Scared Girl in deep water LEARN to SWIM with confidence

increased in our good morning how are you today you're nervous why ok so right right today we will try to see how comfortable you are swimming in the deep water and you are telling me you're a bit stressed about this experience but you know how to swim you're just not feeling good in deep in Japan okay so here is shallow let's maybe show me what you can do on the shallow first the water is cold and slowly we will go in the deeper hands okay you go when you feel comfortable you go slowly okay okay I try to relax I have no idea what is your skill realize okay how you feel you okay can you swim longer than that are you're tired now oh the drop is right here okay so okay maybe you show me on the on this way you feel comfortable just one whole lap but slowly okay all right here we go okay take your time okay Oh change all right no problem okay just remember when you want to swim in the deep side the water will be the same okay basically is just the pressure you put in yourself that makes a big difference but now when you swim you're you're slightly too deep on your body you're not very original so you think basically your legs are thinking too much okay and you swim it doesn't seems you're very comfortable or relaxed so it means you were spending a lot of energy for short-distance and what you want is the opposite you wanna float more and you wanna don't spend energy you wanna save your energy so you can swim one hour non-stop fries and coke here if you swim like this I think within five minutes you have to stop so try to go more slowly again remember to look deeper in the water so your body will float more and slow down slow down no pressure okay take your time okay what what's wrong that's all nope okay so what I think for what is your freestyle at the moment yeah so what I'm calling freestyle is this front crawl you do now I think it's it's not an effective front crawl so there is also a way to swim and we will not focus on the speed we'll focus on your capacity to just be comfortable okay right so have you seen on the video how we do the sort of tiger or Bristol you know to the bread shock okay show me what is about the breaststroke if you cannot do it then I will teach you what is the tiger okay okay Christina okay no problem look you can you have a screen inside so I want you to learn ax to it should a freestyle bridge super fast yeah just learn how to float underwater you're basically going underwater and you're gonna work like this with your hands keeping your head on the surface so basically we just we just try to keep in your head on the fioor face without the Ginga very smooth what's happening for this to happen I just babble with my names one by one okay my legs behind just slowly kick it's not a fight it's really like going super comfortable you're gonna yeah yeah look slowly your hands okay the paddling your thing has to be alternate left then right and left and right show me how you do it bigger left and right okay your legs slowly more behind you so you're gonna be like jagan oh yeah yeah yeah relax relax look stop stop stop that's that's the way so now relax more and go more slowly what you want is to keep the traction okay don't lose it if you pull too fast after you have nothing to pull anymore so you keep pulling slowly left when the flesh is gone the right start to pull so you always have pulling to move forward okay okay slowly slowly all right easy okay now you breathe unless your face stay on the surface and kick with your legs try to finish just that distance okay you can put your head you can put your head in the water is actually not okay take em around my head so I can help kill with my hands okay okay there is two thing I'll point one you got to relax more because you're really stressed and that doesn't help you mix a mix things Wars point you wait point to your hands alternate left and right one by one okay what I'm gonna do I'm gonna carry your legs behind you for you to be flat what you want to breathe just recap with your head when you want to blow your bubbles xl5 second okay so I just thought I just told you what we do we cross the lap and you just walk with your hands like a tiger easy easy blow your bubbles when you keep posted on one slow down your hands is too fast slow down slow down that's right that's better take your time easy and blow bubbles okay it's alright it's okay you when I slow down these things he's alright yeah okay so there's two thing you're doing better you're slowing down a bit with your hands okay that's better than just before and I want you to do your bubbles longer in the water so basically you blow your bubbles five second then you breathe and you repeat one two three four all breaks you do bubbles 5-second you brief one time you repeat and you go slowly okay alright take your time one two three four brief thank you time take your time two three four grief yeah that's right that's right breathe that's very good okay all right much better how you feel hey you control this entire things you control the speed you control your emotion you control your you're a fox okay don't spend too much energy much better we do one more time and when you feel I'm not holding you is everything the same basically you should keep going like this you will swim on your own if you start to panic you will make it like you want to think if you stay relaxed you will continue okay so it's it's you I will be here telling you if I feel I can let you go more let you go more if I feel you are not comfortable I grab you again okay so I just give you more freedom and keep the speed extremely slow breathe slowly breathe breathe breathe easy are you feeling okay now I want you to understand something you can float in the water even you don't move if you do nothing you're not sinking okay take a big breath in your chest and b-flat underwater like a star look at the bottom and just do your bubbles slowly okay and I will grab you back we do five second without moving all right perfect now hold the hair in your chest you do the same you just hold the breath and you don't move okay try to relax more if you're too tense up right you become hard you think more push you more relaxed you're more flexible you will float easier less tension okay are you here so you see basically what's happening with your body yeah you become like this some people are different right so you float from your chest because it's full of air but your legs are strong AV and muscles are easier than the density of fat so because you have strong legs you would sink from your legs so you become like that when you swim they still walk you just need to kick slowly for your legs to go back on the surface so what you're gonna do is the same you don't do anything with your hands you just hop and like this and you slowly move your legs just to don't become like that but to keep it up slowly yeah it's like a star let's okay listen your legs don't open up close your legs and just speak slowly okay basically you do freestyle kicks yeah your hands can be forward open as you prefer this really doesn't make much difference yes yes that's good you see your flat right so I want your legs to do this without being tired non stuff that will make sure your bodies say our risotto now what are we gonna do with your hands instead of doing this you're going to start to do working in the water like we just did before like a tiger so you just click a key and work on the water what I want to see is you go slowly once your speed under control no no stress no emotion of here okay okay stop listen what you're doing now the pooling is going up too high outside of water so what's happening if you don't have good speed if your hand is too high your body will sort will go down if your body is under water your body flows easier it's like an iceberg Ice Cube you know if you put the ice cube too high when you let it go you will sink if you keep the ice cube in the water it will stay at the same level so basically I want your body to be in the water and never outside so keep your hands in the water you walk with your whole body underwater you don't do this outside you just keep putting in the water okay yes that's good yeah stop stop just-just-just for you to feel that was good let's go back this time your legs remember on the surface they are sinking a bit what's happening you start like this and then step by step 2 2 2 2 2 t so just keep your legs higher but the pulling with your hands was good so keep the pulling okay much better more flats okay you go faster without being tired why your flats so it's easier to glide now your legs are still too deep you need to feel in your feet the splash on the surface do not have to creep crazy that's not important what is important is your legs to be on the surface so you are not here it's too deep you are here you feel the little splash splash – once in a while okay one more time I said that is keep keep under control just speed in this dress that was good your splash once in a while is okay okay not crazy splash that was good but from the beginning it took a while before it happens so just go immediately yeah and then your hands slowly 1 2 3 you can you can walk three times then eventually you breathes up with your leg still on the surface wait you forgot about your hands what you are doing is back to your kind of freestyle it makes you think more okay just keep your hands in the water so far just work underwater your arms never go outside water one two three four okay alright when you breathe look forward you have an idea where you go your I give you an information of the about the enviornment okay so when you briefed on the side that's when you swim freestyle yeah when you don't know how to swim freestyle it's better than you just look up so you look around where you are you go back in there so basically you can just by pulling your hands lift up your chin look down the bowels okay so we do the same that you don't breathe looking left or right you breathe looking forward slowly easy easy easy when you breathe easy you don't breathe like you take your time you can pull two three times as long then you need go back blow your bubbles okay so we do five second bubbles briefed on the surface five seven bubbles that's good okay that's all right it's okay that was okay but you still want to turn on the side just for breathe and look down again that's good the kick and the pool are good the breathing you freaked out a bit just just no panic just easy it's exactly the same just chin up for no no no it's it's very good to swim head underwater blowing bubbles that you keep that but when you breathe don't turn left or right just leave that and take your time okay let's go back yes correct stop stop stop that was correct because it was correct I want you to understand you can do it alright now we do again and what I do is I'm here there is no drop between us okay now I want you to breathe here looking at me when you breathe blow your bubbles and come and see me we stop here okay take your time slowly it's okay you grab my hand after let you go slowly okay go back again we do again that was good the beginning was good the first bubbles the brief was good but after you immediately freaked out I want you to go back underwater and repeat breathe okay look you did a good brief but after you scared breathe and repeat the bubbles slowly it's a repetition between doing babble slowly breathing and repeat doing Babur slowly repeat don't get scared by breathing more and more

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