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the mountain merci say sorry as a human we all make mistakes the only ones who can't make any mistakes are the Angels elaborate Allah made us like that so Allah so Allah gives us guidance the Quran and the prophets but even if we accidentally make any small mistake or big mistake a los lunas Allah gave us the easiest solution and that solution is to be sorry and request from our heart to Allah subhana Allah to forgive our mistake and promise not to do it again after any mistake if we really become sorry for what we did then Allah subhana Allah will become very happy and forgive us for an example in heaven laney years had gone by and Adam was only a human and humans tend to forget so Sean took Adams weakness to his advantage and one day Shaitaan whispered to Adam and Eve to eat the forbidden fruit they forgot the warning that Allah gave them and decided to eat the fruits from the forbidden tree they picked one of the fruits they hardly finished eating when they felt their heart pounding as it filled with pain sadness and shame the surrounding atmosphere had changed and the internal music had stopped they discovered that they were naked they both covered themselves in leaves they weren't big trouble after they disobeyed Allah they both started to cry so that Allah Allah Tala would forgive them in surah Araf Allah subhana Allah tells us how to become very sorry and how the asked forgiveness from allah subhanaw taala allah subhanaw taala loves to forgive us even if the whole community makes a mistake and ask forgiveness Allah subhana Allah will forgive the whole community for an example the people of the town of Nineveh had more than hundred thousand people they used to worship the idols and did not believe in Elizabeth Allah they also live the shameless life to God those people a less of an adolescent prophet yunus peace be upon him he taught them to worship the only God our list of Anabella the people did not like his advice because they were used to doing their own way of worship so they argued you tried to convince them that it was foolish of them to worship the idol and that they should follow allah sawas laws but they ignored him he also warned them that if they kept on with their foolishness allah solarz punishment would come soon but they were very bad people they told prophet yunus be upon him that they were not afraid of his threat and they told him let it happen traffic Yunus to Japan and became very sad and angry and he said to them in that case I will leave you alone he was very angry at them he lost his hope on his people he thought Elizabeth as punishment would come to his people at any time so he left his people and tried to leave away from the town Nineveh where Allah Samarth Allah appointed him as a prophet to guide those people he hardly left this city when the skies began to change color and looked as if they were on fire when the people saw that they started to fear they tried to remember the story of audence the mood and Noah when they saw the punishment was coming from a loss of an authority to destroy them like the people of adamson wood their hearts were filled with faith of allah subhanaw taala everyone in the town but dancing shoes who gathered in the mountain who started to cry to get mercy and forgiveness from your Creator are worse the one about the loud cry reflected on the mountains and there within yourself in that crucial moment their severe apology from their heart were accepted by Elizabeth ow he moved his anger and blessed them once again if anyone asked forgiveness from their heart Elizabeth Allah will forgive them that's why Allah subhana Allah is merciful we can always ask forgiveness from him he loves to forgive people but we are lazy as forgiveness from him we don't even need another person to ask our forgiveness for us instead we can directly ask forgiveness from the bottom of our hearts to Allah subhana Allah that way we are very sorry for our mistake and that we will never do that kind of mistake anymore and we should request to forgive us then inshallah allah subhana allah will forgive us because there is no one else who can forgive us and save us from the hellfire the mountain mercy [Applause] 100% of our operations are crowd funded from our generous audience we want to continue our dour mission and we can do so with your help all donations are tax-deductible and Celtic eyes area which continues to benefit you when you pass away from this world as Ramadan is the best rewarding month of the year please join our Ramadan fundraiser may Allah subhana Allah accept your generosity and may Allah subhanAllah gives you the highest reward to you and your family in this world and the Hereafter

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  3. mashallah may Allah blles you and forgive you pleas can you upload a video of how the jugement come and Ineed to tell you something Adam is not our prophet he is All of the contry pepole father and Hawa is our mother and masalama Allah hafis

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