SBI education loan for abroad studies | Ep #5 (2019)

46 thoughts on “SBI education loan for abroad studies | Ep #5 (2019)”

  1. Hi, there may i know how much rupees SBI will provide with out collateral regarding to students for there abroad studies??

  2. Mam,my parents have 15 lakhs fd,we dont have any asset or property,i want to go in Canada for pursuing my further studies,can i eligible for getting study loan,,if it is possible then plz reply i shall be thankful to you…

  3. Mam,I would like to know the loan for my abroad studies I need of 20-25lakhs I have colletrol of house papers .can I get the loan . I would like to apply loan only by ur side plsss help me .

  4. Mam hamari loan ki recruitment 4 lacks h lekin ham 2 laks lena chate h kya mil skta plz mam help me

  5. I have my education loan for graduation and i almost completed my graduation now but i wants to go abroad for further studies so can i get more education loan from SBI as i didn't pay a single installment of my current education loan

  6. A good knowledge provided.. thanks
    I also wanted to ask.. I have taken a education loan from sbi as in global edvantage.. and I wanted to pay the interest from the start.. but interest is applicable on the disbursed amount or on the whole amount of the loan?

  7. Bank don't apply my loan on conditional offer letter from Australia.. bt Australia doesn't give unconditional offer letter before we don't show them then how we pay our fees. So i told bank everything that they just approve my loan after shown that letter to college then clg give me unconditional letter. Pls advice me if u understand my case i really need help. Pls

  8. Hi madam I want to take the study for mbbs in Australia, but only agriculture land I have is their any alternate.

  9. I am going to ukraine for studies. Can i avail an education loan? What will be my interest rate? 25-28L is my loan amount.

  10. I don't have any collateral only have agricultural land ,is there any possibility to get loan by that?

  11. Mam 10% jo intrest rate hai wo course khatm hone ke bad joda jaega ya lone pass hone ke date se..???

  12. I have got 5.5 overall in IELTS exam and I also got admission offer letter in the course of graduate diploma in marketing and sales with English course in ara institute of Canterbury in Christchurch newzealand so first I have to complete English course and after I can start my main course of graduate diploma in marketing and sales so am I eligible for 4.5 lakh education loan from SBI bank? My contact number is 9909320614

  13. Thanks for such a insightful video. What if I want to take a loan of small amount say 7-10L, would this global edvantage scheme still be valid?

  14. ma'am can you provide me your number where i can talk with you and your team members? ma'am i asked to manager about education loan but they did not give me the full information and they were not interested to do the loan but ma'am i have seen your video and i am interested to talk with you about my loan so plz provide me your number so that i can talk with you .plz call me on this number 8699616340.

  15. Mam I visited sbi but they said they provide loan only if you study in USA, Canada, Australia but not for Europe

  16. Mam,
    I'm interested to study CA from Singapore
    My husband are working in Singapore and husband salary 1.3L monthly
    Can I eligible to apply loan

  17. Bunch of thanks for such an informative video..!
    I wanna apply for for studies in Russia.
    I also ask to the SBI Manager, but he told that they are not provide loan for Studies in Russia!
    I want your opinion…!
    Thanking you…!

  18. I am planning to go USA next year and I wanted to ask will there be a loan for community college it's like a program called 2+2years university suggested by a American university. Can I get a loan for this program ?

  19. Is it good to open an GIC account in SBI , if yes , then give me some guidelines about opening the account

  20. I am really good student I wanted to go abroad to study but I donโ€™t have any property due to that reason and my father was died earlier so due to that I stopped my student career now I am 21 I wanted to study very badly is there any chance get my career start please help me some one

  21. Actually i thinkinf abt abraod studies so i want to know about if i borrow 15lac as laon fron sbi then what is the amount of interest on my loan and is there is any other rules to get less rate of intreset

  22. hi, I have a few doubt regarding collateral, I have a land in my mother's name, but she died years ago, so if I want to put that land as collateral do I need to change it into my name?
    and also another question about co-borrower, I dont have any close relations so can I add my cousin as co-borrower or something like that?
    and can I also know what will be your processing fee?

  23. I have offer letter of Graduation Diploma in Applied Management from Aspire2International, New Zealand. The total Tuition fees etc(NZ $20850) and living expenses (NZ $15000) amounts to 16.5 lakhs. SBI loan officer said, "It is not covered by either scheme, as Student loan scheme does not cover my course(Because it is Graduation diploma) and Global Edvantage Scheme does not cover minimum 20 lakhs requirement." What to do? I already have previous loan from bachelors ongoing in SBI, so I want to take the loan from SBI only.

  24. the guy from the SBI told me that they can give me global adv loan if it is an indian recognised university. is there any such rule?

  25. Is it possible to get a loan for study abroad while outstanding a education loan taken for study here around 3 Lakh.

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