SAT Score Reveal for June 2019 Test! Scalar Learning Student Checks Her Score on Camera!!

hi my name is Zoey Bader I took the SAT June 1st in today's July 11th and scores are supposedly out so I'm going to check I've been prepping since April using Khan Academy and scalar learning videos and tutoring and I'm gonna check it says that they're available I got an email I mean I don't know I'm so obsessed with the four digit number but okay I'm gonna go check Oh okay okay I thought of 1407 20 and not 680 and which is a hundred and down points sorry for my dog hundred and ten points for my last SAT and made four on May 4th which is pretty good for less than a mustard study from that but yeah ok what's up guys first of all congratulations to Zoe and congratulations to every other student who has managed to successfully raise their SAT score now look the SAT is probably the most important test of your life it's gonna play a large part in where you go to college and ultimately what you decide the study who you meet and what you eventually do with your life moreover the SAT is a test that can be mastered so long as you put in hard work the right way and the world of test prep there are a number of different solutions and tutors that you can go to and what is the most important thing for you is to find a program that's suited to your learning needs seek out a tutor that fits with you on both a personal and professional level when it comes to the SAT the sky's the limit and I hope that you take full advantage of everything that is out there thanks so much and I wish you all the best of luck take it easy

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