SBMS Research Theme – Innovation in biomedical education

I lead a group called the Biomedical
Education Research Group here in SBMS. We’re all teaching focused academics who are interested in student learning. Student learning is really important
because we’re training the next generation of scientists and ensuring
that we are able to treat diseases better in the future. A lot of the research that we’re doing really looks at understanding how students learn, how
they regulate their learning, but also how students reflect on that process as
well, so whether they were successful or not or what they can do to improve in
future. What we’ve seen is very much a worldwide shift towards a balance
between online and and face-to-face teaching. In the future, our biomedical
science teaching will be using many maybe many online platforms, we’ll be
using lots of technology to enhance the learning experience and it means that
we’ll have a different experience interacting with our students, with
possibly less face-to-face time, but the face-to-face time we will have will be
much more interactive and much more engaging for both students and academics, I think. At UQ we have this program called “Students as Partners”, where they’re actually collaborators with us in designing our courses, new initiatives. By bringing in our research students to help us design better ways of teaching,
we get the students’ perspective and also by evaluating different interventions
that that we’re doing, we know when they’re effective and if it’s an
effective approach then we can communicate that to other educators
which means that the intervention is then brought in to other courses all
around the world, which is pretty exciting.

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