Scalable and Accelerated Machine Learning – Structured Free Hands On course

Enterprise over the last few decades
have collected tons of data, Even if we remove the noise out of data there is
tons of information available as signal that is difficult to process on a single
node server. Scikit-learn and some of the libraries in R, really stand out in
features and have been helping Enterprise over time in providing insight on data
and helping Enterprise action on the insight. For good number of use cases data has outgrown the limit that this framework support. There
are many supporting tools available that can chunk the data and process with this
framework but we are just delaying the problem until we hit the processing limit
again. Moreover with huge dataset the time taken to build insight also
linearly increases. Need of the hour over here is adoption of tools that can enable
distributed model training as well as model training on hardware accelerated
devices like GPUs and TPUs. Today, I am glad to announce completely Free Course,
“Scalable and Accelerated Machine Learning” in my AIEngineering YouTube
channel. This will be a hands-on course and we’ll be covering topics for which
you will find limited information online or information is spread across tons of
product documentation. Keep a watch for my announcement on this and do subscribe
to my channel AIEngineering to get notified. Thank You

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