honey 10 shall rise again thank you Miss Michelle Nordine good evening everybody a very good public speaker um my name is Michelle Martine and I am Yates PTA president and I just wanted to bring to your attention an issue that we’re having at the school Mr. Parker is probably aware of it sorry several weeks ago Yates received new playgrounds and everyone was excited about them because we found out that our playgrounds were 20 years old and like I said everybody was excited when they were being installed and then we saw how small they were and so now the parents have been asking the teachers and Mr. Edwards every day what can we do about these playgrounds I learned this morning that another parent had reached out to Dr. Parker in a very polite email about the peg the the size of our playgrounds I reached out to Miss Jones the instructional supervisor for health and physical education and she kindly responded to me and she told that the you know as everything the number one concern about putting the playgrounds in was financial I understand that the money was a number one consideration when replacing the playgrounds however practicality needs to be taken into consideration we have approximately 63 kindergarteners and the playground for the kekkei through second grade is way too small for all of our students we have a second playground for the third fourth and fifth graders we have approximately 104 fifth graders and this playground is way way too small for them not only is it too small to put the fifth graders aren’t there but it’s physically too small when you see the fifth graders out there there they can sit down on slides and their feet will touch the ground this we feel that this print playground will be more appropriate for the kindergarten through second grade playgrounds Mr. Edwards and the teachers they’re scrambling to try to figure out how we can use how to best incorporate the new playgrounds into our recess time several teachers have started limiting the number of students that are allowed on the playground which defeats the purpose of a recess they they’re allowing 15 students at a time when they go out to play on the playground the others have to go and walk laps or play on the blacktop some teachers if it started staggering there at recess time so the grade levels can no longer take recess at the same time so if your best friend is not in your class you don’t get to see him at recess time anymore other teachers are splitting the recess time between a morning and an afternoon time Mr. Edwards and the PTA we’re trying to come up with a solution to the playground problem how after however after speaking with Mr. Edwards this morning even adding the slide to the K what does it earn and how much even adding a slide to the k2 playground cost I’m not sure what the PTA can do we have limited funds and we and we want to help all the children I just wanted to bring this to your attention and hopefully have you guys help us figure out a solution to our problem I have pictures if you guys wanted to look at them to help you understand this we had we had huge playgrounds in the past I took over the aerial pictures were from Google Maps and then time to go okay you can fast you can say um I did I just took pictures off with the web page and then I took some pictures last night so that you guys could see what it is and I put some notes in there you guys are welcome to keep those those slides and if you guys can help us come up with a solution we would greatly appreciate it thank you thank you okay the next we have my Ms. Pam hall good evening thanks to all of you for all that you’re doing for our Newport News public schools and congratulations on the awards for everyone we would like to keep the students for Huntington middle school at Heritage until the doors of Huntington are open again because that makes this city see that there is an urgency to get this done if you take the students from the school and close it Huntington will only appear on paper there will no longer be an urgency in front of the City Council and the next school to be done will be work so in my mind out of sight out of mind so we would like for you to make a plan no we know it’s not ideal to keep the students of Huntington middle school that heritage until those doors are open so that there will be an urgency for the City Council to act thank you thank you okay are there any more cards are there any more cards we do have one more mister Reverend James Brown I do would like to congratulate you on your excellence in various fields our students are our most important asset not only are they our future but they are our present what we instill in our kids a day is going to help them determine what the future is going to be I’m excited that you guys have been working hard working with the city allowing them to know that it profiteth nothing to gain the world financially and lose our most important commodity our children or they not have the place to go playgrounds should be designed so children can play obesity and all these other ailments and stuff our children are getting because they do not get out to do exercise along with their menus events so we have to start putting our priorities on our children on our children I understand that you guys have worked out some things as far as finances are concern for the school and you’ve heard tonight twice that we want to keep the kids at Heritage until Huntington is built because we realize that if – comes down and the kids don’t have a place to go then what’s gonna happen you’re not gonna rebuild honeyton we know that because there are other priorities the city is filled with schools that need upgrading and things that money’s not going to be there so we need to keep the kids at heritage until the school is built those little sketches that the city had those are not flight plans you’re not plot plans it takes some work to go in to plot plans and developing the ground knowing where the pipes are and all this kind of stuff and how the structure going to be so we need that from the city if they’re going to do the plans we need plans not just little drawings so if they don’t give you the money to do our own plans then they need to come up with some better designs and plans so we can get this thing done thank each of you god bless thank you are there any more cards any more card there being none we will move on to number three our consent agenda a 3.01 minutes from our regular meeting September 19th 2019 3.02 minutes from our special meeting 20 September 17 to 2019 3.0 3 minutes from our joint school board meeting with the City Council on September 10th 2019 3.0 for the financial reports revenue and expense report September 2019 child nutrition reports September 2019 3.05 our personnel report and 3.06 or budget transfer those were part of your package and I hear a motion for approval of the consent agenda Mr. Chairman moved to adopt the consent agenda second you heard the motion and you heard the second a time for the question there being none Ms. Buffalo please call the roll for for Mr. Eley four motion carries six zero thank you I will move the agenda to number four our action items 4.0 one proposed CIP budget for fiscal year 21 physically through fiscal year 25 Mr. Mary Lou’s off welcome and Mr. Mr. Chairman I’ll take this part last monthly we presented a capital improvement budget for FY 21 through 25 it was a five-year plan which the city requires that we submit annually to the to the city manager this budget that was presented has been somewhat amended based on board input we appreciate the input from our board members and as you can see Mr. Chairman the only revision to this proposed budget that we would like you to consider this evening for approval is that we have put the 50 million dollar cost of replacing Huntington middle school in the first year FY 2020 one of the proposed capital improvement plan this is the same figure that was placed in submitted to the city in the original FY 20 22 24 capital improvement budget I’ll entertain any questions that you may have before entertaining of both Mr. Chairman any questions Mr. Eley so basically we doing instead of giving the city two years we ask for all the money at one time was that correct yes sir and that was the same same approach we we looked at in FY 29 that it would be easier to to contract both and company if we have the full amount of the appropriation in hand once we once we solicit any bids for for contractors well thank you Mr. su pretend I definitely appreciate that and I’m sure the rest of the board do because 100 is something that we need immediately and we can’t keep waiting time after time so I really appreciate you and the board for doing that so we can have our money up front so we can get hit get Huntington build and get it going start our blueprint so thank you so much for I’m making it happen you heard any more questions if not they have a motion and approve the CIP Mr. Chairman I moved to adopt the the CIP is presented by the superintendent you heard that you heard the motion he heard the second time for the question hearsay any more question Mr. chair and I’ll just make the the comment Mr. brand I’ve been vocal about the Molesey architecture study that was done in I believe 2016 and cited several schools been very satisfied discussions as superintendents as given me his assessment on the conditions of Riverside and Sedgefield Huntington achievable dream Yates Dozier and war which are schools that school sites that were cited for in need of replacement and revitalization and so I understand there’s a there’s a plan in place I would always like to see I’ve mentioned this before that I think our CIP full five-year budget should be closer to 200 million and include additional sites but this plan does include Riverside does include Huntington in the first year I would like to see Warwick coming into the next CIP but I understand compromises and assessments have been made to get us the best budget going for so I believe we have a budget now that represents most of our needs it’s brown anyone else there being none Ms. Buffalo please call the roll. … for Ms. Surles-Law? for Dr. Best? for Mr. Brown? for Mr. Eley for motion carries 6-0 thank you we’re going to item number five reports and information first up 5.01 we have our solar power purchase so I guess Newport News have executed a power purchase agreement Ms Mary Lou Roaseau thank you Mr. Connor there was a board Dr. Parker good evening this evening we want to share with you how the next step in our energy management work our energy bills are substantial as you might imagine we spent four million dollars on electricity alone in 2014 and 3.8 million last year our gas bill has dropped from seven hundred twenty five thousand five years ago to five hundred thirty five thousand dollars last year that was a drop I know every dollar we spend on utilities as Donald we can’t spend on instruction so we’ve been working a container energy cost for years you know that in 2003 you may not know some of you weren’t on the board then 2003 Newport News public schools took advantage of what was at that time relatively new legislation from the state that allowed us to do our first energy performance contract we did some lighting system improvements some new energy management controls were installed in our schools and we made some water conservation measures those projects generated 10 million dollars in savings over the 12-year period of that contract we were able to use that ten million dollars upfront to do some roof work HVAC work and some window replacements we started our second promotes contract in 2015 does our first one had expired so it was time to do it again we did some more lighting improvements upgraded our energy management systems and were able to generate savings again of 10 million dollars which we used you guessed it for HVAC work and some transformer replacements that contracts a 15 year contract so it’ll take us through 2030 we’ve been watching solar energy for a while and waiting for it to get to where we thought it made sense for us and to we want to tell you that that’s where we think we need to go next and our energy management work and we have executed a power purchase agreement with Sun tribe solar next month on your consent agenda we’ll ask you to approve the authorization the superintendent to execute some site leases as we move forward but tonight we have Frank de Becque who was a development manager with some Sun Tribe Solar to talk about how our solar projects gonna work like the energy you guys have creating this room tonight it’s been amazing so thank you for having us be here I’m Frank do that with Sun Tribe Solar I’m joined by my colleague Herman as I’ve shared with Keith and Mary Lou my work it some tribes to bring us into Tidewater area and it’s kind of been a bit of a homecoming for me I got joined from Princess Anne high school went to ODU and my mom’s a teacher at kiln Creek so it’s cool to be here making this happen ok so it’s with that distinction it’s I want to say that it’s exciting the scene before news going solar the first wave will be five schools with over 30 years will save over four million dollars in projected savings we’re able to do that because we can generate that electricity and sells you cheaper than your utility mm-hmm at a fixed rate and no cost to you for a given period of time and you’re joining a long list of people who are also on board for this Virginia Beach we recently were awarded their RFP which are super excited about and here’s the other schools in the area that we have engaged with one of the highlights is Middlesex it’s been featured in on PBS and Washington Post’s and Gratz has been a great hero and proponent or actually doing we did two schools for them to ground arrays and then we just got awarded a third school and so they’re gonna be the first school system in the country powered on 100% renewable energy they’re gonna save South a five million dollars over the course of that term and Gretz has been singing our praises in the Washington Post in March of 2009 the headline the lead was virginia schools have seen the light and it is solar there’s two notable quotes remem that I like to share from gratz all of us are telling the same story all trying to deal with budgetary challenges this is such a no-brainer and secondly he shared this was the best most organized construction project he’s ever been a part of and here’s the school that we’re gonna go with Lee hall which includes early childhood education Gatewood Yates carried its discovery the system size total is about 1.9 megawatts again forecasting over four million dollars of savings in 30 years there’s a second way we’re evaluating and looking at your portfolio and so I want information showing that yeah but when we can do more and save more money so what makes us a really good partner to do this is its simplest terms or construction company but more fundamental to our DNA we understand that renewable energy is inevitable so we’re really trying to find partners to bring that to fruition and we use the term partner because this is a strong long-term relationship I dare say the word marriage but a great partnership that we need to work out over a long period of time and it’s also the right way to look at this here are some of the projects that we’ve been able to do across the state these are projects that were sold completed or actually under construction we’ve really gotten here because of our people so our companies set up it’s really ambitious to own all parts of the value chains of development engineering construction operations and maintenance and so we’ve assembled the staff from across the country with utility-grade experience and this is really deep with professional engineers journeyman mechanical engineers we have a dedicated safety director that used to run the program a UVA safety is clearly important to your staff and your students and to our employees as well and by the numbers were 75 employees we’ve got decades of collective solar experience done over 50 projects to date we’ve got I think about nine underway right now we’ve installed tens of thousands of solar panels fully bonded with ele designations were the largest PPA provider in the state of Virginia and we’ve done over 18% of the distributed solar projects in the in the state ever and this is the world we live in so this is historic energy rates or the last 15 years it’s from the US Energy Information Administration basically in Dominion territory these go up basically three percent and this is what is sort of the magic that makes it happen so Power Purchase Agreement means you’re gonna purchase electricity produced by your system at a fixed rate for a given period of time we’re gonna take care of everything from soup to nuts and as I think Mary Lou might eventually do service contracts not capital obligations so there’s no out-of-pocket money this is what it looks like over 25 or 30 years the magic of you know compound interest so you’re gonna be the fixed rate likely great grid the grid rate s will continue to escalate and so you guys are gonna need a really good clip and this is where our missions really align so if renewable energy is inevitable and we are really passionate about it connecting the dots between what we’re doing and students and our next generation is really critical so we were the need the national energy education development group to provide grants to provide Sol curated curriculum and materials that can dovetail into what your STEM education programs are actually doing that’s my show okay you guys have any questions yes miss I miss ya right now there is and you guys have gotten in before that deadline okay okay so and then isn’t there also a rule that the power generated has to be used in the building how does that fit in with the power purchase agreement yeah so we’re scaling we’ve looked at all your locations 12 months utility bills analyzer read schedules and really by law we have to create a system that matches a hundred percent of that we can’t overdo it doing he doesn’t want to create a bunch of power producing facilities there is net metering so what I’ll get in the weeds too much here power you don’t use gets sent out to the grid typically distributed locally and then you’re gonna get credit for that just curious our school oh so that’s a good question it’s kind of a mix of it’s a confluence of things for coming together so we’re looking at Roof ages or available land or yeah like that’s probably the two primary things we’re actually looking at some of it deals with scale you were visiting all the facilities crunching all the numbers were in your electrical rooms doing a lot of pre-engineering even that gets to here Mr. Brent yeah so a few questions around is it 15 years or 30 years it’s a thirty year at least and the cost of electricity is fixed throughout the entire duration or is it variable now it’s fixed it’s so it’s efficient it’s an eclipse lower than you’re paying right now okay at the end of that thirty year period conceptually the equipment there is going to be new equipment on the market we own the equipment or okay so to do a decommission it at the end of that time so at the end of time you could take the equipment back we could get into a new set of equipment or a contract okay everything that everything involved the evolving the equipment will be on there replaced it has been you know maintenance may need to take place but that is all maintained by pesantren Mr. Eley oh we’re happy as a result of Webber’s there in me we factored in we use programs that look at whether or a decade and all the extremes is we factored out into what this production would actually be and you know for the roof mounted systems through our engineers are to be looking at like the way your roofs are designed they’re designed for snow load and for what we’re actually doing so we’re not pushing the limits on anything so I think I think Hampton got like a foot of snow last year or something you might as I might have gotten close to that as well so all of that’s baked into what we’re actually engineering just making sure we don’t have a bad storm again it’s gonna take a long time for your company to come to fix you know the solar panels don’t have any effect or anything it’s in our best interest of that system runs really well really quickly because that’s we own and that’s our game basically so the we have a person whose full-time job is monitoring these systems he sets a couple of desks down from me okay so we see everything online I think we’ve actually replaced one solar panel and all the ones we’ve actually installed thank you I said you just touch on an expansion we always obviously you’re we are looking for roofs life cycle of 20 years am I correct if I recall well yeah so as we install new roofs roofs on some of our replaced roofs on some of our buildings would they be candidates for a possible expansion of this project so that I’ve looked at the spreadsheet I have all the roof ages and warranties and roof types and we’ve surveyed a lot of them either online or in person so yeah that’s on our minds Mr. an one other question around request more for it probably for Mr. so as I understand over the years we’ve done various projects of this nature like replacing our lighting and doing other types of green innovation projects that have resulted in a net savings is there a compilation or a report that we can get that will net out maybe over the course of the last 10 years all the things that we’ve done and how much money has been saved you know any other questions I just have one you guys have had awesome questions so far this is Jerry so tell me about the safety with you know with all this solar generation energy how about fire and stuff like that yeah we’ve dealt with that one of those things is in the news recently that was that yeah she would that community and they were in the process of resolving that it was an old technology we’ve never dealt with anything like that no we’ve never anybody injured even our we don’t have we have zero OSHA reportable in our construction process so yeah it’s four to elaborate on like education integration and how solar technology would be incorporated into well it’s sort of we’re kind of asking for a show hands which from the teachers and administrators on how much interest we actually have we’re going to go masked that need and so it’s not necessarily as prescriptive maybe you might think because you guys have your way your waves of doing things want to make sure we kind of dovetail into that so we’re gonna make sure that those materials are there and available and there’s training done but it’s really gonna be up to teachers to figure out how they can bask when you got into what they do okay thank you I mean it’s really meaningful to your employed it’s the probably the shortest answer any other questions well thank you fantastic thanks everybody thank you okay all right our next report 5.0 to our school accreditation update Kari not how are you doing good evening Chairman Hunter Vice Chair Surles-Law Dr. Parker and school board members I am Carrie inna the supervisor of testing and tonight I’m going to share the final accreditation data for Newport News public schools the 2018-2019 school year was the first year where schools must meet the standards of accreditation under the new matrix this new matrix includes six components academic achievement academic achievement gaps graduation rate dropout rate chronic absenteeism and starting with cohort 2022 college and career readiness a schools assessment performance is used to determine if they will meet the academic achievement standards with all students as well as the seven subgroup populations Asian black economically disadvantaged English learners Hispanic students with disabilities and white the daily student attendance rate is used to populate the levels for chronic absenteeism for our high schools the graduation and completion index as well as the dropout rates contribute to the accreditation standings and college career and civic readiness data will not come into play for our high schools until cohort 2022 which would be our current 10th grade students as seen on this slide sixty-three percent of Newport News public schools are accredited as noted by the green font 20 of these schools have been accredited for three consecutive years please know that Marshall Early Childhood Center is paired with Riverside elementary in regards to its academic achievement and its achievement gaps this slide lists the 15 schools that are credited with conditions no Newport News public schools have been denied accreditation this slide shows the accreditation trend for Newport News public schools the star on the slide notes the year of the new accreditation standards began to be utilized 2019 was the first year that schools had to use the new accreditation system in 2018 accreditation was determined either using the former or the new standards of accreditation this year schools accreditation was only determined by the new system school quality indicators can increase a level if the school is able to reduce its failure rate by 10% the failure rate is based on the true pass rate and not the combined rate that considers growth in progress in order to determine if a school earns r10 for an indicator the failure rate is determined by 100 percent – the pass rate as seen on the sample within this slide a school with a pass rate of 62% in 2019 would have a failure rate of 38% so 10% of the failure rate would be 3.8 this 3.8% makes up the ar-10 figure and is the measure of growth needed to move the indication indicator up a level therefore if a school has a pass rate of at least sixty five point eight percent in 2020 that indicator would get classified as a level one using our ten it is important to note that our ten can only be used when a school’s indicator combined rate is at fifty percent or higher the following elementary schools showed growth using our ten for one or more indicators Carver discovery stemming Greenwood Hyden would Hilton Lee Hall McIntosh Newsome Park rich neck Riverside Sanford Saunders Sedgefield and Yates the following secondary schools showed growth using our ten and one or more indicators Booker T Washington middle school Demby heritage and Ward high schools based on the 2019 results 18 schools achieved an ar-10 within one or more of their indicators the schools that are circled are schools that are accredited with condition but they made the ar-10 gains which shows growth is being achieved in addition to the academic achievement and the achievement gap indicators high schools have two additional indicators the high school dropout rate and the graduation completion index at the division level the high school dropout rate decreased to one point eight two percent an improvement over the 2018 dropout rate of two point zero six percent the level one benchmark for this indicator is five point nine percent the graduation completion index increased to ninety six point eight nine percent an improvement from 2008 SGC I of 95.9 eight percent the level one benchmark is eighty eight percent you can see from our high school data that schools and students are finishing strong in Newport News although the on-time graduation rates are not an indicator for school accreditation Newport News public schools continues to increase its percentage of students graduating on time in fact Newport News public schools boasts of a rate that is three percent higher than the state average and one of the best in the region the final data point to report is the chronic absenteeism at the elementary level there was an increase by half a percentage point to eleven point two seven percent still well under the fifteen percent level one benchmark middle school absenteeism rate also increased by half a percentage point to sixteen point nine four percent which is above the fifteen percent level one benchmark high schools decrease their absenteeism rate by two point five percent to seventeen point two six percent which is above the 15 percent benchmark but moving in the right direction for the division as a whole all three levels the absentee rate remained at a constant fourteen point seven five percent which is under the 15 percent benchmark when reviewing our data across the division there is a need for growth at our 14 schools that are accredited with condition there needs to be growth in English reading and writing at the middle school level specifically with our students with disabilities economically and our black subgroups there are also nine schools that are on the watch list for being at a level 2 or level 3 for four consecutive years these schools must reach in level 1 this school year I would now like to return or turn the presentation over to Dr. Pohl and Mr. Wright to speak about our next steps thanks Ms. Enoch good evening board members in Dr. Parker to ensure continued growth across all schools the Department of curricular development is focusing on two goals the first is to ensure alignment of the written taught and assessed curriculum to reach this goal supervisors and specialists have revised instructional and pacing guides in all corporatism areas which allows directors specialists and coaches to have a consistent approach with providing action alack to teachers to ensure alignment of learning targets rigorous and engaging instruction and assessment this year elementary schools will use division created as well as designing their own common formative admitted a formative many assessments in order to monitor student progress throughout the year to ensure equity and support the second goal is to strategically support all schools on a tiered level of need the curriculum and development team will align support based on the needs of individual schools and teachers this summer the professional development team held several online and face-to-face job embedded professional development sessions these sessions will be continued to be offered throughout the year and will be customized based on data and it results throughout the year at individual schools regular scheduled walk throughs will be conducted and effort to best support each school and a coaching model will be adopted for the entire division to follow in order to offer more consistent practices for building level and division level leaders in addition the are the teaching and learning department has created a folder structure for all schools and division leaders to have access to ready data throughout the year Mr. Wrightman thank you Dr. Pohl and my feedback this evening and the support that we’re providing from school leadership it’ll sound familiar we had a conversation in August around where we were from an academic standpoint so we’ve really focused hard and it started during our summer Leadership Conference to differentiate the support that we provide our leaders across the school division we’ve tiered our schools in three areas intensive moderate and occasional we emphasize the role of the school support process and ensuring that that process is one of transparency as we are able to unpack the needs of our schools and we do that by way of the work of the instructional leadership team the principal with an emphasis on our data based on subgroup in addition to our school support meetings our principals are receiving individual and ongoing feedback our principals are completed executive summaries over the summer they turn in school improvement plans and as we’ve seen in our school support meetings those school improvement plans are ongoing conversations there are plans that we add to and they are data-driven conversations and we would not be able to do this without the help of the teaching and learning Department our specialists and coaches as we look to provide prescriptive support to our schools we’re also working collaborative cooperative Lea excuse me to ensure that we keep an equity lens on all of our conversations our schools are not all alike and our students have different needs so in those conversations we’re looking for a high level specificity and we like to focus on those individual needs of our schools and more hard yeses as opposed to easy nosed as we have these conversations we’re really looking to make sure that our principals and teachers and instructional leadership teams understand that we’re not there just to question them on their ability we’re there to provide them support so we look to continue to be servants and to make sure as we get together as a team and review what we talked about we push ourselves as a department to make sure that we’re willing to provide additional support as needed and also we are tearing our our leaders and ensuring that we are able to provide them the support that they need we kind of look at it in some domains sometimes we have leaders that need support in the relay domaine the situational and the instructional and we have a new commitment to leadership development in our department and we’ll be able to provide an update to the board on that later in the school year so at this time Dr. Pohl and I can answer any questions and also Mrs. Enot about you know any questions that you all may have about this report this evening any questions Mr. Brown because it’s cloudy for me I’m confident it may be cloudy to the public as well in terms of the new assessment criteria and how it all breaks down you go back to maybe school quality indicator slide and does that slide in level of importance if you meet these the standards of passing in those subject areas at the at those pass rates then the school is accredited regardless of the other indicators or is it if you meet the standards in all of those areas but then you have an achievement gap below benchmark or a some T’s and below benchmark then you’re accredited with conditions which which are the so each of the indicators gets a level a level 1 2 or 3 1 being the green to yellow 3 red so if you meet the level you get a 1 and then even with the achievement gaps using the same percentage rates you want each of those individual achievement gaps to reach a level 1 level 2 can keep you accredited but only for a certain amount of years so you can be you can have yellows you can have level twos but within by the fifth year that criteria needs to go green ok and it resets the clock when it does that for overall accreditation within the achievement gaps you get an overall level for each of those seven subgroups so to have an overall achievement or excuse me an overall level of a one you can not have any Reds and you can only have one yellow to have an overall level of a2 you can only have one read if you have more than one read then that whole achievement gap group will go read okay so if I paraphrase that you can be level one in multiple categories but then have a read suddenly you’re credited with conditions or not or not actually not accredited so you must have level one or level two really across the board and that’s still that may be temporary you mean you get to eventually get to level one across the board in order to remain accredited okay and I’m saying that because it’s have you heard you all you would give him presentation on it and it’s confusing for me even after having hearing it a couple times I’m sure it’s confusing for the general public to explain that that is the the new benchmark of the criteria detect picking back on that so you could be actually having a level one and several of those but you could have absentee right basically what you’re getting in raids and so even though are your kids have paced all the tests they’re not coming to school it’s not an instructional issue it’s an attendance issue so yes we’re getting to yeah would be credited but the conditions smart kids they don’t come to school any other questions thank you okay and we do have a final report for tonight on youth development billion awareness is Bridget Adams good evening Chairman Hunter members of the board and Dr. Parker I’m really excited to be here to share with you this evening an update on our efforts to create a positive school culture across our school division and to discourage bullying and harassing behaviors across the country you know the month of October is National Bullying Prevention Month but in Newport News public schools October is Stand Month we believe that the best defense in the war on bullying is a strong offense which for us is a holistic approach to positive youth development so tonight I will share with you some of the strategies and approaches we’ve utilized over the past year to address the issue of bullying in Newport News public schools we continue to use a multi-tiered response to bullying to provide the interventions and supports that students need but in our daily practice our true goal is really to teach all students how to behave in a safe respectful and responsible way with the same intensity that we teach math and science interventions are an integral part of our school improvement efforts and our daily practice however they are sometimes attributed to a specific job title like a school psychologist or school counselor and we believe that goals like improving student behavior and school culture can’t be achieved unless the entire school community including parents shared responsibility for positive youth development now our previous youth development model was comprised of a tiered list of strategies and practices and our new youth development model has been reframed into a simple memorable equation that positive experiences plus positive relationships plus positive environments working together result in positive youth development so the new model helps us to illustrate that everyone plays a role in positive youth development including teachers bus drivers security officers child nutrition workers families community partners and even students and everyone plays an important role in the fight against the important fight against bullying the new model is encouraging our entire village to focus on key areas and to really ask important questions like how will be helping students to build skills such as empathy cultural competence and self-regulation how are we intentionally creating a sense of belonging and providing a safe space for all of our students or setting norms and expectations would make it like which would make it likely for students to behave so by focusing on these key areas we’re creating an environment in which bullying and harassment we hope are less likely to occur some of you may remember that three years ago in June of 2016 we introduced to the board and the community stand this is our student-led campaign focused specifically on creating and maintaining positive school cultures and climates and consistently working together to discourage harassment among peers so instead of implementing a singularly focused bullying initiative or program we have continually sought for the past three years to empower student voice and contribution at every level with the understanding that without students leading the work in the fight against bullying it would be impossible for us to prevent bullying and harassment our students are active participants in our school improvement process I think you’ve heard us talk about our school improvement process and how important it is but we continually encourage our schools to create new ways for students to lead to serve and to be involved in decision-making and planning especially as it relates to school culture for example last year our students leaded our students led a division wide kindness campaign which really challenged everyone students teachers staff everyone to think about their intentions and behavior toward others students also collaborated with dozens of community partners to host the first-ever Student Wellness Expo to promote student physical emotional and social well-being and on any given day you can find extraordinary student organizations in all of our schools elementary elementary through high school advancing important goals such as bullying prevention diversity and inclusion and alcohol drug abuse and violence prevention several groups have even received reward awards and recognition for their work and we’re really proud about that this is evident that student contribution is making a significant impact that transcends our school borders and builds community both inside and outside of our schools citywide SCA an organization which is open to all of our high school students bring students together to address issues of greatest importance to students Nyzaiah Gore is one of our executive board members their work resulted in several opportunities for student leadership and service some of them you can see reflected here they took the initiative to meet with our executive director of student advancement and her team to develop initiatives designed to promote student emotional well-being such as the Student Wellness Expo they also collaborated with community partners to conduct a human trafficking symposium a student workshop on civic engagement any annual kicking it to violence kickball tournament and community block party which this year was co-sponsored with the city of Newport News and other community partners we struggled to get one event off the ground a year and they did all of this on their own so I’m very proud of them to empower student voice they meet several times each month so the students have the opportunity to learn that all students have the opportunity to learn how they can get involved in meaningful projects projects that are important to them this year they have decided that their primary focus will be on improving teacher-student relationships so I’m excited about that and we are fortunate that we have a few of our citywide SCA Executive Board members that are going to come up they have a gift for our board so they’re gonna come up we have with us Andres Gonzales from Denbigh high school Jaime Soto from Warwick high school and Brandon Hedgepeth from Woodside high school and I just want to give them a hand for all of the work that they’re doing this is my think tank. so what they have given you is your official STAND T-shirt. okay so as part of our National Bullying Prevention Month for the third year in a row, all of our schools develop the details of STAND month … … a detailed stand month calendar of events and activities that would really help to communicate the meaning and purpose of staying not just to the students and staff but also to the community and on October 7th Newport News public school celebrated stand day and recognition of world day of bullying prevention so across our entire school division our teachers staff and students wore blue in solidarity to demonstrate their commitment to stand against bullying behavior a complete list of Stand Month activities I think it’s about 15 pages long across our school division is available at the bullying prevention page on our Newport News public schools website all of our teachers and staff play a critical role in our inputs to create positive environments and in addition to teachers being committed to building positive classroom cultures they support our stand principals every day in their instructional practice by volunteering as mentors and Club advisors for hundreds of clubs sports and activities available to our students in grades K through 12 and by working diligently to ensure that every child every child in our school community is connected and not just teachers but also our security officers our bus drivers child nutrition workers and various staff members play an important role in modeling behavior and setting expectations for our students just want to take a step back to last year as you may remember last fall we examined our bullying reporting and resolution process we shared with you this representation of the flow of communication and action from the time bullying is reported until the time that it is resolved and to get a better picture of what was actually happening we met with all of our elementary and secondary assistant principals to actually walk through this process and identify any challenges that they may have been encountering we also partnered with our student advancement team and a local Community Partner parents against bullying to conduct focus groups with more than 100 middle and high school students to get their perspective on where bullying happens why it happens and what we need to do to prevent it and then finally we conducted a family forum on bullying with students families Newport News public school staff and various community stakeholders so the comprehensive review of bullying of the bullying process resulted in a set of recommendations many of which have already been implemented but tonight I would like to share with you one of the outcomes of that review so last year we shared with you our concerns about the effectiveness of the bullying hotlines we needed to provide a means for anonymous reporting that would give us the ability to capture important data regarding bullying incidents and resolution so we have selected the Safe Schools Alert tip reporting system which enables anyone to report bullying by sending a report via the web text message email or by calling a dedicated phone number which is Man 24 hours a day seven days a week so Safe Schools Alert makes it possible for our staff to respond to reports and obtain additional information to support investigation and resolution all anonymously each school has designated ticket managers who receive and process the reports and the system generates reports by location and incident type to help us monitor what is occurred occurring so that we can make the necessary adjustments we have distributed all of the informational materials to our schools and trained our school staff so we’re in the process now of sharing information about the tool with our families and other stakeholders we could not have accomplished all of the work that we have with we have without the continued involvement of the community partners who have continually worked hard to build bridges between our schools and the community they provided extraordinary service learning opportunities for our students in anti-bullying assemblies and workshops presented professional development for our staff on building inclusive fools funded extracurricular activities and experiences for kids and created leadership and civic engagement opportunities for our students which raise awareness and challenge students to take action against bullying and violence of all kinds I’ve highlighted just a few community partners here and we’re really grateful extremely grateful for the village that supports our students every day because we know that bullying is a huge problem nationwide and we need all of the help that we can get while we are well aware that change takes time and that bullying remains a problem nationwide we’re confident that we’re moving in the right direction and with continued focus our students will be equipped to stand up for each other and to be allies who say bullying we don’t do that here that is the goal moving forward we will continue to monitor the bullying reports and make adjustments as needed create more bridging opportunities for students in our high schools to volunteer and serve in our middle and elementary schools so we’ve actually prayer at our schools together so our high school student organizations will begin to do working on middle and elementary schools focus on building pro-social skills and students and making sure that all students are getting an opportunity all students are getting an opportunity to lead serve and be involved in decision making and finally we will continue to work with our student advancement team and our students themselves to promote positive emotionality among our students tonight we’ve explored how our students teachers school leaders and the community partners stand with us against bullying and harassment and how we all work together to promote positive culture across Newport News public schools in closing we would like to invite you and the community to stand with us at the annual stand night at Todd Stadium this Friday October 18th at 7 p.m. this event provides all Newport News public school students staff and the community with an opportunity to stand together against bullying during a special halftime activity which we call a unity walk demonstrating our commitment to building bully free schools we’ve given you your gift your stand t-shirt we hope that you we will see you at our stand night this Friday with this concludes my update on bullying prevention in Newport News public schools but I would be happy to answer any questions you might have any questions Dr. Best thank you for your thorough report I think our youth development is top in the state if not in the country and I’d like to commend you on a fantastic job with that program I was just wondering how is restorative practices kind of woven and can you just maybe touch on that a little bit restorative practices is not currently a factor of our youth development department okay I can’t speak I wouldn’t be able to speak to the current plan for restorative practices okay I was just wondering did you make for some of the results that you’re looking for were you making some connections with it but well I do know that restorative practices such as some of the Shuttle kinds of activities some of the activities that you would use a restorative practices are not recommended for bullying negotiations because you don’t want the bully and the the person who’s being bullied in the same space there is a practice called the shuttle practice that can be used and I know that when we did our restorative practices training it was a part of our training that all of our schools did receive but it is not something that we’re advocating that they use for resolving bullying issues okay thank you Ms Diamonds thank you for that report and I love the emphasis on creating a family environment and a safe environment at school for our children sometimes I get approached by community groups that want to partner with Newport News public schools if they want to get involved in our stand program are they able to how can they contact they should contact me okay I we welcome community partners as I said it takes a village we have a process for welcoming first into it or maybe you have a process god bless you for welcoming community partners to work with us obviously you have to keep our baby safe but I would be more than welcome to talk to anyone who wants to support our stand initiative thank you and welcome there and just just a question is at the last board meeting by Mr. Eley regarding anonymous reporting could you turn back to that slide one more time about the the tool and I told you I get back to you with an answer to that question this is the answer right here this is our new reporting process for anonymous tip tip reporting so it also works for bullying reporting also but it is an anonymous tip line also so students parents can actually report in on that we used to use a phone system this is more reliable and it’s more safe and anonymous so we’ll be communicate and putting more communication out right now fliers have been snapped over school but we will do a thorough communication sweep in the near future letting our students or parents and everyone know that we do have a process for reporting concerns regarding safety student safety and what is this called what should we fir to it us it’s the same school and safe school and the beauty of this also is that there’s two-way communication so when families say I reported something and no one got back to me there is going to be a response back that says we’ve received your report we’re working on it we’ll get back to you all we need more information so it really gives us the opportunity to connect with the people who are making the report you need to track that so we’ll get the reports on the tickets that came in we can see which has been responded to and thank you thank you for your time thank you thank you all right but those who were our reports today 5.0 for our attendance report 5.05 our membership report 5.06 construction report those were part of your packages if no one has any questions on those we’ll move on to a five point oh seven comments by the superintendent Thank You Mr. Chairman before I begin my prepared remarks I’ve made an effort this year to try to at least a few days a week start the day in a school and this today I had the opportunity to visit Hines Middle School for a school support meeting and it was a very good meeting and they actually gave me a pin that if you see that lights up here this is Heinz middle school and they are on the rise and their science of lead just put put it out there that they their goal is to beat the score is that what Gildersleeve so so they’re so they’re competitive as well so shout out to Heinz middle school that was a very good school support meeting and again just just starting today into school and getting a chance to talk to the lead teachers in every core area on how they plan to improve student achievement in their schools is very refreshing and as you saw in the energy of the folks here to presenting tonight on on how we plan to work with our schools and support them I can tell you that that support has been well received by a lot of our professionals in our schools as we as we meet with them I’d like to congratulate each of our honorees this evening our apprenticeship graduates our transportation employees the year and of course our school board members for your commitment to growth our apprenticeship program one of a kind in the state is a great investment in our staff and as you can see many of our employees that take an advantage of the professional development that’s being provided so congratulations and on completing their studies last week the Virginia Department of Education released the on-time graduation rates as you saw this evening it was great news and coverage for Newport News public schools our graduation rates for this class of 2019 at ninety four point eight percent higher than the state average and highest among urban school divisions and almost all of our student subgroup graduation rates are higher than the state average so that’s phenomenal work for the professionals in our school divisions and we like to give a shout out to our graduation coaches our school counselors teachers administrators support staff attendants clerks all of these folks are instrumental in making this work happen but I just want to remind folks that this data here is where is representative of an investment and graduation coaches it’s okay when you invest in the right people to get the work done that’s when you see progress so when we when we talk about the needs of our school division and getting the right people around the work this is the type of a results our students are capable of so during the mentioned student support team processes so they were they’ve they’ve been very very successful this year with several schools we visited many schools on the spot have asked for resources that they needed and haven’t been able to sit there and have a conversation about growth and student achievement and be able to tell us tell a school yes if you need this to move your plan forward we’ll get it to you as soon as possible and make it making that happen is the way we’re going to improve our schools so kudos to student leadership and on our school curriculum team for being at the table Dr. Mitchell with her student with student advancement working with our special education students we’re all at the table with our principals and our assistant principals and our teachers trying to make it happen and that and that it’s going to be a successful process for us so this Thursday October 17th we are hosting our strategic plan and profile of a Graduate kickoff it’s time so the clock is ticking we’re ready to start in looking into the future and the best way to do that is with the solid profile of what a Newport News graduate will be and to develop the school system that will get us to that point so that work will begin on October 17th with the Graduate kickoff meeting at 8:30 and I please 80 30 am so please eye contact us if you’d like to be a part of that work and Dr. Pohl and is leading that effort I’m looking forward to the great work of this committee as we come together to develop our five years to teach plan and our profile and which will guide us for the future our high school counselors are offering extended office hours on Thursday October 17th from 4 o’clock to 7 p.m. to assist students and families this month our counselors will offer assistance with completing the online financial aid application families may call their high school counseling office to schedule an appointment and on Thursday October 24th at 6:30 p.m. I am hosting my first superintendents family for my host several of those this year in various parts of the city giving parents an opportunity to not only meet me but hear from me and ask questions about our school division and the education of their children the first meeting will be October 24th at 6:30 p.m. I’m hosting a meeting with parents in the southeast community at the Grosse Cultural Arts Center now our topic of planning for that evening is Huntington middle school so I’m looking specifically for parents of school-age children in the southeast community whose students would either currently rhetoric in the future attending Huntington middle school to join me and share their input and how we can best serve their children currently residing in the former Huntington zone as we look at this transition period I believe that with any planning that we do in the future it’s important that we look at our most important constituents first being our teachers our students and then second being our parents to ensure that we are all on the same page moving forward and that we have the best plan possible to serve students as we make decisions so I look forward to that dialogue with parents hopefully it’ll be a packed room and and with school age with parents of school-age children and we can really get to the work of discussing Huntington middle school in the future or services that we provide their children I’m meeting also on October 24th in the morning at Ivy Baptist Church with Reverend Swan has invited me to speak with to his distinguished group of pastors in the southeast community about how Newport News public schools can partner with with faith faith faith based organizations to meet the mission of our school division so pastor Swann has given me a green light to engage with several pastors and what we’re trying to find out is what are some ways that our local faith faith or faith-based organizations and churches can do to partner with the mission of Newport News public schools so we’re looking for that dialogue and I looking forward to it and I really appreciate the opportunity to visit Ivy Baptist Church again so board members um if you if any of you are welcome are available that day you’re welcome to sit in on that conversation as well I think it’ll be an engaging conversation with some of some of the gentlemen in the southeast community as you’ve heard earlier this evening it in that a great presentation by Miss Adams October is bullying prevention month while this commemoration occurs in October Newport News public schools are encouraged to stand up for each other to prevent bullying and other negative behaviors every day I actually shared with you our schools have numerous activities planned to support safe and welcoming school climates and I want to take this opportunity to remind our students and families about our anonymous reporting tool which is to Safe Schools alert students families and staff may use this tool to report any unsafe activity via the website the app text or email so there are multiple mediums for reporting and we will be continuously communicating this throughout the year most safety concerns are reported to us anonymously that’s important to mention so this tool gives our students and families another method to communicate with our school administrators and safety and security teams this week is also National School Lunch week and I want to take a moment to thank our dedicated child nutrition services staff for preparing and serving and nutritious meals to our students each day with free breakfast and lunch for all students we are serving more meals and encouraging and ensuring that our students are ready to learn and prosper thank you for your efforts and I also want to acknowledge and thank the staff of our transportation department as next week is Transportation Schools bus safe safety week every day transportation staff ensures that our students are transported safely and on-time to and from school events and field trips we have a special event plan on Tuesday October 22nd to honor our transportation employees and to celebrate the receipt of the 15,000 well I don’t know if it’s the receipt of to 15,000 we are receiving the 15,000 ok the receipt of the 15,000 Bluebird propane bus so during this event will be joined by representative from Bluebird the propane Education and Research Council and some of our other partners and school board and other community leaders have been invited to participate in this event right so we hope you’ll be able to join I would like to remind our students and families that schools will be closed for students on Tuesday November 5th 44 a teacher work day and Thank You Mr. Chairman that concludes my long-winded but very informative comments for the end thank you very much thank you dr. Parker so at this time we have an opportunity for the audience to address the board again are there any cards are there any cards there any cards there being none we’ll move the Jinna to item number 7 mattes by the school board Mr. Gore you’re first up because you know Stan Knight what side versus cricket in Todd Stadium okay be there please because bullying is like a major issue and like our community and although we can’t just solve this issue in one night I’ve lived like it’s a very important that we show support because not everyone is as brave to stand up to bullying as we are raising awareness of is of course supporting and as Ms. Adam said we are village and it’s important that we treat Newport News public schools as one um one thing is is that we can’t expect students to come to school if they don’t feel safe so by all of us being together and all of us showing that we can stop bullying it is ensuring the safe environment for students um another thing is the playgrounds issue um I remember when I was a little kid and I always wanted to like play on the playground in um I was kind of sad when I had to like run a lap before I had to go you know play but the thing is is that like why should we take away this opportunity for kids because I know that playing on that playground was the only way that was going to pay attention in class like that was the only way I might have to you know calm down after a little while but you know it was the only way that was going to store up enough energy after playing with my friends in order to pay attention so I believe that that is one of the biggest issues if not the biggest issue because I remember like that was the one thing that I remember in elementary school was playing with my friends so thank you thank you Dr. Best hey good evening I had an opportunity to work at the food bank and again I just think that is a fantastic partnership with the school we know how important food is for students it helps to be able to concentrate to learn when they have a feel stomach and their nutritionally sound so they were appreciative of the partnership and I think that is one of the other great one of one of what one of many great things as far as Newport News public schools I’m unconcerned I’ve run across many many parents in the community and they are just so excited and so grateful that every child has free lunch and free breakfast and I think that’s another wonderful initiative of the division and just proud to be a member of new produce public schools so the research says that in addition to the month of May that October is one of the most difficult months for students and for teachers so the newness of the school year has worn off and and things are kind of settling down so I just want the teachers and staff to know that we are you know supportive of you we realized the hard work that you do we’re thankful for the hard work that you do and the students as well hang in there listen to the teachers and do what you need to do to get to that Thanksgiving break for the parents and especially the parents in the southeast community but parents throughout the city of Newport News I encourage you to come to the meeting on the 24th at Dr. Parker is hosting at Downing gross the future of Huntington it’s important for the residents of the southeast community but it’s important for all of the residents for the city of Newport News because what impacts the southeast community impacts the entire community impacts the entire city so it’s important that parents come out and I encourage you those of you that are listening on television please make sure that you shared this with your neighbors and friends and come out and let your voice be heard regarding the future of Huntington according to the plan for the school division this is the last year that students will be at Huntington so if things go as planned it will close and it will cease to be in existence and it’s harder to bring something back that’s gone then something that’s already here to make it better so I encourage everyone to come on out and be a part of that meeting thank you okay Mr. Brown okay well it is a vice-chair Surles-Law’s birthday today so I wanted to wish her happy birthday and and it’s difficult as it is being a politician wanting to got a lot of things I want to say and closing cost my gift to you is for me to be quiet so we can all go home Thank You Mr. Brown Mr. Ely I just want to say happy birthday to Lisa she’s definitely been a positive and blessing to this boy so we’re very glad to have you happy birthday and just want to say all the presentations we heard today were very informative and very mind blowing to know that Newport News is definitely continued to be on the right track and we’re moving in the right direction for accreditation far as new programs far as being innovative I like Mr. Brown see it my gift is to be quiet have you birthday Ms. Simonds I also was so pleased to learn about the solar panels on the roofs of our schools really excited to see our apprenticeship program that we have we really take initiative and the important news public schools to improve the lives of our employees and their families and so I’m really proud of all the innovation same in our area of youth development having the graduation coaches really pushing the envelope on youth development and making every child feel like their school is their family I’ll just finish by saying aye I really recommend to all the students out there that you know that they take up the opportunity to start a new club and do something new in their school to make their school better your teachers and your counselors are there to support you and it’s it’s really important for you to to take advantage of all the opportunities that Newport News public schools have to offer so I’ll finish with that thank you assignments our birthday young lady [Laughter] joyful way to spend my birthday doing what I really am honored to do and that’s serving on this school board and I listened to our clothes or our work session as well as right now and just hearing these reports and the passion on what we’re doing and how we’re trying to be forward-thinking and how we’re trying to make those efforts for our students better not getting discouraged and finding new ways it just is exciting and so I’m just very thankful for serving in this district and my gift thank you share great things are happy in Newport News public schools 94.8% on-time graduation rate 1.8 percent dropout rate [Applause] that’s that happens when kids are eating free food a child is hungry is not learning so obviously you know the more we feed them the more they do get to learn and or comment today about the playground we hear you loud and clear I love to go outside on playgrounds and play on the monkey bars and climb it’s a little bit different when I was in school here some tough to honey 10 I want to thank those members of Ms Surles-Law and Dr. Parker and this city manager and Vice Mayor the mayor and the team that he the committee he has the got together to try to us the one group we had a very very very I believe forward thinking meeting today about Huntington and what we expect of Huntington and I believe that we are definitely on the right track hopefully we’ll have some type of answer you know before the end of the year that’s what we talked about today so hopefully we will have that for those parents please come out to the future of Huntington we actually need as much as I see my favorite Huntington alum we need to hear from the parents we must hear from the parents we didn’t want to do anything that the parents don’t want to do so we must hear from you parents are out there so knock on the door it’s gonna be in your area get a ride someone over them up get to church they are proud to provide the vans I mean we’re looking for a full house so the clergy that are out there if you want to get a new Huntington you want the kids to stay there our students stay there please provide transportation for those parents who really want to come and hear the future of Huntington because all we can do as board givers is listen to the parents I mean that’s our responsibility the students and the parents so the more parents we have the better we’ll have a get an answer for you and give us direction of how the school should approach the future of Huntington we’re gonna build a new one but we need to find what we’re going to do in the interim that being said I’m one person is missing today Ms. Tracy Brooks is out today because the superintendent gave her birthday so she’s out there looking in television land. happy birthday to you. and on that note there are some other things I was going to talk about but I do want to thank the young students from staying for your t-shirts and hopefully we’ll see many of you up there on Friday and that being said, it is, the nights over, it’s 8:30 happy birthday Ms. Lisa go home and enjoy yourself. I adjourn the meeting. [Music]

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