Scarra – 100% CRIT + SPEAR OF SHOJIN MASTER YI (25+ KILLS, 600+ AD)

32 thoughts on “Scarra – 100% CRIT + SPEAR OF SHOJIN MASTER YI (25+ KILLS, 600+ AD)”

  1. please go check out my friend's channels, they're linked in the annotations! (when i did the dumb pointy thing)
    the animation is Jomm's work, he also made the adorable outro, go check out his other stuff:

  2. I USED TO WATCH ALL OF SYKKUNOS VIDEOS!! he was who I watched when I first started playing league and wanted a basic understanding of a champion. He took a long break from making videos bit it's awesome to see hes back!!

  3. Not gonna lie, Sykunno's voice made me cringe out of my skin.
    I used to not like Lily's voice but I like it now, so hopefully I get used to it eventually.

  4. Love how I called Yi broken on the boards. Told them why. Exactly this. And they're like "omg no hes not" fucking boards…. 9.9/10 of them are fucking retarded…

  5. 9:07 Oh wow, you just one-tapped that cat… Pretty sure that was Shane Dawson

    Shoutouts to Shane ily

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