Scared kid learn to float in one lesson * how to teach to become Water safe

getting wasted mr. max it's okay it's okay max it's okay it's easy it's easy it's okay max look mr. max concrete hey it's okay let's breathe breathe you relax relax okay it's all right I don't let you know it's okay it's okay it's okay it's okay breathe okay max yeah look I hold you I don't let you swim in them don't scare okay we go slowly I hold you you don't have to do in the water all right just move your hand we move this way it's shallow buddy okay mr. mr. mr. Maxwell the water mr. mr. max move into the water max he's nice right you can touch the bottom right right can you touch the bottom yes can you touch the bottom it's easy right okay look we stay where it's shallow okay you don't cry we stay with shadow you don't have to go right stick you don't have to go where Steve relax okay it's shallow look into the water my fingers I will come with you you stay right shallow I hold your hands step my head you can look down nice eye when you look down don't forget your Bibles if you forgot your bubbles the water going your nose sometimes yeah so when you root down with your Bibles go slowly heck did the water go inside no right because you were baptized okay I fight see relax now look look comes here you can touch the bottom you can touch the bottom right don't forget battles you forget bobbles and forget it all look just relax Thanks don't forget show me x7e see you're good right okay now look put your legs under can you feel me you put your legs on right look down the stairs on the front and blow bubbles keep your legs on nice now look straight you're on the front you just push on me in fly like Superman blowing bubbles so you blow bubbles and rusev Wow Superman is cool right hey you do Superman back to Christian look I am here nice right I'm just right here rubber balls you can slowly sir burning very good yeah did you blow bubbles like Superman yeah don't forget one two three very slowly max don't forget show me the strippin again um I'm stepping back step step you can realize it wow that was would mean that was great dog see simple right again let's enjoy our meal srila guru all right Superman relax relax no need no need to go fast ready to kick just relax you see you can go slowly it's easier right this yourself no vehicles ok it's very good but I don't see the bubbles don't forget bubbles that's very good you see it's not it's not very difficult right you just have to relax ok relax blow your bubbles you try again 1 2 3 Pat bubbles 2 3 add bubbles all right you see so this time like it was very scared should we stay on the shallow pool and because it's sure we can relax more religious stress yeah don't stress ok that kept time right ok you don't care anymore right look at my hand into the water I show you 1 2 3 4 5 go back 1 2 3 4 5 take your time Oh that's very good okay come with mr. Gracey okay this way step by step I know where to go right nice Commission now is deep this is deep sigh you forgot your novels show me the box go back me very good never panic always relaxed blew your bubbles and take your time it's okay one more time one more time good I didn't tell about it I don't see the mouse you forgot the normals is scared that's why blow your bubbles ugly bubbles nice job right very good take your time we go all the way back together I'm here relax fast if you go fast you can mistake alright take your time Oh excellent slowly my friend I have sometimes from the back but step by step when you relax I don't need to it's really my friend it's the same you know just take your time okay we can swim like this for 10 hours just take your time at now I don't have and use relax it's all in the nine the swimming fear is most time in the head if they scare you mistake the panic demand fast they forgot bubble to drink water yeah if you relax everything is okay mr. marks do you have more time just right here you swim together I observe you I'm always here okay just relax slowly relax yes so when you see a child swimming past in cursive movement and stuff like that that's usually a bad factor it's a signal then you don't you don't release the stress so they need to exert the Bible slowly and we'll absolutely it's not a fight it's really easy okay always make slowly don't communicate the stress that's good and the bubbles is very important if no bubbles means they four degrees that's Tris just you see my friend five-second bubbles high-five you relax everything's fine yeah now you're don't cry anymore you don't cry anymore big boy one more time here we go and play mr. mas for today good mix time don't cry remember if you brush him safe relax we blew your bubbles and go slowly yeah okay all right I find

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