20 thoughts on “Saoirse Ronan Tries To Teach Stephen An Irish Accent”

  1. Stephen, when you bring on a guest and ask them to do something for you just shut up and listen to them.

  2. Dam man, those names OMG 😮. I’d have never gotten any of those right even if I were put in jail for 30years and 100 tries per day for me to only have just one☝🏽 right in order to get out. OMG

  3. irish ppl and their accent are so stupid. feel bad for them since they only have potatoes and lucky charms cereal 🤮

  4. Haha remind me of lee mack.. Spell shovon….ok S H…no there's no sh it's sio…..and there's no V…it's a bh… Everyone know bh makes a v sound.

  5. " *And i've got a skin tone to go with it" umm girl, there are plenty of Mexicans with a skin tone like you. Especially all of the other espanic ppl. Second, dark ppl are not exotic, that's like most of the world's population.

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