Santa Monica Social Services Security Guard Lies and Gets Educated – 1st Amendment Audit

San Joaquin Valley transparency I'm here with the news now California HK 2018 Department of Social Services and we're doing the First Amendment audio primary public social services what plan fill out the gate of the date off the gate yeah okay go it's not this is public public public outside is gay I have to do it you can't do it here gotta give proof too much this no stairs Oh be the boss man you can talk to it but you can start filming also gotta still mouth up but I got business in here okay not inside this gate you did get Authority for this I wouldn't mean are there public pamphlets in there for the public that I can grab to read very good well you can wait a minute if it's publicly accessible for the pamphlets so that I can get public information then it has to be accessible – wait a minute wait a minute wait wait a minute the First Amendment your policy does not Trump the First Amendment sir you have a supervisor can speak you know you could talk but you can feel my side is gate though I saw the gate with that ok familiar but this is public accessible outside tell me the rules regulation our right to film I could film outside the game and I kept them interrogate cannot still laughter but this is public accessible sir okay fill within the gate up tell me why you okay because I'm not trying to I'm not trying to man I know you have a job well I saw the shirt see your attitude gotta be outside and you're cussing professional you can't become every property honey come at you you came at me your magic is fucked up it's twister luck also you're not check is twisted – I oughta call supervisor me for 1314 is I deal with people like blog truck and what is that Mexicans no Balki come on hey my girls well my girls is plan to get Mexican don't know ignorance you're you're more ignorant than I answer your ignorant your morning orders and you're a traitor to this country because you don't like freedom freedom yeah Toma you're a traitor to my master Nelly though you traitor you're a traitor to this country because you don't like freedom think about that whatever think about that their name grandparents Balkan wars are you doing me hey who's going to cook public official in the course their duty make sure the nonviolent herself in quarantine the charts a weekend recording here man reality public accessible wherever thundercloud is allowed to and these places are better funded by our tech dollars they think they're in charge in reality when you're a target he pays taxes you just bought that pizza I know you think nope nope here I'll tell you what this may change your life I'm not kidding check that out and power yourself public social services schemas there it's good sir I'm talking this car here I have to turn this off to go inside there but when I get back there I can turn it right back on right I love you is there is there a supervisor I can talk to so the sheriff is coming

34 thoughts on “Santa Monica Social Services Security Guard Lies and Gets Educated – 1st Amendment Audit”

  1. For all those negative, and judgmental people, go get a day job, me having guide line rules to follow before any business is conducted in this government building, must be followed, that doesn't mean I don't know the law, he needed to be properly checked in by administration, he fail to tell you how his aggressiveness and body language was towards me, very provoking. But yall folks have a blessed day, remember only a fool judge a man by its cover. I kept my words bare minimum, lmao I wasn't trying to incriminate myself.

  2. Respect to the brother at 6:09 he is actually trying to conduct business in that building while the person recording is asking questions that he already know the answer to. If you feel you can record as your right than walk your happy ass pass the detector with your camera. There just security guards right? And you got business in that building? Than fuck the security guard. do you and he will do him.

  3. stupid insecurity guard….. U R getting a hard time cause ur incompetent.


  4. What was the point of this video… Go do it to the cops brother….. Smdh he's a security gaurds just trying to make his money man…. Same shit happened to my place I'm a security gaurd y'all can record aslong as you don't trass pass into private property just go practice your amendments on police officers…. SMH dude

  5. You have a right to film on public property. But on private property the place can legally not allow you in the building if they don’t want you filming in there.

  6. This is coming from a brother….
    Nigga said go get a day job😂😂 after years of doing security I got me a real day job😂 and it didn't take 14 years to do it😂 and I know the law VS policy. Can't film pass the gate😂 you stupid idiot

  7. The African security guard say that he’s been doing that job for 13-14 years! Holy crap! Who make a career out of a shit job? 🙄

  8. Yup that security. Company do lie and i have it on video them liying never work for this company at all Securitas Security there full of S""" u can find a video on them liying on youtube

  9. More wanna be cops showing to the world that they and their employers are idiots. He even left his post.

  10. I'm suprised security wasn't allied…It always tickles me how security acts like they have soooo much authority..laughable…Observe and report! THAT is you're job..

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