Sandy Toys Construction! – Summer Beach Fun #2: Kids Educational (песок строительные машины)

17 thoughts on “Sandy Toys Construction! – Summer Beach Fun #2: Kids Educational (песок строительные машины)”

    Come on! Let's build a sand castle!
    Our friendly construction machines are here to help us! Let's go!
    First, the loading tractor will collect lots of sand for us. Thanks, Mr Loader!
    Now, here's Dump truck, waiting for the sand. Let's load some into it's big container!
    Wow, it's so full now! Let's start the truck's engine, and off we go to deliver the sand!
    And this is where our sand castle will be built!
    Our Dump truck is tired after carrying all that sand so let's unload him now!
    Is he empty yet? Keep unloading!
    Hey, shall we make a deep moat around the castle for holding water? That's looking great! OK, now we can fill the moat with water and some more… …and more!
    It takes a lot of water to fill the moat!
    Hey! who's that? It's Mr Tractor with his trailer! And look at that! He's collected some beautiful coloured stones for us! We can make pretty doors & windows from those!
    Thanks Mr Tractor!
    OK, let's build in a big green front door. Great!
    And now we can add some windows… 1, 2, 3, 4, 5!
    What do you think? Isn't it a great castle! Wonderful!

  2. How was your summer holiday? Tell us your comments! Summer educational video for children.Today we went to the beach to build a sand castle with help from toy cars, loader, grader, tractor & dump truck! The dump truck brings sand & Mr Tractor brings colourful stones for windows & doors- count from 1 to 5 Then we fill the moat around the castle with water & paint pebbles!

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