see we believe I know ya HGTV's what's up its me funnel down okay I get it Chuck what are you doing neighbor neighbor listen no dude we gotta tell them Sean and I use the name you always tricking me listen we gotta hurry up before fdtv buddy get to appreciate you guys remember the granny Christmas video thank you so much for watching Christmas granny we'll check you guys later peace out Finley pop a little box and give it really end at the way that you think it ended I gotta show you something oh sure for Chango why he's gone so weird did you take Sean I did cuz I saw you kissing granny I didn't kiss granny she kissed me I swear it I love you miss tu my boo this is so familiar we love you girl you're my boo so because I like granny you steal my son makes no sense what because I don't love you you don't love me anymore anymore do you know what hurts like a lot I'm gonna get my revenge right now I know just the same there's a new teaser mode okay and it's in scary teacher oh you are back again yes I am back again yeah what do you have a mustache and this time I'm going to teach you a lesson okay and to teach you lessons you need chalk here's some chalk bobblehead I don't have a bobblehead do I oh I like this new mode you could just throw these things at her but it looks like none of them hurt except for in her head haha you just missed it no I clearly got you I know you got paper check this out we got eggs let's purchase and eggs purchase some cake I don't know what that thing is in purchasing bugs you ready for this misty [Laughter] no don't do it no I can't watch dude her body's Hollow just nothing inside all right let's see what this thing is ready oh my goodness these are awesome a shuttle launches has a crunch to it hmm not my career oh my gosh that was so girl I will hang you by your tail you wrapped up a tail under I can a tail did you give me a tail don't take my son don't give me a tail don't not love me because I love you even if you are hollow in the inside I mean you're bored well I am too I know we're going already everyone's bored I'm done with that annoying dunny [Applause] okay we're playing eat people also hold a high up you ready to do it we're doing it all right two minutes to be the first who is gonna win niushan whoa okay what let's just see bro okay I'm gonna eat you shine I'm gonna get beaten the object of this game so we can't see you the object of this game is to collect as many things as you can and then you grow like see that is maybe plus two points oh dude I think and then anyways when you get big enough then you can start eating more including your 60 seconds remaining shine I think I'm winning so I'm actually pretty good at it baby shit oh you are I hate you again okay times up I got the first place with 276 points and don't worry your will be 206 less I'm on your team now but you want to beat up other people okay game modes let's play battle beat the last well what's happening here be the last hole are you ready play oh I don't fall we're in the wrong that are you playing I'll play let's just see who could be the last right now that king is the king but can I take it from yeah oh my goodness my dream is laggy well this is perfect you want to get all these little things back to back get all good it's a whole city there's only four players left do this it's just me in someone else trechie bada-bing whoa I got first thank you so much for watching that need look fun when we see when we say goodbye peace out okay strawberry that trend has a crunch to it not like a razor no where are you going over here don't try and step on stuff wait you're walking into a tripod now

24 thoughts on “SCARY TEACHER falls in + HUGE FGTEEV GRANNY SECRET LEAKED (Miss T #2)”

  1. Fgteev if want to meet me go to 219 carnation street the red bricked house and this was Tristan conrad your best fan

  2. Never saw never sing the baby shark song ever again or I will unsubscribe.and never, like any of your videos ever again, never do that again, I hate that song

  3. Once when I was playing battle I got stuck and while someone else was the same size as me and I was the king so I had to quit

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